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  1. Noct


    Thanks gb for commenting. In Portugal The Algarve region is very nice too, so is Porto.
  2. No, the register (or flange focal distance) of Nikon Z is *only* 16mm; shorter than Sony mirrorless (18mm) and Canon R (20mm). The Noct 58mm F/0.95 thus can never focus at infinity with both the other systems. Oh and this lens is MF b.t.w.
  3. Noct


    Aguinaldo, Hugh, Dallas, thanks for commenting. Lisbon is one of those cities we want to go back to.
  4. Noct


    Just a few days Lisbon, Portugal's capital built on seven hills. One camera with only a 35mm lens. And no laptop, postprocessing done at home. #9 and #14 were shot at f/1.4.
  5. Noct

    Hyper Wide

    Thanks Bill. I was already familiar with 14mm (Nikkor 14-24mm) for over a decade, but 10mm is in a league of its own. Keep both eyes open helps? When I am bored of everything else, I just take one body and a 35mm lens with me. It is a safe haven.
  6. Leica has a few 24MP cameras which lack the AA filter (eg SL, M240, M10). Easy to get moire on them too. But note it is also not very difficult to get moire on the 47MP Z7...
  7. Noct

    City at night

    Removing the keystoning in the second one with church and police car gives it more authority, makes it more natural. Can easily done in post these days, just one click away in LR or ACR, no need for a tilt/shift lens.
  8. Noct

    Hyper Wide

    To put the extreme, hyper wide angle view of this lens in perspective, the highlighted insert shows the view of a Canon 17mm T/S lens (the lens that Dallas fancies) at its maximum shift of 12mm... 😑
  9. Noct

    Hyper Wide

    Luc, thanks for the kind comments.
  10. Not easy to work with, but a lot of fun; a 10 mm rectilinear lens on a 24x36mm sensor camera. The lens is the Voigtlander Heliar Hyper Wide 10mm F/5.6, available in both Leica m-mount and Sony e-mount. Super sharp on-axis, a little less in the corners however. A few shots I made with it somewhere in Italy…
  11. Very nice silhouette Bill!
  12. Noct


    Anthony, Allan, thanks...
  13. Noct


    Thanks Armando. The last view, this one with the 14mm Fujinon:
  14. Noct


    Another view on this impressive building (with the same setup):
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