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  1. I use the iPhone 7+ with the Olloclip lens system when I travel light. It doesn’t beat the quality of my Sony RX100 IV but it’s a heck more convenient and both with me and good enough. I think that’s a valid point too btw - good enough. Undoubtedly p&s Digital’s are better quality - although Apple do seem to have some image processing wizards on their team! Yes, this is an iPhone pic of an android pic of ... (actually the original is better - snapseed added a lot of noise here)
  2. If you can forgo the 17in requirement I would highly recommend looking at the new Microsoft Surface Books. Very high powered but you can remove the screen to be a tablet. Alternatively the SP4 is outstanding these days and probably a better deal than the Cintiq Companion 2 (which I've lusted over for a while now).
  3. Btw, another shot from my last trip. I stayed in a tree house camp so had an interesting viewpoint towards the Drakensberg Mountains:
  4. I happen to be there myself today! Btw, that's Foster City
  5. Time flies doesn't it? Looking forward to coming back next year! Something from my current trip. Dogs on Safari!
  6. As they should be Btw, I just returned from a safari myself - Kruger NP, Guernsey, Kapama, around Hoedspruit and also Sabie Sands. I confess that whilst it was varied and successful photographically, I missed the delights of my last Sabi Sabi experience back in 2010.
  7. I was wondering about the control logic on the Df. Can you set the command dial centre ok button to zoom (50%/100%) in review mode or is it the dumb jpg processing option of the D600/D610 cameras? This single control drives me nuts with my D600 after shooting for years with the D800 and all the other pro-D bodies I've owned.
  8. Dallas, this is EXCELLENT news and should no doubt bring lots of new eyeballs to the site! It seems such a natural pairing of resources and so I'm looking forward to hanging around here more often again myself too. Graham
  9. Great images! I can personally vouch for the superb guiding service and shooting experience at Sabi Sabi with Richard and Rikka when I visited on the NG Safari 2010. Truly a great shooting experience and excellent trip dedicated to photographers. Richard's photographs remind of why I need to go back soon! Graham
  10. Peter, Just remember that the pixel pitch of the D7000 is basically the same as the D3x which also is a camera that is hard on lenses. It will show up any softness, distortions and aberrations pretty clearly. You can decide obviously how much that matters to you. I'm certainly not claiming that you can't shoot nice pictures with it, just that it struggles with this class of sensor. Sticking a good consumer lens on a better camera doesn't necessarily make it look better. Unfortunately the result is typically the opposite. Graham
  11. For the D7000 you need to be very careful about which lenses you use with it due to the pixel pitch of the sensor which is brutal on poor glass. The 18-200 VR isn't going to make you happy with this camera. The 16-85 is well regarded and up to the task. Ditto the 17-55 but obviously you're moving up in price. If it were me I'd definitely pick up a 35/1.8 which is a great lens for the money also.
  12. I think the term is "Great minds think alike"
  13. You really need to decide what your priorities are. If you want the ultimate image quality zoom that forms part of a 3 lens lineup then the 24-70/2.8 is ideal. If you want a more 'all around' travel lens then the 24-120/4 VR may be the better choice. I've simplified my Nikon outfit because I just wanted a lightweight travel set up. (I shoot medium format for my primary landscape stuff). I moved from D3s & the normal 14-24/24-70/70-200VR II line up to a much smaller travel combination of D700 & 16-35 VR & 24-120/4 VR II along with 16 fisheye. I also have the 28-300 VR for single lens days or greater range vs. 24-120VR. This works for travel where I don't want to be changing lenses all day. If I were only shooting with the Nikon as my primary system and wanted the best results then I would without doubt stick with the 24-70/2.8 because it is a fabulous zoom in this range. (I just posted and then saw Pasi's almost identical post ... there must be something to this! )
  14. Have you tried processing the raws through Nikon Capture NX 2? I find that this converter does an exceptional job with CA and lens distortions. I regularly use the 28-300VR and considering that it is a super-zoom the performance is surprisingly good, in fact better than it should be.
  15. Wow - and there I was thinking that ** I ** was a weapon of conspicuous consumption! I feel truly trumped.
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