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  1. Mike G

    Granddad chimping

    At a village fete this elderly gentleman in amongst three teenagers doing a spot of chimping.Not me and definitely not my knees! Lumix GX8 + Panasonic 20mm @ 1/20 5.6 ISO3200 I’m liking this little pancake lens and I don’t think it deserves its reputation that I read of!
  2. Mike G


    A village fete in Dorset. Roll up roll up every one a winner. Lumix GX8 @ 1/60 f5.6 ISO200
  3. Maurice that is 617 Squadron (the Dambusters) A few years ago I walked across the Moehne dam, the wartime damage is still visible!
  4. Well there ya go if he has the same surname as me he can’t be all bad! 😊
  5. Such a good job I don't like Whisky, and I agree with the other Mike very sloppy presentation! It occurs to me Dallas do you think the photo will hurt your reputation?
  6. I really like the patterns on Bengal cats.
  7. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    The Paris graveyard with all the famous names is interesting, as are lots around me .. some of the churches go back to AD 10xx, including the famous Kilpeck. I must dig out a few Corbels .. 😀 Maurice, do you mean “parish” church?
  8. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    My go to brand of blue cheese is St Agur, but Roquefort and Dolcelatte are also very good!
  9. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    Luc, the salad had a blue cheese dressing, and yes it was tasty! 😀
  10. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    Mike, I'm actually not fond of burgers & chips, prefer noodles Japanese style!
  11. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    The grave of Lawrence of Arabia. St Nicholas church, Morton Lumix GX8 + PLeica 8-18mm @ 1/500 f6.3 ISO200
  12. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    Dallas & Mike, the two ladies I was staying with over fed me, so being not a big eater, I needed a light lunch and I did have a beer! We were out in the pub garden, and the next pub lunch was haddock, chips and peas! Quite a bit more substantial! The salad was tasty! And I am a type 2 diabetic! So lots of burgers and chips was part of my downfall! So that’s my first excuse. 😉
  13. Mike G

    Pub lunch.

    My two friends and I went out to a pub lunch on Sunday! Blue cheese and pear salad. Lumix GX8 + PLeica 8-18mm @ 1/320 f6.3 ISO200
  14. Mike G

    Nikon Struggling

    Sadly Nikon have left the adoption of mirrorless far too late. Now they are suffering from their lethargy and now seem to be outpaced by Sony by a county mile!
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