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  1. MrsP

    I'm a Macaw

    I like it fine as you originally posted it. I like contrast but a bit under very bright.
  2. Great series. Made me smile even tho we are having a bad storm outside.
  3. I am glad you all like my new camera. Rot yhose of you who want one, you can get it at maryfrances.com or anywhere that sells Mary Frances bags BUT you will haave to put your own red dot on to make it a Leika. It is a real attention getter in the street. Caryl
  4. I haven't a clue what you are talking about. leica had nothing to do with this
  5. Thank you Frank and Mike. It has a view finder too! Caryl
  6. Elsa, Anthony and Akira so glad you like my new camera. It makes quite a hit when i take it out for a walk. Caryl
  7. I LOVE the Panasonic LF1. I call it my Lucky Find 1. I have many other cameras among which are Leica M8, Nikon D300 and Canon 7D but his little camera with a Leica Summicron lens is my favorite. That Leica lens is incredible. The camera is about $300 or less and fits in your pocket. Caryl
  8. My new Camera. It is one of a kind because I put the red dot on it making it a Leica! Happy Holidays Caryl
  9. I am not sure what this challenge is about but i put the image in Polar Coordinates and got this. Caryl
  10. The clarity is gorgeous. The contrasting soft background really adds to it. Caryl
  11. Well done. Very clean and crisp. Caryl
  12. Great color and sharpness. What a beautiful bug! Caryl
  13. MrsP


    Nice abstraction. Caryl
  14. I like the way he seems to be looing at me and smiling Caryl
  15. MrsP


    Amazing shapes. They are quite different from the glaciers I have seen in Alaska. These have such smooth looking sides as if sculpted. Caryl
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