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  1. Mike G

    August 2018 Newsletter #1

    Dallas, I absolutely agree!
  2. Mike G

    August 2018 Newsletter #1

    Hopefully the Facebook death rattle won’t take too long to happen!
  3. Mike G

    Show Me Your Workspace

    It’s an Apple device so it’s gonna be pricey!
  4. Mike G

    Birding with the Fuji 80 mm macro

    Sad that these cheeky chappies are on the decline. Nicely done Anthony
  5. Mike G

    Sparkly water

    Vivion, blown highlights was a deliberate choice because it looked nice!
  6. Mike G

    Show Me Your Workspace

    £149 for the new Magic Trackpad 2!
  7. Mike G

    Sparkly water

    I revisited this photo with a new crop to get rid of some wasted space!
  8. Mike G

    Show Me Your Workspace

    Dallas, the trackpad and the keyboard are rechargeable so no need for batteries, the inbuilt ones last me for ages but I’m not an intensive user! The Nikon logo is a hangover from about three years ago, as a giveaway from Nikon as a notepad but it’s nearly finished now!
  9. Mike G

    Show Me Your Workspace

    My modest little workstation! X-H1 + 23mm 1.4 @ 1/35 f5.6 ISO680
  10. Janet, a lady I met on my recent cruise having a read in the sun! X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/850 f5.6 ISO200
  11. Mike G

    Nikon Had No Choice

    Waaaaaaay too late, very stupid Nikon!
  12. Mike G

    Lean On Automation, Rely On Manual

    Back in my youth we used exposure meters, in my case a "Gossen Lunasix", for many years, and then of course built in meters which over the years have become more and more sophisticated now we've reached the stage where the built in meters are very reliable and accurate and to my eyes Aperture Priority mode rules allied with auto ISO a very good system indeed, now in my case bolstered by IBIS. So at the moment no need to use manual at all.
  13. Mike G

    Give Me Some Feedback

    Vivion, you need to take more water with it! I returned from my travels on the 6th July!
  14. Mike G

    Give Me Some Feedback

    Well this morning it seems I did speak too soon, the PITA double black menu bar is back, ya boo sucks
  15. Mike G

    Give Me Some Feedback

    I shouldn’t really say this cos it will cause FZ to misbehave upon starting up, but happily all seems to be well at the moment! Yippee! Have I spoken too soon. 😗

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