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  1. Vivion, it was five years ago! I should be going back this year in late June/July, I’ll see if I can persuade some more duck to pose more artistically. 😎
  2. Ducks on the cadge in Lucerne 2015. Nikon D810 + 24-120mm @ 1/200 f5.6 ISO200.
  3. Mike G


    One of my two resident Wood Pigeons, seconds before there were two of them perched on the fence!Z6 + Z Nikkor s 85mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO110, heavy crop and some big adjustments.
  4. These alternate phone boxes appear to constructed from wood rather than cast iron!
  5. The beauty of these icons is that nobody needs to tell you it’s a phone box! I believe redundant ones became popular as shower stalls. 😊
  6. Mike G

    Man on a Mission

    Yes we Brits do do a good bit of pomp, by the way those swords are very real!
  7. Mike G

    Man on a Mission

    One of the “Lifeguards” as opposed to the “Blues and Royals”
  8. Mike G

    Dave a new photo.

    Dave enjoying a few Dreamies as an afternoon snack! His first full Frame picture. Nikon Z6 + Nikkor s 24-70mm @ 1/50 f4 ISO100.
  9. Mike G


    Shadows in my living room. Nikon Z6 + Nikkor S 24-70mm @ 1/640 f4 ISO100 PS yes Dallas that is sunshine!
  10. Luc, thanks for pointing that out, oops. Please ignore my suggestion! Now I remember buying 2TB instead of a 1TB SSD on capacity grounds sorry everybody!😱
  11. I have been using a GDrive 2TB mobile USB C drive successfully for about a year now, not the fastest drive in the world but it’s OK!
  12. Mega "pickles", bit of an acid comment Alan! Not exactly a pocket camera is it. 😉
  13. If it’s a new one take it back, that sounds awful.
  14. I don’t understand that problem Dallas as when I upgraded to Catalina the passwords app worked fine, even for FZ, very strange!
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