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  1. rudolfabraham

    POTW # 316 -

    [My] nomination is Ed Mueller's atmospheric B&W, 'Fishing in the Mist' http://www.fotozones.com...ng-in-the-mist/
  2. rudolfabraham


    Nice shot Bez - love the long shadows.
  3. rudolfabraham

    POTW #314 - Longhiker

    Well, since you're waiting, here's another one from me... ;~) This awesome landscape/sunset shot by Jyda immediately caught my attention - gorgeous colour, and the pale planks and bench in the foreground help draw me into the scene, while at the same time heightening its emptiness First posted here http://www.fotozones.com...avourite-place/ on 20 October
  4. rudolfabraham

    POTW #314 - Longhiker

    This b&w leaf by Tony (wildoat) gets my vote - superb detail and sense of texture originally posted here
  5. rudolfabraham

    Greenland - Arctic Circle Trail

    Hi Martin Lovely images of a route I've wanted to do for years - beautiful light. Good to see you took the 'big' (relative term) camera - one should never, ever, do a route like this without an SLR imho (D300 went with me around Torres del Paine with full hiking/camping kit). The British guidebook you mention is the Cicerone guide, I guess, written by Paddy Dillon (http://www.cicerone....ng-in-greenland) - a legend among outdoor guidebook writers (nice bloke too, always full of hilarious stories - we work for the same publisher). He walked the trail one way, then turned round and walked back again to check his notes... ;~) Very well done for doing the walk. Where next? Cheers Rudolf
  6. rudolfabraham

    POTW #313 - golunvolo

    This was a really hard choice, because there were at least three shots which I wanted to pick.... But since I'm only allowed to pick one, it'll have to be this trippy image by golunvolo, from his "From Bcn to Pacha Ibiza, group trip" series http://www.fotozones.com...iza-group-trip/ I'd planned to do some clubbing shots this summer but didn't have time. If I had, and they'd looked like this, I'd have been more than happy.
  7. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 53 Sep 30-Oct 6

    great mix of facial expressions
  8. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 52 of 52 Sep 23-Sept 29

    52/52 Klara D700 + 14-24/2.8
  9. rudolfabraham

    Rhodos 2012

    I see you're still putting the X10 to good use ;~) I particularly like the street shots in the first batch and the b/w beach (#10)
  10. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 51 of 52 Sep 16-Sept 22

    51/52 'Sit-stand' London E17, 21 September 2012 D700 + 105/2
  11. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 52 of 52 Sep 23-Sept 29

    Olivier - love the concert shot - and Petter, I'll second Bez's comment (ie very nice spider web!)
  12. rudolfabraham

    After the Fire

    Super shot, as always
  13. rudolfabraham

    POTW #310 - Sten

    I would also like to nominate Bjørn J's Church and Mountain Wall (though, not sure if it's within the time frame for this week?) - beautiful light and framing First time I've been on NG for several weeks - will have to have a look around and nominate something else too....
  14. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 49 of 52 Sep 2-Sept 8

    49/52 Parade in Zagreb, Croatia, to mark the opening of the 45th International Puppet Theatre Festival (PIF) (4 September 2012) D700 + 14-24/2.8
  15. rudolfabraham

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 48 of 52 Aug 26-Sept 1

    48/52 Tamara learns to climb Zagreb, Croatia, 27 August 2012 D700 + 14-24/2.8

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