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  1. rbsandor

    Cats and Dogs

    Noct: very few photos have captured the essence of a bleak, rainy day better than this one. The sole individual lends to the loneliness of the scene.
  2. Caveat emptor by Mikes captures the moment. http://www.fotozones.com/live/uploads/monthly_09_2014/post-1989-0-18316100-1412078364.jpg
  3. I like them all and think your choice of black and white with the one exception was a great one. Numbers 1,3 and 4 are made much more dramatic by virtue of their lack of color. Congratulations on an exceptional series. Richard
  4. rbsandor

    Caveat emptor

    Beautiful toning and spot on capture of the moment. Only nit would be to have a bit more room on the right. Great nonetheless. Richard
  5. Ann: Happy Birthday with many more to come. In addition to being a very good photographer, Ann is also very good company. I very much enjoyed my time spent with her on a safari a few years back. Ann is the person for whom the phrase "good things come in small packages" was coined. Richared
  6. Tom Hook has posted a wonderful series of photos. All are worthy of consideration, but these two stood out for me. http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56510-to-autumn-“close-bosom-friend-of-the-maturing-sun”/
  7. Loved #1 and loved it even more when I scrolled upwards to eliminate the branches in the bottom right. It was then rendered more as a panorama. What do you think of that approach? Richard
  8. There are Milky Way photos and then there's Ranger Rich's. It's super. http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56408-24-image-milky-way-panorama/
  9. Very nice capture of color and shape. Did you shoot it with the fish just a bit lower in the frame? Richard
  10. Armando: you beat me to the punch for Alan's photo by 21 minutes. Richard
  11. Thomas summed it up perfectly, so I'll just say "well done". Richard
  12. A unique and uncommon shot of the common loon by Foveola seen here http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56279-splash-down-common-loon-greasing-the-landing/ Michael Kan posted this Wow shot http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56291-cadillacs/ Harrie's photo is excellent in all aspects http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56284-i-am-lonely/
  13. Ditto for the Excellent and Wow. I've never seen a photo in which the birds' feet are retracted and still visible during landing. And, there's a reflection as well. Richard
  14. The scenery alone is a worthwhile shot. Adding the flamingoes to it is icing on the cake. Richard
  15. Michael strikes again. It's a great example of seeing on a macro level. http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/56201-crowd/
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