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  1. patrick


    Michael, I really like this. The colours are superb, the lupin flower is beautifully portrayed and the colour of the flower has been captured so well (a colour not easily got right as I know too well!). The overall photograph exudes calm and peace (and a lot more besides). Patrick
  2. Mike, you can get a micro-fibre lens cloth from Lakeland for £1.99. They are great not only for glasses but camera lenses too. I wouldn't without them! Patrick
  3. patrick

    New Spectacles

    Mike, my last pair of varifocal lenses were Hoya and they smeared easily. I found I was cleaning them several times a day but in my case I just got used to them. Had to have new glasses a week ago and now have the Hoya iD lenses which are their most expensive (unfortunately). Apart from the vastly increased quality of vision I realised I wasn't cleaning them. These don't have the smearing problem at all. So, Hoya can and do make lenses with anti reflective coatings that don't constantly smear. Hope you get it sorted. Patrick
  4. No I didn't get the newsletter either. All the right boxes are ticked.
  5. No problem Dallas. If it had been any other site I wouldn't have clicked Accept but felt it was perfectly safe to do so in this instance! Thanks for the explanation.
  6. Just had to agree registration terms which in itself is not a problem. However, also had to agree Privacy Policy but there were no details of the policy available. In principle not at all happy about having to agree something without the ability to access the terms. If I hadn't agreed that would have been me kept out of the forum for life! A serious glitch.
  7. I have a late 2013 MBP with SSD and it takes 4 seconds to load. If anything, slightly faster than before but until now I've never timed it.
  8. You seem to have answered the question yourself Dallas If a CC subscription for the whole package is unfeasible as an option due to the high cost (and I certainly couldn't afford it!) then you are just left with Final Cut Pro aren't you? Hope you're successful in your new video projects. The definition of a Landscape Architect when I worked was 'a jack of all trades and master at putting them together'. Seems to me that professional photographers are similar these days having to have multiple skills and be superb at putting them together. I'm enjoying retirement!
  9. It was always thus and probably always will be!
  10. The dehaze function is now available and working!
  11. We'll find out for ourselves in the not too distant future!
  12. In many ways my favourite has to be the Zenith E as it was the first SLR I owned and it drove me eventually to the Olympus OM2-n. Haven't seen the Zenith in years but think it is in the house somewhere. The Olympus is snug in its bag along with the lenses and will never be sold by me.
  13. About three years ago I bought a refurbished XE1 with 18-55 f2.8-4 lens from the UK Fuji shop at a very good price. Wasn’t that impressed with the auto focus but liked the results. Six months ago I bought an XT1 because I liked the form and it felt right. My main system is Nikon and I cannot, yet, part with my D800, 14-24, 28-70, 700-200 and 300. For the photography I use the XT1 for it is easily on a par with the Nikon image quality wise. I can no longer lug the heavy DSLR gear for a full day so the XT1 fits the bill perfectly in those circumstances. Cameras tend to come and go but lenses tend to remain so I researched long and hard before deciding what to use with the XT1. In the end I decided to keep the 18-55 for when I wanted to keep it light, the 35 f1.4 because I like it (despite it’s noisy action and slow AF) and I have recently purchased the 16-55 f2.8. In my opinion, for my uses, the 16-55 is clearly better than the 18-55. I find it fine on the XT1 without having to put a vertical grip on. It is cheap for it’s excellent build and quality being some £2,000 plus cheaper than buying the separate primes. I simply could not afford to pay that difference and still keep my Nikon gear. The weight of the separate primes also combine to very, very much more than the weight of the 16-55. I’m a happy bunny with my limited Fuji set up and still a happy bunny with my my far more extensive Nikon set up. Really can’t ask for more!
  14. In my younger days I played the clarinet as both an orchestral and chamber musician. The fateful day came when a key broke in two during a public recital. Alas, no backup. From then on I always had a backup and that has applied to cameras as well over the last 40 years!
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