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  1. I haven’t seen much of his work, but what I see from the video looks spiffing. Perhaps I’m turning into a grumpy old geezer. Americans as a people are a generous gregarious bunch of coves, just need to teach them to talk proper like what I does. 😉
  2. Mr. Edelman has a very irritating voice! And typically for an American constantly mis-pronounces the Nikon name. That said he does make some very good photos. I have been sorely tempted by u4/3, but went down a different road!
  3. Mike G

    Interval comestibles

    Of course you do, I was!
  4. Mike G

    Got a ticket for my destination!

    At the same place there is also access to the London Underground (tube) system, for instance you could be in Trafalgar Square in an hour!
  5. Mike G

    Got a ticket for my destination!

    It is but people have to get to and from it! The coach station is attached to Terminals 2 & 3. The coaches go all over the country from there, literally from end to end!
  6. Mike G

    Got a ticket for my destination!

    Dallas I agree so a revised image has been posted! wiating for my coach to Weymouth!
  7. Mike G

    Interval comestibles

    A bountiful table provided by the ladies of the local Weymouth WI. X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/30 f5.6 ISO200
  8. Central coach station, Heathrow Airport! X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO640 revised image
  9. Mike G

    dove old master

    Too dark for my taste!
  10. Mike G

    Vehicle Workshop re-creation.

    This is possibly one of the vehicles worked on! A half track. X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO800
  11. Mike G

    Heathrow Tunnel.

    Oh dear, am I being told off? All I know is that there would have been no chance of me getting anywhere near that shot with a non IBIS camera, and believe you me I have tried many times before. I tried a similar photo with an X-T2 last year and I dumped it as it was terribly unsharp! Suddenly all my non stabilised primes are now stabilised, that’s a big plus to this unsteady geezer!
  12. Mike G

    Land of Hope and Glory

    Now I gotcha.
  13. Mike G

    Vehicle Workshop re-creation.

    Thanks Hugh, it’s clean because of it being a museum exhibit I suspect! Weymouth and Portland were invasion ports for the Americans landing at Omaha beach on D-Day, thousands of them! It means that this little museum is heavily American oriented.

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