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  1. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    I resign! I’d spend less buying some more gear!
  2. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    There ya go Vivion that’s three of us already! 😉
  3. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    Quite right Vivion, I’m sure GAS will rear it’s head again, hopefully not for a while. 😊
  4. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    30metres doesn’t seem to be very high! Apparently I read that droning is really addictive!
  5. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    When I was getting very unhappy with Fujifilm, I cast an eye around to seek an alternative, I was inspired by Dallas, Luc de Schepper, and David Thorpe the blogger(sensible mu-43 reviews) and ordered a Lumix G9 + 12-60mm 2.8/4 Leica lens as a trial and that was it, all the unreliable Fuji gear was sold or PXed for a slew of Leica and Panasonic lenses that I’ve been blown away by! That bout of GAS cost me dearly but I’m not regretting it yet. Bar two little episodes of peeling cover material the output quality(glued back with superglue) is exceeding my expectations! Expensive yes but when GAS snuggles up to you the willpower melts away, so that particular itch gets scratched, a quick glance at my signature will show I scratched it well! As you no doubt will know, very system you buy into is always the greatest thing since sliced bread. Again as we also realise there is no such thing as the perfect system is there?
  6. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    I have a historic antipathy to Olympus cameras dating back to the 1960s, In the OM 1,2,3,4s, I just never got them! Their lenses I have no animosity to, but prefer the design of the Panasonic Lumix lenses nicer lines to my eyes! Both Olympus and Lumix lenses are virtually equal in their image quality, which I perceive as superior to Fujinon lenses. But then I don’t have your experience of Olympus cameras and which shows in the quality you are able get from your Olympuses. Ain’t GAS wonderful, but I can say that as my itch to spend has been scratched. (for now!) Good luck with the decision making.
  7. Mike G

    The GAS Conundrum

    Why don’t you like the EM1-Mk ll?
  8. Mike G

    Nearly all of the tree!

    This tree started life in my neighbours garden where it did not thrive and was dieing. So he transplanted a very small sickly bush in the verge outside. As you can see it likes its new location! Lumix G9 +35-100mm 2.8 @ 1/1250 f5.6 ISO200.
  9. Mike G

    Young Bertie having a nap!

    He does like his afternoon 💤 nap!
  10. Mike G

    Young Bertie having a nap!

    Bertie having a snooze on the backrest of a sofa, a favourite place I’m told! by my granddaughters iPhone
  11. Mike G

    Cherry blossom?

    This tree which I believe is some type of cherry, every year the blossom pleases me! Lumix G9 + 35-100mm @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200 a bit of sunshine would have been nice!
  12. Mike G

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    That’s something else I don’t get is the fetish with bokeh, Armando that shot is fine!
  13. Mike G

    Cherry blossom?

    Thanks Luc, tried your suggestion and yes that does add a little extra! Dallas, I do have a small Metz shoe mounted flash, but never been a fan of flash! Always thought it was a PITA in other words I’ve never got to grips with it.
  14. Mike G

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    Armando, Luc is so very right, veryfew of us will ever use all the facilities available in modern cameras!
  15. Mike G

    How We View Art

    That is a clever installation, obviouslybetter viewed from a distance to get the effect, clever!
  16. Mike G

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    I was quite sad and lighter in the pocket to leave the Fuji camp!
  17. Mike G

    Going way back....

    I take we are not talking auto-focus here Alan?
  18. Daniel, thankyou for taking the trouble to reload your photos. 😀
  19. Daniel, that worked but it’s a bit clunky thanks.
  20. Daniel most of your photos are not loading!
  21. Mike G

    Remembering Everest Base Camp

    + one for colour!
  22. Mike G

    Bertie’s twig

    Bertie hasn’t quite got the hang of fetching a stick! iPhone 8 of my granddaughter.
  23. Mike G

    Musical Accompaniment

    Traffic and crowds of people! But you are right. The band is facing a busy bridge!
  24. Mike G

    Musical Accompaniment

    From the Islington Canal Festival September 2018 Panasonic LUMIX G9 + 12-60 Vario-Elmarit @ 1/250 f4 ISO200 A superb walkabout combination
  25. Mike G

    The "Off Centre" Mind Of The Fujifilm X-E3

    Funnily I would have thought that for a left eye dominant shooter it would be more awkward than for a right eyed person! However I bow to the judgement of the left eyed brigade. My own wee trip into “rangefinder” style cameras is via a Panasonic Lumix GX8 as a second option to the main machine a Lumix G9. I can now see the attraction of these small cameras. I don’t know about the Fujifilm XE3 but my little GX8 is very fully featured and could easily be somebody’s main camera! I find it a little odd that the world of digital photography is going in two directions at the same time i.e. larger and smaller at almost the same time. So the question is which way to go?

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