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  1. olivier

    D200 IR Users?

    Hello, The D200 lends itself quite well to IR, it is actually well known for this on this site! About your lenses: as far I as can remember, only two are problematic: - the Tamron 17-50 is supposed to be mushy in IR and exhibit a hotspot. This is based on what I read only as I never tried it. - I tried the Tokina 12-24 many times on my converted D70 and D80 and gave up, there was no way to avoid a big and very obvious hotspot. may I recommend you read this sticky, as it is very rich and may answer some of your questions: http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/31022-the-infrared-sticky-2014/ looking forward to seeing some of your IR shots Olivier
  2. Hi Fons, Many enjoyable pictures, I'll come back to see the developments. Have you just started a long-term project? I have, 50mm during 1 year, if I can...
  3. Yes, this is what worries me. Today we were about 500 in my small village, this was quite amazing and heartwarming. How long will this unity last? until our visionless polititians (almost all!) start fighting again to benefit from these tragic events?
  4. olivier

    Terror in Paris

    What a week... I hope it is over now and that the aftermath will be more unity in France rather than the usual rejection of people that are different. Soon it will be time to laugh again, as Charlie Hebdo's people taught us. Basically they were laughing at everyone's face. I read a funny comment today: Two murderers of journalists died in a printing house. Another islamist died in a kosher supermarket. What a bunch of morrons!
  5. Ann, I am afraid Bart's post dates back to August 2011, and I agree it would be good to hear from him again.
  6. The first shot doest it for me, precisely because it is darker... This is lovely, and makes look forward to my upcoming trip to Japan (next week), although there will be absolutely no time outside meetings and dinners.
  7. olivier

    Blue hat

    Thanks for the useful comments, again. My natural tendency would be to get closer indeed, but I have started a 1 year / 50mm only to counteract my unnecessary desire to by more gear (excepty for IR...) and don't want to induce too much facial deformation by getting too close. Here is a third shot from the series (no hat this time):
  8. olivier


    The alignement of poplars on the river banks behind my house sometimes evoke soundwaves to me. It is a very common view now but I keep enjoying the place. The clouds asked for IR. 32 shots panorama. V1IR, 10-30mm lens at 10mm.
  9. Well, thank you very much! I am always surprized, and then flattered when I see the competition. Happy New Year to everyone! Olivier
  10. Simone, If you can, go see the total eclispe. It is a radically different experience compared to 90%, even to 99%. I was lucky enough to see the 1999 total eclipse from my parent's garden. I travelled all the way from New York City to see it and did not regret it, especially when I remember that it rained all day except that we had a blue hole in the sky just at the time of the totality. It was the only time my telescope enjoyed rain, but I still see this as one of the luckiest day in my life... As for the filter, definitely use one on top of your lens. Focal length is really a matter of taste. You need a long focal length to document the details in the corona but anyway it will never be as good as what people with dedicated equipment (telescopes) and lots of experience will do. Shorter lengths will let you place the sun in its environment, giving more opportunities for creative pictures. If you want high magnification, Akira's solution (Nikon 1 with small sensor) is pretty good, coupled with a longish lens and a FT1 adaptor. And my major advice if I can give one to you: if you travel to see the total eclipse, don't let yourself be totally absorbed by photography. It is actually an amazing experience that may be waisted by the technical aspects. I was so stunned that after 1 minute, I completely forgot to take pictures!
  11. olivier

    POTW 423 Olivier

    Nominated by Chris Wahl. Chosen by Anthony Nominated in this thread Originally posted in this thread

    © Olivier

  12. Fons, this is lovely (and I prefer the monochromatic version). I would keep the eye unsharp, it suits the mood much better than excessive sharpening.
  13. olivier

    Blue hat

    Thank you. Yes Airy, it is a very dark blue hat. and the texture on top did not lighten it of course. Ron you don't see the blue because you are watching through my colorblind eyes... Here with her eyes in the picture:
  14. olivier

    Blue hat

    It really is... My niece visits every Christmas and we often enjoy some camera time. Last year we worked on IR, this year it was with hats. D700, 50mm 1.4 AF-D.
  15. olivier

    Lille déserte

    I like your first shot very much, and your title as well...
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