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  1. Thank you all so much for the nice comments. Here is one from today: Petter
  2. Thank you all so much for your nice comments:-) Petter
  3. A bit more artistic from yesterday: Petter
  4. Thanks Anthony, good to see you too:-) Here is one taken minutes ago: Petter
  5. The first shot was just for testing my "new" D700 (yes, I finally went FX) Second shot was with my trusty old D300 with AF-D 105mm and a 1.4x extender. Here I also tested a new ringflash from Meike with iTTL: Always handheld when shooting bugs. Petter
  6. More time for photography again: Petter
  7. My daughters D90 also works perfectly.... Petter
  8. Good luck Dallas :good: Hope everything turn out the way you have planned. Looking forward to see the new "home" Petter
  9. Its great fun:-) Now I`m planning several ideas I will try out. Battery life on D300 with single battery looks to be about 2 hours. Guess I can double that with the grip attached... Petter
  10. Had a little trouble with focusing before I found out the camera has to be set to Continuous focus. Here is a first test shot at our feeding station just outside our house. I was sitting inside: Petter
  11. Battery life is something I would like to test later on. The Weye-Feye fully charged gives about 8 hours, but I dont think the D300 can match that... Petter
  12. Yes, camera needs to be in LV-mode, but Lcd screen is black... Petter
  13. Daylight is disappearing, but here is a screenshot pointed at my neighbours house: Petter
  14. Test shot in a hurry. I`m about 40m away and here I changed aperture, white balance and ISO before I took the shot. Nikon D300 and AF-S 35mm 1.8G: More testing later.... Petter
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