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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I like the smaller prime lenses and that was also one of the reasons I still like to use it time to time. In adition to being my widest Nikon lens. I must admit I'm not very good at post processing and CA is probably what has been bothering me the most with it. That and finding I need less pp with my Fuji 14mm (21mm) on the X-T1... Anyway, I was sort of hoping for a reason to get rid of it, but instead I got some inspiration to bring it out a little more. I'll work on the pp too, and see if I can not make it "shine" :-) -iau
  2. Hi, I'm wondering what is the general opinion on the 20mm f/2.8 AF-D nowadays with the higher resolution cameras? Is the 20mm only a mediocre lens on 24Mp and 36Mp cameras? Most reviews of it seems to be done with older DSLR. Not sure if it matters that much. I got it when I had the D70. Since then I have gone through various DSLRs and are currently using the D600. Mostly I find the wide end of the newest 24-85 AF-S sufficent and prefer the output of it. Since then it has been collecting dust and only taken out when I want to try something different... Searching for info on the 20mm suggests that the 20mm f/4 is the better lens of the two, if I should need a 20mm. -iau
  3. 1) 1990 2) Yes 3) N/A 4) Yes - Norway 5) Compact mirrorless system camera with APS-C or FX sensor aimed at enthusiasts.
  4. Thanks! I was mainly using it as a light weight for landscapes but perhaps I should be looking at a different lens for this.
  5. I have the AI-S version of this lens, but lately I have been considering buying the new 28mm f/1.8 AF-S lens to get AF (rarely use it due to MF). How do these compare? I'm using it on a D600. Have read a few reviews on the new 28mm but not seen these compared. Also, I don't use it much for close-ups and in your review of the f/2 I get the impression it is less sharp for distant focus? Thanks in advance. -iau
  6. I bought a used AF-D 20mm to my D70 and it's been my favorite lens for the past year. It's compact and I like the wide, but not too wide, lenses. I can't speak much about the quality but it should be a great lens according to reviews I've read. I use it mostly for nature/landscape and traveling. -Inge
  7. Hi, Found out about Nikongear.com from the NikonCafe a couple of weeks ago and decided to join. I'm an amateur photographer living in Norway. My interest in photograph is purely as a hobby. I like taking pictures and want to learn more. I find a lot of useful information here in the forum and thank everyone for their contribution. My personal favorite kind of photography are landscape and nature, but I get a lot of inspiration by seeing other's pictures and may broaden my horizon as time goes by.