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  1. Raws in DNG format can be downloaded from the Sigma Quattro H gallery at dpreview: .
  2. The Nikon DX (APS-C) SLR camera's biggest issue imho is the astounding lack of compact but capable dedicated wide-angle lenses. There is a whole army of 'consumer' zooms, there still is the 17-55/2.8AFS (which is only good in the center at wide settings) but no good wide-angle primes. I don't think this hurts the D500 that much however, the D500 is intended be used and shines in combination with the longer focal length Nikkors for wildlife etc. where the high pixel density in combination with a smaller AOV and a very good AF system makes sense.
  3. Great set indeed of a very interesting character, and very nicely done B&W at iso12800 too!
  4. Crowecg, Alan, Armando, Chris, thanks for the kind comments! Alan, yes I was lucky indeed with the trajectory of the plane, it made me make the picture.
  5. Thanks Rags!
  6. Ann, Thanks to you too for your kind comments! Ah, I now understand your first response. No, it isn't a composite.
  7. Dallas, thanks for the very kind comments
  8. Larry, thanks for the kind comment, appreciated. The shot was made just before dusk, on the belly of the plane "QATAR" is clearly readable. I only "added" cropping and B&W. D500 with 300mm f/2.8VRII.
  9. My first SLR was the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F with the m42 mount but with the ingenious mechanism to be able to meter full-open. The accompanying 55mm F/1.8 wasn't bad at all, a Dutch photographic magazine at that time tested 50 of them and concluded that quality control was exceptional. it was a beautiful start
  10. Sometimes it is worth looking into the other direction. Busy shooting a completely different matter, I looked up, couldn't resist to take this picture. Luckily the right lens was attached.
  11. A book with 225 least seen pictures from the Apollo project (shot with the Lunar Hasselblad's) is featured on Time: Those were the days!
  12. To my eyes, the background rendering of the second X-T2/56mm f/1.2 picture is much nicer...
  13. Nasim Masurow of PhotographyLife does a comparison on the Hasselblad X1D and the Fujifilm GFX50s on . In this review Nasim documents the effect of the Leaf Shutter in the X1D on bokeh, an interesting read, well at least to me! The issue may not be an issue at all in the studio environment where only flash is used, but is a consideration for those who plan to practise available light photography with a MF camera. Look at the two pictures of the lady on the couch, and note which camera and lens made the second one...
  14. Simple but/and effective.
  15. Michael, you must be a happy man now Did you also get the (semi-wide) 45mm lens? for those who want to pixel-drool-peep: on the Hasselblad site there is one X1D raw file to download (the smiling lady), next to ACR also Iridient is able to open it.