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  1. Mike G

    Pearly Queen chimping

    Nope, its the Angel Canal Festival, look just beyond my friend Ian you will spot the Mayor of Islington!
  2. Mike G

    Kebabs R Us

    Smelt nice but greasy hands and a new camera don’t go together! Lumix G9 + 12-60mm @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200
  3. Mike G

    Pearly Queen chimping

    A Pearly Queen having a look at herself! Lumix G9 + 12-60mm @ 1/640 f4 ISO200 The check shirt belongs to my friend Ian shooting with his Sony A7111.
  4. Panasonic have released firmware updates for several cameras. The GX9, G9, G5 and the G5S http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index.html
  5. Mike G

    Dave having a snooze

    Sometimes a fur coat is just a bit much! G9 + P Leica 45-175mm @ 1/400 f5.6 ISO320
  6. Mike G

    David Thorpe blog

    Dallas, this may interest you! http://m43blog.dthorpe.net/2018/03/25/how-to-become-a-millionaire-photographer/
  7. Mike G

    Resignation as a Fujifilm Moderator.

    You are obliged to send your immediate predecessor $1000 immediately. 😉
  8. Mike G


    I was not implying that Mike’s picture is a G&G photo, far from it just not my cup of tea!
  9. Mike G

    Had this itch for a while now

    I was pointed to him on another forum, and find his style quite laid back, look out for Riley the cat! https://www.youtube.com/user/spogley/videos
  10. Mike G

    Resignation as a Fujifilm Moderator.

    Yes indeed I would but of course you realise I’m still an M4/3 tyro! And once again cheers. 😀
  11. Dallas as I’m divesting myself of all my Fuji stuff! I think it right that I must resign my moderator post. Cheers Mike
  12. Mike G

    Had this itch for a while now

    Well chaps I finally made a decision and the first tranche of Fuji gear is waiting for a trade in offer from WEX, an X-H1+battery grip combo, Fujinon 10-24mm, 50-200mm, EF 20 flash and two rectangular Fuji metal lens hoods! They will finance the Panasonic Leica 12mm f1.4 lens! The next lot of stuff to go will be Fujinon 16mm, 23mm and 56mm lenses. Finally making the decision is kind of liberating. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos by a British chap called David Thorpe, his non histrionic reviews are easy to watch as he covers most M4/3 equipment that I ever heard of! really quite good I find! So I’m thinking that the itch has been scratched!
  13. Mike G


    There ya go! Your colour version is much lighter, less ominous. But I reckon the lady and child would be a good addition! In the B/W version I couldn’t see the child!
  14. Mike G


    Mike, how can I tell as I don’t see a colour version for comparison?
  15. Mike G

    The Book Worm

    Mike, I am old enough to remember using B/W mainly Tri X which when processed by local chemists was truly crap, put me off B/W for life. So glad when I was able to shoot slides, Agfa or Fujicolour, which was a revelation. So after that (1960s) I have never shot B/W since. Also since watching four different photo graphic fora, I rarely see any B/W image worth the electrons it takes to publish it, most are badly processed files that shouldn’t be classified as B/W, they are normally “Grey & Grey” awful. And of course we all live in a colourful world, hence the built in technology of cameras to give us glorious colourful images! P.S. all modern digital cameras give great colour images SOOC!

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