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  1. Armando: She is lovely, nice peek a boo pose, flying hair, head tilt, all good. Cheers Randy
  2. Congrats Atpaula! Lots of fine images this week. Thanks for the nomination Andreas. Cheers Randy
  3. Than by all means, enjoy the birds and take mental pictures! Cheers Randy
  4. Joergen: Ah yes, the joys of small bird photography! I do a little bird photography, so appreciate the challenges. The standard kit for such fellows is a 600 with TC, but when you have a feeder or nest box, less will do. A lot of folks use a 300mm f/4 with TC to get a portable and not too expensive rig. The new 300mm f/4 might be an interesting choice as well, if you get serious! The newer 80-400 VR can do quite well also, esp on a crop body. Cheers Randy
  5. Thanks Chris: The purple color in the water comes from nearby flowers. Cheers Randy
  6. Bill: We have echinacea in our gardens, one of my favorites. Agree that the first post is too cool, and that the second batch a bit too warm, so perhaps 75% of the way to the second batch would work well. I prefer the second composition. Cheers Randy
  7. Thanks Alan & Bill: Bill: re the DOF. I wish the body was a bit crisper, and the mosquito was more in focus, but thanks for your positive vote! Cheers Randy This was taken with the Em5 and the 40-150 kit lens. Makes me wonder what I could do with the 40-150 pro.
  8. Taken this AM. I didn't see the mosquito until after processing the image. Note the full red belly (frog blood unfortunately) Went for a fairly low angle here . My left hand was in the water to support the camera. Wish I had more depth of field, but tripod was out of the question for this shot, so tried to make the best of it. Advice and comments always appreciated. Cheers Randy
  9. John: Congrats on the star trails, dramatic. Lots of excellent images this week, and congrats to all those nominated. Cheers Randy
  10. Foveola

    Power and trust....

    Tony: The sense of power comes through strongly! Sharp and well exposed. I am with you on the fun of shooting an event like this. My only issue with this image is the mane covering the riders lower face. Keep them coming. Cheers Randy
  11. Tony: When I saw that, I just laughed. I am pretty emotionally secure, but not sure I could be seen with that rig! It is an interesting concept, but between the color and the wheels, a bit to nerdy, even for me! Cheers Randy
  12. Thanks Chris and Werner. Chris - hadn't been bothered by the red spot, but would be an easy fix Werner - yes the green area is water Cheers Randy
  13. Tony: Very nice series. Love the framing/comp on #2. Makes me look forward to our local horse trials in August, but first I have some summer loon photography to take care of! Cheers Randy
  14. Interesting behavour for sure. The image is a bit dark for my tastes. Cheers Randy
  15. Foveola

    An Unusual visitor

    Must have needed a break from flying, so used the available perch. Cheers Randy
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