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  1. Jan Anne

    Sony A7s ... new 12mp FF camera from Sony

    Another review: http://www.samhurdphotography.com/2014/gear-reviews/sony-a7s-review-sony-a7s-vs-a7r Interestingly the a7R does better when pulling the shadows at lower ISO ratings.
  2. Jan Anne

    Sony A7s ... new 12mp FF camera from Sony

    And I just put my a7R up for sale on the local "eBay" site Like I said many times before, I wanted a small low light camera ever since I sold my beloved D3s but could not find it in the D800E and a7R (which are of course stunning cameras for those whom like 35mm full frame high pixel cameras), the Df is a good alternative but I've been too hooked on being able to use almost any lens out there which makes the a7S pretty much a no-brainer for a lens Scavenger like me. I'll keep you guys posted on my findings when I get the a7S in my eager hands.
  3. Jan Anne

    Sony A7s ... new 12mp FF camera from Sony

    And Steve's final review just went up: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2014/07/01/the-sony-a7s-digital-camera-review-wow-period/
  4. Jan Anne

    a7R with leather Artisan & Artist strap

    Fons, so you're looking for a neck strap? As mentioned the ACAM-102 was designed as neck strap and is made of a soft material without a rubber lining so should be comfortable in the neck. All Nikon straps are ment to be used as shoulder straps btw with their stiff rubber linings.
  5. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    Very cool shot Jakovic, the last rendition is superb.
  6. Jan Anne

    Sony A7s ... new 12mp FF camera from Sony

    Brian Smith tested the a7S: http://briansmith.com/sony-a7s-field-test/
  7. Jan Anne

    a7R with leather Artisan & Artist strap

    It should fit the Df but I have no idea how it will interfere with the cameras handling as the strap mounts in the front instead of the side of the camera. When in shooting I fold the strap down along the side of the a7R and wrap it around my wrist a couple of times so the strap doesn't snag on something while walking around and to prevent dropping the camera on the ground in case I loose grip.
  8. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    I had the pleasure of borrowing Bjørn's Df in combination with the Noct Nikkor on our last evening together just to get a feel of what the Df is all about, in short I liked it a lot but really had to adjust to the OVF and it's focus dot although this was all I used before buying the a7R six months ago. That day the mist was coming and going on the small river that run through our town and I waited patiently for the light levels to go down to capture it in combination with the little stone bridge crossing the river near our hotel. The image was shot wide-open at ISO6400 and converted to b&w with the my default b&w adjustments in CNX2.
  9. Jan Anne

    Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art

    The Photozones test is up as well: http://www.photozone.de/canon_eos_ff/876-sigma50f14art
  10. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    Another with the CV35/1.2
  11. Jan Anne

    a7R with leather Artisan & Artist strap

    After a week of intensive use in Montenegro I can report that the ACAM-250 strap passed the test with flying colours. The strap is very comfortable in use, packs very efficiently in the camera bag and not once slipped of my shoulder. The 90cm length was also long enough for the more secure cross the chest carry for those times we needed to do a little climbing. So all in all I'm very pleased with this little Artisan & Artist strap which makes it well worth it's hefty €85 price tag.
  12. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    We just landed in Amsterdam after a free extension in Montenegro, detour via Zurich and more delays on the last flight. Let's see if our luggage could keep up....
  13. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    We are having a slow day today, it's raining all day and there's no wifi with Internet connection to upload any images. But the place we arrived at yesterday evening is little place of heaven on earth, the food is amazing and rather plenty full and the almost 180 degrees view on our balcony is amazing, attached is a quick snapshot panorama with the iPhone 5 to give you guys an idea.
  14. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    Here's my take on Jakov's image, literally Shot with the CV125 APO Lanthar on the a7R (of course) and using spot metering to get the exposure with the burned background I wanted.
  15. Jan Anne

    Montenegro 2014

    Today's image is a Selfie with the iPhone 5 and the Hipstamatic photo app at the Sand Pyramids in Bosnia.

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