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  1. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Please if anybody on zones knows Anthony McCauleys phone number please let me know!!!
  2. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    In all probability I will not be around next year to go on any holiday if this damned cancer has its way
  3. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Vivion, for now I’ll take 50-50asgood odds
  4. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Sadly Luc my holiday has been cancelled and th booking has been transferred to July 2021 at no extra cost to me, the choice of an Z7 body was a no brainier because all of my Z Nikon gear still fits! Plus I was familiar with the controls etc. And the differences between a z6 and a Z 7 are basically the sensor size operation is the same experience my only problem is I’m not a prolific shooter so I am yet to experience lots of large files clogging up my computer! And I’m not expecting that sort of problem Touch wood. All we need is for Covid 19 to sod off and jet us get back to normality! I hope everyone stays safe!
  5. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Walter thanks, I don’t have any other bodies, all previous camera bodies have gone to help fund the Z7. I’m notoriously bad at doing write ups about my previous bodies, suffice to say the Z7 is blowing my mind with the quality of operation , I’m finding it zippier. than.the Z6 my previous Z body, but unless you try them side by side it is difficult to draw a reliable comparison, definitely so when I try to compère the different models. My puny tests of the focus tracking indicates to me that the system works really quite well. There are other commentators are better at expressing their Experiences than I!
  6. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Vivion, one of the benefits of the Z system is that any lens can be used as a DX lens, on a Z7 that equates to an approx a 20 Mpix camera should you want it on a Z6 it is less than 10 Mpix.this was another reason I blew the wallet on a Z7, you can assign any button to accommodate the changeover, in this respect the Z cameras are very versatile, virtually infinitely, it’s just a. Matter of selecting the DX mode on the I menu easy peasy!
  7. Mike G

    White Rose

    From my garden this morning a White Rose Z7 + Z 35mm f 1.8 @ 1/320 f9 ISO64
  8. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    How about the Panasonic GH6!
  9. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Vivion, a Z6 would I’m sure blow an XT -3 out of the water, but I expect to hear a little brand loyalty going on here!
  10. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    That’s a shame Vivion!
  11. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    Dallas that’s a plan!
  12. Mike G

    A new Nikon Z7

    I had a moment recently! And a Z7 winged it’s way to my door, the idea being to have more elbow room for cropping and straightening and associated Image manipulation, my Z6 went in PX! Obviously the differences to the Z6 is mainly the sensor, handling and ergonomics are for all practical purposes are identical, but it seems to me that the Z7 is a bit faster in operation, quite subjective but that is my impression so far. Seems snappier!Of course I, benefit from all my lenses and accessories easily fit the new body.Can’t really justify the expense, but what the hell you only live once! Plus I get the pleasure of getting acquainted with a new. Camera, always a pleasure!All I need now is for my holiday to be confirmed for late July and I’ll be a happy bunny!
  13. Mike G


    Dallas when you sus who is doing this very antisocial activity, make sure they get several loads back!
  14. Mike G


    Give it time Viv, I’m too waiting for knock on my door by the men in white coats! Definitely in the old fart category!
  15. Mike G


    We use Purple plastic bags for clothing and fabrics.
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