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  1. I think the top two were correct. Maybe not in the right order but they deserved to be on top
  2. I got one of my images chosen for the Daily Dozen on Nat Geo's Your Photo! If any of you get a chance could you go and vote for my image if you deem it worthy? You can only vote up until midnight tonight! http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/ Thanks a million!
  3. Thanks everyone! By air is one of my new favourite techniques! I am really interested in anyones experiences with drones.
  4. Pretty shot. ND filter or just narrow aperture to get the long exposure? Do people give you grief for you watermark? I've been catching it lately.
  5. Thanks gryphon. I love aerial work, so much so that I have been looking for a good drone. I like the new DJI inspire but I wonder if a custom rig is better for a heavy equipment load. The inspire setup has a 4K video camera, and would probably be good for the majority of what I would do. Or I have been looking into a Draganfly XP-4 setup for photogs.
  6. Scythanith


    Any suggestions as to what you'd rather see for the watermark? No red feather aperture? Just the font?
  7. All I did was click the shutter The heli pilot knew when and where to be at the right times. Plus we got to see elk coming back together from the rutt, columnar basalt waterfall rainbows, ancient lake beds.... super cool experience! Check out the whole gallery here!
  8. Still makes me wonder why they put the boardwalk there. It would have been so much better up on the hill side to the west. There is a hiking hill that people clammer up to get a better perspective. We weren't allowed to go below 2000 feet and we could only circle a couple times before we had to move on. Yep, I meant the 70-200. Thanks for catching that, I went and edited it in the original post. Here is a ground level shot.
  9. Couldn't agree more about my watermark. But then again, that's the point. I have had too many images stolen to not make it obtrusive anymore. I believe Ann gave me heck a while back for not making it more prominent!
  10. Hydrothermal vents & some fumaroles. 100% real colour, produced by the thermophile bacteria living in the pools and for the really hot water (blue) just the sun penetrating into the depths. You have to get there at the right time (sun angle) and get lucky with the winds to blow the steam away.
  11. Scythanith


    Ask and ye' shall receive!
  12. Scythanith


    This shot is from a forest fire in the rocky mountains near the Johnson Canyon turn of north of Banff, Alberta. It was great to watch the fire evolve over the course of an hour. We just parked off the road and sit on the road cut watching the flames move and the smoke change colour depending on what it consumed. Pretty cool.
  13. I'm always amazed when I can see the topography of the moon in an "amateur" photographers image. Beauty! I remember putting the 2.0 TC and 70-200 together then heavily cropping the image to get some bumps
  14. The grand prismatic has always been on my photography bucket list and I finally got a chance to see it/shoot it in all its rainbow glory! We chartered the helicopter out of Billings, MT and had an amazing ride. Big shout out to Rocky Mountain Rotors! Door off, D800e & D700 some 70-200f2.8 VRII, 14-24f2.8, and 28-70f2.8. The trinity did the job. I wore a rapidstrap sport with the D800 and handheld the D700 when I used it. I meant to set the gopro up in 4K but got tied up ogling the choppers in the hanger. As always C & C welcome Grand Prismatic The "Orchid" The "Dragon"
  15. Thank you very much everyone! Mike, I am using a D800e. I will try to reprocess some originals to see if it has been fixed with the new Aperture patch. Dallas, thank you for your suggestion. I will boot up lightroom and check out what it does with the same RAW. I know I need to change out of Aperture... I have been dreading the switch. Anthony, thanks for the link. I guess I am seeing what the camera is doing to the RAW file when it converts it to the jpeg preview. And Aperture isn't necessarily doing the same thing when it imports the RAW. Thanks everyone!
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