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  1. Pa

    Cape Town Is Different

    Well done, Dallas. I've been to Cape Town twice, but you showed me some areas I haven't seen. And we didn't make it to the top of Table Mountain on either visit because of bad weather.
  2. Pa

    A Glass Of Anti-virus

    Very interesting photos, Dallas. Good to see a bit of your habitat, so different from ours.
  3. Pa

    Mount Everest and me

    Wonderful photos of an epic adventure. Can't believe you hauled all that heavy camera gear.
  4. Pa

    Atacama's Desert

    I love wide-open spaces and the Atacama certainly fits that description. Walter's comment is right on.
  5. Pa

    Everest Base Camp trek

    Wonderful photos. And you had some beautifully clear weather.
  6. Mr. Hogan's comments strike me as mostly a straightforward statement of facts. Do you find errors in what he says? Please explain. I have read Robin Wong's review and comments on the high-res feature, and I think he is pretty objective also, especially given that he is an Olympus employee. Yet he gives no detailed discussion of how the high-resolution images are created as does Thom Hogan. The images posted by Mr. Wong do reveal the higher resolution improvement, but he is correct in pointing out that both camera and subject must be perfectly stationary to achieve the extra resolution, so the feature has limited usefulness as he admits.
  7. Thom Hogan has some new information on how the 40/63 MP mode on the E-M5 II works. Quite interesting. Doesn't look like it really adds much to the camera.
  8. I'm always interested in travel tripods. This looks like a pretty good one, but I still prefer my Gitzo 0531 with a RRS BH25 head. It only weighs 2 lbs including head, and has a removable center column for ground-level use. The downsides are that is a little long for packing, and costs quite a bit more than the Sunway. I would still like to know the weight of the Sunway tripod. By the way, I couldn't find the tripod on their web page.
  9. That is why I always scrape the outer skin off of carrots before eating.
  10. Pa

    Micro 4/3 vs. DSLR

    From Thom Hogan's comments on µ4/3 cameras to Velveeta? How far this thread has gone astray. Please pardon me for starting it.
  11. Pa

    Micro 4/3 vs. DSLR

    Agreed. My error.
  12. Pa

    Micro 4/3 vs. DSLR

    Of course, and that is what I was referring to. It is helpful to me to realize that a 12mm lens on µ4/3 gives approximately the same angle of view as 18mm on Nikon DX or 24mm on FX.
  13. Pa

    Micro 4/3 vs. DSLR

    Focal length comparisons can be useful. One simply must realize that they are approximate and use them accordingly.
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