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  1. Ok, I can play this image game ... give me a few days to post. However, I didn't have a 400/500+ so probably a different aesthetic.
  2. Ok, one of about five bird photos I took. Yes, it's a hornbill (Just for Bob!!) but at least it's a red beaked one 👌 BIF - ok, yes, that's where MF digital sucks.
  3. I think that basically the road looked like a nice warm / cool place to lay out. They weren't stressed at all by us. Just chilling and they definitely weren't going to move for something as trivial as us.
  4. A few more - probably a different aesthetic having to shoot wider too.
  5. Ok a few more - including similar zebra peekaboo as Bob. I think that I like my Fuji colour
  6. Another from today's edits. People tell me that medium format digital is terrible at low light/night work. I humbly disagree!
  7. Maurice, Ouch - you were wise to get the ankle checked given the DVT find. I've had those before and now it's my ticket to fly business class for work travel but being slime'd for the ultrasound and then taking the blood thinners is no fun. However, the alternative could have been SO much worse for you so kudos for getting it checked early!
  8. I took a different approach this year for the safari trip and rather than relying on the staid & reliable Nikon or Sony 35mm DSLR systems with their plethora of long stabilized lenses I brought along my Fuji GFX medium format system instead. I used the GFX50s, GF 100-200/5.6, GF 250/4 and 1.4x teleconverter pretty much exclusively with a back up Sony RX100 VI just in case. I think that it worked out well as I got a bunch of images that I think match anything that I've achieved before. I just need to work through the hundreds of images to select the keepers. Here's a sample set - all taken with the GFX50s:
  9. I use the iPhone 7+ with the Olloclip lens system when I travel light. It doesn’t beat the quality of my Sony RX100 IV but it’s a heck more convenient and both with me and good enough. I think that’s a valid point too btw - good enough. Undoubtedly p&s Digital’s are better quality - although Apple do seem to have some image processing wizards on their team! Yes, this is an iPhone pic of an android pic of ... (actually the original is better - snapseed added a lot of noise here)
  10. If you can forgo the 17in requirement I would highly recommend looking at the new Microsoft Surface Books. Very high powered but you can remove the screen to be a tablet. Alternatively the SP4 is outstanding these days and probably a better deal than the Cintiq Companion 2 (which I've lusted over for a while now).
  11. Btw, another shot from my last trip. I stayed in a tree house camp so had an interesting viewpoint towards the Drakensberg Mountains:
  12. I happen to be there myself today! Btw, that's Foster City
  13. Time flies doesn't it? Looking forward to coming back next year! Something from my current trip. Dogs on Safari!
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