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  1. Exactly. It would also be stupid to do a smaller sensor than Sony uses in the A series. They can always trickle down later in sensor size to cover the low-cost consumer segment.
  2. Rick, it seems to me that from all of your work you can easily fill a very interesting book.
  3. For me also the last one with the kayaks! I am not sure if I like the output of the X30 so much; it seems to my eyes that it's optical system is de-centered, the right side seems softer than left.
  4. Iridient has updated Iridient X-Transformer to beta 4 status, the full release notes are here: One of the interesting features for those who want to stick to Lightroom is the availability of a scripting plug-in, another feature worth mentioning is the ability to lock the DNG's in order to force changes to metadata to sidecars.
  5. Never a dead battery with this one, and no need to wear it on a regular basis in order to keep charge (as is needed for the kinetic watches). Solar powered, bought it for 150 Euro.
  6. Just tell them I ordered you to do it
  7. Very nice Dallas, put it in the "Inspirational Images" gallery!
  8. It makes sense to have enough Lexar XQD spares until some other company fills the void; especially for those anticipating a D810 successor in the near future. At least over here high write speed Sony XQD cards are much more expensive than the comparable Lexar ones. For the other type of cards (SD, CF) I also always use SanDisk and also never had any issue at all.
  9. This seems particularly bad news for those who (have to) use XQD cards (for camera's Nikon D4, D4s, D5 and D500 (D500 can use SD too, D4 and D4s can also use CF); with Lexar gone they are prey to Sony.
  10. A German Shepard called Rex got hold of the brand-new D500 with kitlens of his boss
  11. A lot of those Mini's (3-doors, cabriolet and the Countryman) are now being built for BMW by VDL Nedcar in Born (in the south of The Netherlands).
  12. This one spotted in Paris (the bumper tells it all), with the owner on guard. (D700 / 35/1.4 AFS)
  13. Mike, with your history of using 135 format cameras there is no question that the "35mm" equivalent method works for you. Use it whenever you like but make sure Alan is not watching you But for the generation shown in the picture the (24x36mm) 135 format as THE reference makes little sense. I am nearly sure they don't bother with AOV that much at all
  14. The formula behind the numbers in the table isn't exactly rocket science: (diagonal) Angle of view = 2 * arctan((half of diagonal) / (distance between sensor and lens)) diagonal = sqrt((sensor width)^2 + (sensor height)^2) For the numbers in the table the focal length is used for the distance between sensor and lens, in other words the numbers in the table are only accurate for the lens focussed at infinity. If one understands the model there is no need to remember any figures, because one can always easily reproduce them (if needed at all). It should be noted that camera manufacturers do not always specifiy numbers precisely. For example, my Fuji 23mm F/2 lens clearly gives a wider view than my Fuji 23mm F/1.4 lens. This leads to the question: how to determine accurately the focal length of a lens, without a dedicated optical bench in a lab
  15. My first DSLR was a D70 too, it had to go back 4 times for service before the backfocus was solved. There was an opening on the back that they called the finder; peephole would have been a better description. Compare the thingy with one of the latest APS-C Nikons, the D500 and the difference is day and night.