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  1. Thanks for all of the comments.
  2. Yeah, Ron, it was a trip. He was also one of the guys telling me to fuck off, repeatedly. What a day.
  3. Donald Trump is running for the Republican Party nomination for the presidency of the United States. On February 26, he held a rally in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Many of Trump's rallies have been very controversial because of protesters showing up trying to disrupt the proceedings. Arrests have been made and even a few of the Trump protesters have been assaulted by Trump supporters. In the span of about two hours, I was knocked down, had a cup of water thrown on me, spit upon, cursed repeatedly, and was generally harassed by Trump supporters while trying to document the event. The cause of their ire was that I was the "media". Outside the exhibition hall, many heated exchanges took place between Trump protesters and Trump supporters. It was a tough day for shooting. Trump supporters trying to block me from taking photos of the young girl holding the signs. Donald Trump
  4. I want to thank everyone for the very kind comments. The project was certainly a labor of love. And Frank, stop tempting me.....
  5. Thanks for the comments. Incidentally, almost all of the photos were shot with a camera that I purchased specifically for this project- a Ricoh GRDII. I later sold the camera when the project was completed, something I have regretted to this very day.
  6. http://www.rickwphotography.com/img/s2/v51/o698316976/c3/p1686643228-215.mp4 Several years ago I worked on a year-long project documenting my travels on the light-rail system throughout the Dallas area. Most of the photos were shot at various train stations. I put together a slideshow but due to a computer crash and other problems, the original slideshow video was lost. I have now reconstructed the slideshow for viewing. The song is One of Us, by Joan Osborne. The images were put to music simply for entertainment- nothing is being sold and no promotional value is intended. Enjoy.
  7. Rick Waldroup


    I like their style. I was a punk once upon a time. Back when we did not know what punk was. Going to high school in the late 60's and early 70's in Texas, we just knew we were different than others mostly by the way we dressed and the music we listened to: Them, MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, The Ramones, Patti Smith, etc. Now, I am an old dude with six grandchildren. However, I recently saw Patti Smith perform in New Orleans a couple of years ago- something I had tried to do several times over the years. I fell in love all over again..... I like this shot. Makes me wish I was there with them.
  8. Thanks, Frank, for the comments and that link. Robert, I was walking around an old cemetery in New Orleans,early one morning when I came across that scene. I raised my camera and got off one shot before everything changed. I knew when I shot it that I had something special.
  9. Thanks Andrew and Fons, for the comments.. At least I feel that I am moving in the right direction with this. As Alan pointed out, only time will tell where this will lead me. Robert, yes I am slightly partial to that fourth shot as well. The two cemetery photos were shot in New Orleans. Thanks for commenting.
  10. Rick Waldroup


    This image from Rick is excellent compositionally and metaphorically. Seen here.

    © Rick Waldroup

  11. Thanks for all of the comments.
  12. Sorry, but for the most part, I have no idea what I ultimately want to achieve with this project. As strange as that sounds, that is usually the case for any project I shoot. I shoot, I process the images, I assemble them in an order that fits my eye, and I let the viewer decide what impact the photos may have or what the ultimate meaning may be. It is usually at the end of a project I am shooting, that the ultimate goal becomes apparent to me. It is a journey I take sometimes, that appears to be rudderless and sometimes confusing, but a journey that is very rewarding as it plays out. I appreciate you taking the time to view the photos and I also appreciate your interest in how this project may play out and for whom it is intended. I only wish I could be answer your questions more clearly.
  13. Here are several shots from a new project I am working on. This project has actually been bouncing around in my mind for several years and my approach to the subject has changed over those years, so it has mostly been on the back burner all this time. The subject is death. As I mentioned, my approach has varied over the years and I never could seem to get a handle on what I was looking for, photographically speaking. After reviewing the photos I have shot for this project over the years, I finally realized that what I was doing all along was using death as a metaphor for things that change or end- albeit an actual death of a living thing, the death of a thought or idea, the closing or demolishing of certain buildings or structures, the death of dreams and ambitions, and perhaps, under certain circumstances, the rejuvenation of life after death, whatever that may be. Now that I am focused on the project, I estimate that it will probably take about two years to finish. Most of the projects I shoot usually take at least a year or longer to complete. The title of the project is And Now We Are Ghosts Only, which is a phrase from a poem by the Russian author, Marina Tsvetayeva. A few of these images have appeared here before and the others have never been posted on this forum until now. Feedback is welcome.
  14. One of your better street shots. Her confident stride mixed with the two fellows in the background completes the shot. And of course, the closest fellow looking at her as she walks by just nails it. Great stuff.
  15. Simply superb. The excellent color is offset by the very cool, misty foreground. The composition is spot on. Great stuff, Ron.
  16. That fourth shot is simply wonderful.
  17. Great work, Armando. What is impressive is the diversity of the presentation, which is the by-product of an excellent photographer.
  18. I love that photo, Rick. Clean, elegant lines and soft, muted colors really make this shot pop. And of course the sleeping cat is just icing on the cake. Excellent.
  19. Yes, Dallas, I just now spotted your post- and it was on the front page!! I am as blind as a bat. Please move these there with your photos if you want. Thanks, everyone, for the comments.
  20. Rick Waldroup

    Best of 2015

    I do not know if anyone has started a thread like this or not. I searched but did not see one. If there is one, please delete this or perhaps merge it with the other one. What were your best or favorite photos from 2015? Maybe limit it to five? I rarely have favorites and I have no idea if these are my best, but these particular shots came to mind immediately. The Blue Line - Dallas, Texas The Puppeteer - Dallas, Texas Praise Jesus TV - Dallas, Texas Ervay Street - Dallas, Texas Carnival - Granbury, Texas
  21. I have not seen a shot in a long time that truly represents what living in the city can be like at times, like this one does. Big cities can be glorious places, full of life, art, and happiness. On the other hand, they can also be dreary and life-draining as well. That is why I love shooting in them. And I know you do, too. I love this shot. You nailed it, my friend.
  22. Your timing is impeccable. Waiting for other people to finish out the background really makes this photo stand out. The soft, subtle color and the mysterious figures in the back make for an excellent shot. Great stuff, Robert.
  23. Thanks. I am sure the couple will be pleased.....
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