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  1. Mickickx

    Unboxing a D810

    Tut tut Mike - Your not thinking of nipping down to Grays to acquire one - are you?
  2. Dallas - Have you thought about approaching 'Grays of Westminster'. Although commercial they are pure Nikon, and also run the Nikon Owners club.
  3. Tony - Have you tried Dale Photographic (A recognised Lee dealer). Just kitted out with a ND grad set, Holder and Stopper off the shelf from them last week. MikeS
  4. Dallas - For all the efforts you guys put in, I'm so glad it went well. Signed Envious
  5. Just out of interest: - The D600 and D5200 have been on the 'Cashback offers' during June/July in the UK, possibly to help clear stocks. - What I cant understand is that the D300s is still officially on sale on the Nikon site and in the shops here, even though it was officially listed as discontinued in January 2012. MikeS
  6. A brilliant little lens that has surpassed my expectations on image quality. So why only 4stars. - Well 3 minor grumbles: 1 - Not enough difference between the focus and zoom rings - to easy to alter the zoom whilst manually focusing 2 - No visual guide of aperture setting on the lens 3 - Poor fitting of lens hood and cap - I've already lost the lens hood and the replacement in the UK is £49.95 - Thats if you can get one. There are none in the country and Fuji have removed them from there site at the moment. But its still a brilliant lens
  7. Just subscribed - Best of luck with the site. Keep thinking forward - Its the only way. MikeS
  8. In a word 'No'. Instead I now take short video's. Let me first state I am no video buff and not overly keen on them. But 20 years ago I hired a video camera when I took the family sailing in the 'Med'. It was a nice video nothing special except to the family. - But as time has progressed I have really regretted not taking more. Yes I have snapshots of the family, but they lack the life, speech and interactions that the video captured. I made up my mind up that when my children got married and had there own families I would keep a 'live' record of there growing up. So now on family occasions I take a short video as unobtrusively as possible, that hopefully they will appreciate in 20 years time.
  9. Ditto Tony - Decided against the D800, so popped into Grays a month or so ago and picked up a new D700 along with a used 17-35 f2.8 lens for the same cost - They had 6 then, but now it is no longer listed. The warranty - I was also able extend it to 3 years for the camera, and 18mths for the lens with their Nikon Owners Club. Really pleased with the camera, but more so the lens, it's a real cracker, and to think I wouldn't have been able to afford it if I had bought the D800. Mike S
  10. Nice pics - Love the composition of pic 4, says it all. Mike
  11. 'Murray Walker' - Eat your heart out.
  12. Mike Bet your getting some great pics down there. Beautiful area. - Have you been to the inevitable Durdle Door yet? MikeS
  13. Mickickx

    Damaged files ?

    Ann - Not sure on the compression - so I did a test using an uncorrupted D300 NEF file with lossless compression using ViewNX2 set with an output size of A3. It produced a PDF file of 29.6mb. To double check it I did it again this time going the long way round and this time printing-to-file as a postscript file, then setting up distiller with all the compression turned off I ended up with a PDF file of 49.1mb. The critical thing is to set the paper size exactly to the size of the original image so no interpolation takes place. MikeS
  14. Mickickx

    Damaged files ?

    Hi Airy Try this little trick I have used in the past. (Hope you have a full version of Acrobat and Photoshop) I see you can open your file in ViewNx. 1) Try printing the file to PDF (keeping the settings as close to your camera ones). 2) If successful open the PDF in Acrobat (Any version from 5 onwards will do) 3) Go to: Tools > Advanced Editing > Touchup Object Tool 4) Holding the Alt-key (Mac) down, double click on the image. - This should open Photoshop with your image automatically. It works on the PC as well, cant remember the key to hold down though. If you are using Acrobat 5, it has no Touchup Tool, so just use the pointer tool, holding the alt-key and double clicking. I reckon to have a 50% success rate. Here's hoping - MikeS
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