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  1. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Commerce Street

    Editor's note: A wonderful image full of abstract stuff that forces you to stop and have a closer look. Seen here.

    © Rick Waldroup

  3. Early Morning - Commerce Street - Fort Worth, Texas - July 27, 2017
  4. Beautiful street portrait, Robert. The soft, subdued colors from the Velvia film really makes this shot sing. Great stuff.
  5. Thanks, Robert and Noct, for the comments. Noct, a book has been in the works, off and on, for several years. I have had opportunities in the past to publish a book but always had conflicts with the publishing houses over control of content, etc. I am currently exploring the option of self-publishing.
  6. Scarlet Fever Thompson's Bookstore (Speakeasy) - Fort Worth, Texas - July 22, 2017
  7. Thanks, Noct and GB, for the comments.
  8. From a new project that has been several years in the making and one in which I finally decided to pursue with more intensity. The title comes from a song of the same name by Steve Forbert. Being shot mostly in early morning light or late in the evening heading into night time, the purpose of the project is to try and portray a certain type of isolationism individuals may experience while being in a big city. Alone in a sea of millions is a term that may describe the intent of this project. As with most projects I shoot, I usually start out with a rough idea of what I want to accomplish, and as time goes by, I usually find that the project takes a shape and form vastly different from my original concept. Life has a way of taking over our best intentions. In other words, and to quote the Grateful Dead- What a long, strange trip it's been....