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  1. once a time, your site was free for anyone....
  2. only for subscribers....
  3. I mentioned in the topic "AF-D 70-210", so I was referring to the D version, however the non D version is the same except for the different gearing in AF movement
  4. Yes, all exact, I also find that AF in the "D" version is quite fast, and the sharpness is good or excellent, in a small and light package. I have also the AF 80-200 2,8 two ring, and often I take the 70-210 with me for his less weight. At same aperture the rendition is quite similar, if you don't need to work at full aperture
  5. Especially, I should like to know what is the opinion of Bjorn about this lens
  6. Hello, I have this lens and I should like to know what you think of it; in my opinion it is a good performer, little and not heavy
  7. Yes, but if only one can be the choice, it is difficult to tell which is better...I will wait, as I have also the 28-105...
  8. when the final verdict, Bjorn ? The 24-120 is far superior respect the 28-300 or they are similar, in term of optical quality ?
  9. Thank you Bjorn, your opinions are always much appreciated...I understand it is too long comparing too many lenses, may be I ask too much...till now, I have used the 28-105 with satisfaction, I think it is a good lens not stellar but good. If the 24-120 should be clearly better, then it is ok for my need. If it should be equal or near to the 16-35 or 17-35 or 18-35 and 80-200...then a zillion people will buy it !
  10. Hello, I think many people also should like to know which between 24-120 and 28-300 could be better as a walkaround lens...optically is the 24-120 better than the 28-300 or not ?
  11. Berlin, 2005 (edited to add the attachment according to the user's wish)