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  1. Thanks Bill. We were there also in 2011, but on a rainy and very cloudy day.
  2. Very nice silhouette Bill!
  3. Anthony, Allan, thanks...
  4. Thanks Armando. The last view, this one with the 14mm Fujinon:
  5. Another view on this impressive building (with the same setup):
  6. The optical engineer to his boss: "Do I really have to do this"
  7. Armando, Alan, thanks for commenting. Yes, 42C is too hot, and the picture is best viewed full-size.
  8. It was a little too hot for taking a lot of pictures during our visit to Umbria, 42 degrees Celsius for three days. The very impressive facade of Orvieto's Duomo, shot in context. X-Pro2 & 23/2, B&W processed directly from raw in Iridient Developer for Mac.
  9. Both pictures made with your new iPhone...
  10. The smartphone camera is a very small screwdriver, not a hammer. A very small screwdriver for very small screws, but not for big screws for those big screws one uses a big screwdriver
  11. The camera phone module has sailed for the camera makers except eg Sony (who is producing such units), the level of technology and miniaturisation inside those little cameras is truly astounding. It is rumoured that at least a thousand engineers are working on the cameras inside the iPhone, how many engineers are working now on the X-T3?? As long as those cameras are kept so small, they will remain severely photon starved in comparison to any ILC we know today. But the smartphone camera is not about state of the art picture quality, it is about the "always with me and connected" convenience. The camera makers have extreme difficulty with that.
  12. And the 2.11 firmware isn't a mystery anymore, it is now available for everyone.
  13. Good to hear that you got it back repaired in just a single workweek!
  14. Your backup drive might not fail, but with only one backup drive at home you are not protected against theft and other hazards e.g. fire and lightning damage. I have two backup drives in regular use; one of them is always in a locker in my office at work, and the other one is at home connected to the computer. A backup of my data is made on it on a daily basis. Once a week I bring the drive from home with me to the office, the one over there goes with me back home in the evening. Only at that moment I will erase pictures (that are now on the backup drive at the office) from my memory cards.
  15. The problem is that not everyone is making proper backups. How many over here have an additional backup of their picture files *always* stored away from home, e.g. at the office??