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  1. BMW

    It is not that uncommon over here to see classic restored cars being used as daily drivers. A colleague just imported a Fiat 2300S coupe "wreck" from Sicily, it will take him two/three years or so of his free time to restore it in it's original state. If I had to choose between flip LCD or not, I always would take the AF-ON button...
  2. Making and showing pictures is a very important part in communication; it is in this area where the conventional camera makers cannot keep up with the sheer convenience of the smartphone. All what has been done in the last hundred years is perfecting the Camera Obscura, pinhole replaced by a lens that produces linear perspective images. A true computational camera could use unconventional optics to capture a coded image which is decoded by software to produce new forms of visual information. My guess is that the smartphone makers will be there first.
  3. Larry, thanks for the link to Thom Hogan's article. An interesting read.
  4. All Sony has to do is leave this kind of nonsense out. Nobody makes better pictures because the sensor format is described on the lens mount... At least they got rid of the "4K SteadyShot INSIDE" text as prominently printed on the top deck of the A7rII.
  5. Raws in DNG format can be downloaded from the Sigma Quattro H gallery at dpreview: .
  6. The Nikon DX (APS-C) SLR camera's biggest issue imho is the astounding lack of compact but capable dedicated wide-angle lenses. There is a whole army of 'consumer' zooms, there still is the 17-55/2.8AFS (which is only good in the center at wide settings) but no good wide-angle primes. I don't think this hurts the D500 that much however, the D500 is intended be used and shines in combination with the longer focal length Nikkors for wildlife etc. where the high pixel density in combination with a smaller AOV and a very good AF system makes sense.
  7. Great set indeed of a very interesting character, and very nicely done B&W at iso12800 too!
  8. Crowecg, Alan, Armando, Chris, thanks for the kind comments! Alan, yes I was lucky indeed with the trajectory of the plane, it made me make the picture.
  9. Thanks Rags!
  10. Ann, Thanks to you too for your kind comments! Ah, I now understand your first response. No, it isn't a composite.
  11. Dallas, thanks for the very kind comments
  12. Larry, thanks for the kind comment, appreciated. The shot was made just before dusk, on the belly of the plane "QATAR" is clearly readable. I only "added" cropping and B&W. D500 with 300mm f/2.8VRII.
  13. My first SLR was the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F with the m42 mount but with the ingenious mechanism to be able to meter full-open. The accompanying 55mm F/1.8 wasn't bad at all, a Dutch photographic magazine at that time tested 50 of them and concluded that quality control was exceptional. it was a beautiful start
  14. Sometimes it is worth looking into the other direction. Busy shooting a completely different matter, I looked up, couldn't resist to take this picture. Luckily the right lens was attached.
  15. A book with 225 least seen pictures from the Apollo project (shot with the Lunar Hasselblad's) is featured on Time: Those were the days!