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  1. I truly like your first photo Alan. It is indeed almost impossible to see young people without playing on the phone. The XF 90mm renders beautiful foreground and background bokeh.
  2. Thanks for posting this image and link. I don't mind the guy included in the picture but sure this is getting overused. The cool thing of the story is that he had to revert to the backup camera with slow lens and make it work. He certainly did a good job.
  3. Alan, I like the colors and composition - a lovely little bird. How do you like the handling of the new lens?
  4. Hi Mike you need a Micro-B USB cable to connect to an iMac. Cheers Daniel
  5. Congrats Mike on your decision for a Fuji camera. I'm sure you won't regret it. You'll certainly find good support in this forum. Wishing your health getting better soon.
  6. For the past three years I've been using the Fuji X system in parallel to the D800. I'm very happy with the Fuji system. I never really liked the D800 and I was still looking for a fast camera for weddings and events. Just before christmas I've replaced the D800 with the D750 which is much better for my needs. I'll be using both systems in parallel for the next years. I was thinking of fully switching to mirrorless many times but have decided to keep both. Nikon might bring a mirrorless system for the 100 year anniversary in 2017.
  7. Thanks a lot Alan, Akira and Anthony, One of my applications for the 50-140mm plus TC would be airshow photography. It's good to hear that the Fuji seems optically at least on par or better than the Nikkor. That's what we have come to expect by Fuji. Let's wait and see wether the next gen Fuji AF can close the gap to DSLR sufficiently for dynamic shooting conditions.
  8. Hi Alan, How would you rate the 50-140 vs say Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 ? If the XPRO-2 AF is really a step up I might consider completing the Fuji lens lineup and sell the Nikon. My Fuji lenses so far: 14mm; 16mm; 23mm; 35mm; 56mm My Nikon lenses: 20mm f/1.8; 35mm f/1.8; 60mm f/2.8 Micro; 85mm f/1.4 I'm a prime guy but I guess rather than getting the 90mm I'll look into the tele zoom. Daniel
  9. my trusty FM-2 works still like a charm:
  10. Congratulations Aguinaldo - I like the picture a lot.
  11. Traditional procession with Santa, lanterns, torches and cow bells in our town. All D800 and AF-S 35mm f/1,8
  12. It's good to hear your replacement lens seems to work ok. I'm looking forward to see some pictures and hear how you like the 16mm. Enjoy the new lens!
  13. Thanks Dalles, The forum is great and I can learn a lot. Daniel
  14. Thanks Fons, Mike and Andreas for your comments. I'm now also happy to have found a better crop. I was a bit cought in an attempt to have the sun more towards a third into the picture. It is very rewarding to get such good advise.
  15. Great way of conveying mood and thanks for the story behind.
  16. Thanks for your comments Andreas. I too think the pictures is improved by cropping tighter. Here is another attempt:
  17. Here's another one from the same evening:
  18. Thanks Merlin, Andreas and Mike for your feedback. Mike I like your boat pictures. I hope you had a nice stay here in central Switzerland. I tried another crop and like to get your comments on this version:
  19. Tonight on a boat trip to Lucerne D800 & AF-S 35mm @ f/8.0; 1/400s; ISO 400
  20. Nice series Andrew - I like R/C models myself and I really like the colors.
  21. Hi Merlin, I've got both lenses. The 14mm is very strong for landscape and architecture. I also like to do night city scapes. There the 16mm fares better. I prefer its rendering of point light sources. Also star photography works better with the 16mm. Both lenses are very good. If I only could have one or the other it would be the 16mm as I really like fast glass. Best of luck with your decision.
  22. We've had wonderful weather this week. So I visited Bannalp lake with a few friends. I like the rendering of the new 20mm wide angle lens:
  23. aerobat

    16mm f/1.4

    Hi Simone, I can recommend the lens. It's definitely a good addition to the excellent prime lineup.
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