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  1. Mike G

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    You will note that I didn’t say it was going to be the cheap option! Mike, that is the reason I’ve never joined a photo club! It used to be that the judging to be biased towards the club elders or so I’m told. Plus I’m really not a clubby person!
  2. Mike G

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    A very interesting read Dallas, sorry to hear that the evil doers tried to get at you, but good that you came out stronger than before! You say that a new camera is not needed, but have you seen the new EM-1X, which might be very suitable for your safaris? I admire your resistance to GAS, but I’m sure you will succumb eventually! Rock on matey
  3. Mike G

    Dove with extension tub

    I thought you liked them dark? But too dark for me to appreciate!
  4. Mike G

    Working With What You Got

    Looking at the table, there’s a bit of WA distortion going on! Gladly only a minor detriment to the picture!
  5. Mike G

    Don’t bin it!

    Sadly Chris Boris is actually my MP, noticeable by his absence!
  6. Mike G

    Don’t bin it!

    Hugh, they get everywhere don’t they. I wonder if the same wheelie bin symbol is other makes as well?
  7. Mike G


    He also likes to have his ball filled with Primula cheese spread especially when mixed with peanut butter! How cruel is that then?
  8. Mike G

    Don’t bin it!

    Just a thing I’ve noticed is that on all my very expensive Panasonic items from cameras to lenses that I’m advised not to throw these bits of equipment in the rubbish bin, like I would consign my photo gear to the rubbish!
  9. Mike G


    GB111, Bertie is not at all aggressive but very food oriented and loves his treats! Fill the ball with peanut butter and he’s good for ages digging it out! He is a rescue dog from a charity called the Dogs Trust.
  10. Mike G

    Looking South

    I would have preferred the sun to be a little more obscured but you can’t always get want you want! Lumix G9 - P Leica 12-60mm @ 1/6400 f5.6 ISO200
  11. Mike G

    New Oven

    This is my sparkly new oven, which will probably never look this good again! LUMIX G9 + P Leica25mm 1.4 @ 1/30 f5 ISO3200
  12. Mike G


    Dallas, I can’t claim this cellphone photo as mine, it was taken by my grandson Anthony just after taking taking Bertie for his walk! The blue ball thing which is very hard rubber stuff and well chewed keeps him busy for hours until he insists giving it to you to throw it so he can chase after it, but by then it’s all gooey and horrible!
  13. Mike G


    My daughters Blue Staffie, Bertie waiting for someone to throw his ball iPhone not mine.
  14. Mike G

    MIG 21

    If memory serves me well they were in 1998 £1.500,000 each with new avionics. Luc I wonder if your wife would agree? 😋
  15. Mike G

    MIG 21

    The last Farnborought Airshow I attended in clouded a company selling refurbished Mig 21s.

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