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    My grandson George for a visit for on my birthday! Lumix G9 + 12mm Summilux 1.4 @ 1/50 f5.6 ISO3200
  2. Mike G

    Red Sky at Night

    Thankyou Akira, but little my corner of the world never has extremes of weather, so it hasn’t been too bad. Across the pond they are suffering from real snowfalls, but I suspect they are more able to cope with harsh weather through experience!
  3. Mike G

    Red Sky at Night

    After a rainy day the evening gave way to a red sky, maybe some better weather tomorrow! LUMIX G9 + P Leica 15mm @ 1/60 f7.1 ISO1000
  4. Mike G

    Red Sky at Night

    Akira, the following day was sunny but cold. 🤗 So the old adage lived up to its reputation, the following day it rained most of the day a horrible drizzly sort of rain. the photo reminded me of your Tokyo rooftop scenes!
  5. Mike G

    Capture one?

    I would like to ask what version of C1 folks are using, as I see a lot of you are now using C1?
  6. Mike G

    A belated addition to my old article

    Dallas, I do believe Akira is showing a monopod! Akira can we expect some of your skyline photos again? The Apricot blossom shot is an expectation of what is to come!
  7. Mike G

    X-H1 annoying feature

    An annoying feature of the new wonder machine is “Power Saving Mode” in that when using the LCD or EVF in normal mode after about 10-15 seconds of viewing but otherwise inactivity, the EVF and LCD go into power saving mode and the refresh rate is halved and the view becomes a bit jittery and jerky as the screens then struggle to keep the smoothness of the usual operation! Press a the shutter halfway or the back focus button and the smooth operation returns for a short while Apparently this is a feature not a fault as Fuji UK support informed me! also this feature happens on the X-T2 as well, this phenomenon doesn’t happen in boost mode. Fuji UK promised to pass on my comments to Japan. I never noticed this on my X-T2! Hopefully a firmware update will give the opportunity to switch this feature off. This feature is not terminal just irritating!
  8. Mike G

    X-H1 annoying feature

    By having to switch to boost mode to get rid of this ridiculous feature sort of defeats the object somewhat, methinks! I’m afraid that was another nail in my Fuji coffin. ⚰️
  9. The following bits and pieces are for sale at a very attractive price. This is the last of my Fuji bits and bobs! The attractive price is fixed at £100 + £15 P&P within the UK or the EU via PayPal 4 x Fujifilm NP-W126S batteries 2 x Fujifilm square metal lens hoods(16,23) 1 x JJC square metal lenshood (23) ExPro travel charger for NP-W126s ExPro double charger for NP-W126s Hejnar Arca Swiss alternative foot for 50-140mm lens 2 x X-T1/X-T2 eyecups Fujifilm RR-90 remote cable shutter release 1 copy Dan Bailey’s X Series Ultimate book. I’m cutting my final ties to Fujifilm
  10. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    Even in the depths of winter my Rhubarb is already pushing up despite the snow augering lots of Rhubarb Crumbles, yummy. Lumix G9 + Summilux 12mm 1.4. @ 1/60 f5.6 ISO800 I’m beginning to fall in love with this Summilux lens, bloody expensive but so good.
  11. Mike G

    Some initial images with X-E3

    I agree with Anthony regarding the f1.4 lenses! I was quite sad to leave the Fujifilm sphere but too many freezes, lock ups and factory resets were happening for my liking, Also the aperture rings on my lenses was very slack with very little in the way of detentes so too sloppy they kept changing settings! So I took a financial hit and changed to mu-43. Still new to mu-43 and getting used to it, so far so good. My equivalent to the X-E3 is my Lumix G8! I’m finding the IQ of my-43 is extremely similar to Fujifilm!
  12. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    I once tried to dig out a Rhubarb root, but gave up after going down over three feet, and then gave up! The root was as thick as my arm. I obviously went far enough as the plant never came back. I always regretted doing that so twenty five years ago I bought a new plant!
  13. Mike G

    The Silver Thread - Orford Ness

    Yes agree with Hugh, thanks. Spent most of my working life with the MoD working on nuclear submarine systems in West London next door almost to Heathrow airport!
  14. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    There is a sweetener called Stelvia, I believe that comes from plants so isn’t unpleasant like the chemical sweetness as found in so called diet drinks which are just awful. I’m afraid Rhubarb definitely needs sweetening! I don’t understand why Olympus do not include a lenshood, maybe just a ploy to get more money out of it’s customers very poor! I quite like JJC products, good quality/price.
  15. Thanks Akira. 🤗
  16. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    You could always use a non sugar sugar or sweetener! i have considered the Olympus 75/1.8 but I have not much use for that lens as yet, but I do have a P Leica Nocticron 42.5mm 1.2 for any portraits or similar that I’ll do. But the Olympus lens is on for further consideration, I think I need to get to a dealer to have a fiddle with one to look at one through the viewfinder! £700 and no lens hood?
  17. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    The Panasonic Leica Summilux 12mm 1.4 is a little cracker, well not so little actually! I find the images produced super. The trouble is that it costs over £1000!
  18. Mike G

    Spouting Rhubarb

    All I can say is Dallas, you ain’t lived yet. The part eaten are the pink stems you can see, the leaves are poisonous! Rhubarb is very tart and needs sugar to assuage the tartness. Rhubarb is usually served with custard, and my preference is for a crumble topping! I badger my daughter into making me one. 😊
  19. Mike G

    Tagline Grammar?

    Chris are you telling me that American English hasn’t already reached the point of divergence, I think it has!
  20. Mike G

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    They may well have Face ID set but it won’t be your face its set up for!
  21. Mike G

    Tagline Grammar?

    Bless you Vivion, but I would like to improve my command of English grammar. But at 73, I’m not overly anal about it! 🤗 It took me many years to be able to spell “necessary” properly. 😀
  22. Mike G

    Tagline Grammar?

    Ok it isn’t, my grammar is awfully bad!
  23. Mike G

    5K iMac vs 2K iMac?

    You should be able to select more RAM as you purchase your new machine! But it won’t be cheap! As to the speed 2K or 5K difference I’m not sure I make a recommendation as I’m not expert enough!
  24. Mike G

    More Sea Birds

    Gulls on the U.K. south coast are known to snatch sandwiches from startled holidaymakers! Let alone a bag of chips. 🍟
  25. Mike G

    Tagline Grammar?

    Chris, I do realise that “it’s” is a possessive version of its!

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