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  1. Sorry Luc yes it is a super image, but I and others have become accustomed to your extremely competent images, so that might explain the commenting upon the image content. As another aside I'm crestfallen that a British company goes to Italy to have a ship constructed, it's not as if the British shipyards have no experience of ship design and construction! Accountantcy in action I presume!
  2. As a fan of river cruising, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, just the thought of cruising on one of these monstrosities appals me. As Alan says, several days of boredom followed by a frantic few hours in somewhere they will never see much of, yuk not my idea of a holiday, just an opportunity to part you and your money, cos while you are at sea there ain't no escape!
  3. BMW

    I wondered if that was the lens you used as it's one of your favourites, thanks for the info, just me being nosey. it's just a pity that the 50-140mm is so heavy, but as you show it is very hand holdable! I find it's not so much getting down and dirty but getting up afterwards, when I took the picture of my White & Bluebells, I over balanced onto my back, and spent quite a few minutes struggling to get up without a support to assist me. Trouble is that my mind says I'm still 30 years old but the bloody body insists on telling me different. The GFX viewfinder I would like to think points the way to the future for the rumoured "Ultimate X camera" and maybe a modular camera so the the components could be swapped for an improved or altered components!
  4. BMW

    Alan, it's just old age creeping up on you. I agree since owning my Fuji's that using the flip screen is much easier on these old bones and with a proper live view very easy to use. You seem to be quite far away from the car, what lens were you using?
  5. Alan it's so that the users can look at this ring and say did I really spend this much money! Or in case they forget that it is "35mm Full Frame" camera, so a quick look at the ring will remind them.
  6. That's him. Also my wedding anniversary with my late wife, she passed away seven years ago and she was Welsh whose flag features a dragon, slayed by the patron saint of England as I used to keep telling her! Lovely roses. The second version is far better to my eyes!
  7. Very nice Fons, quite apt on St George's day!
  8. Anthony that's called masochism.
  9. Will do Chris, the roses will be red ones!
  10. Chris, I can only echo what the others have said superb!
  11. Alex, nicely done, I can't believe how calm the water is!
  12. Alex, I was about to reply to your post but once again your pictures have disappeared! Maybe you might consider a different method of posting!
  13. This years new growth on my 50 year old Rose.
  14. Why on earth did they only make one card slot UHS II compatible, crazy for a camera costing $4500??? What a good job I moved to Fuji and not Sony as I considered doing!
  15. Really excellent Anthony. I'll sort of echo Dallas, Fuji or Nikon?