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  1. Merlin hopefully that will clear up very soon, we don't get the "pea souper" fogs here any more thankfully as they didn't do your lungs any favours! Get well soon my friend.
  2. Alan, and it can be me as many times as you like.
  3. As above super.
  4. Merlin, the rock shots are great, I love the graduations of the textures and tones. Also I have nothing but admiration for you and your wife, there is no way I could kayak for two hours and against the current, rock on you two.(pun intended).
  5. Thankyou Dallas, I had not realised that use of the exclamation mark was not netiquette, I will endeavour to not use it in the future. Glad to see the forum back.
  6. Webco, I have never professed to be the ultimate authority on any thing! But was answering crowecg and not you! I realise that others have different opinions and I do not continually negatively criticise others, and when I criticise a posting, that criticism is based on my opinions, which is why people post examples of their photography after all isn't it? Some of members of this forum even take the Micky out of me for expressing a dislike of B/W photography, and that "criticism" is taken in the spirit with which it was intended! I don't need to lighten up, I'm already pale enough! I'm I'm off on holiday next week, so hang around and you will be able to negatively comment on my photos to your hearts content!
  7. They are engaging if annoying little creatures, well shot.
  8. Generally speaking my dislike of B/W stems from a lot of images lacking contrast and appearing wishy washy so much so that it seems like an exercise of grey and greyer! I do see some that are very good but too few, and so get an impression of being B/W for the sake of it. I do look, but your Windermere boats are an example, to me the colour version has more life to it, whereas the B/W version although good is to me duller! Your Windermere boats does not illustrate my point very well because it is among the better ones and is not wish washy at all! I just like colour and also by the way detest HDR pictures which are way OTT, but that's another subject. Have a super holiday Chris!!!
  9. Enjoying this series Chris!
  10. That sounds like very sage advice, the ghoul in me is asking have you had any close calls?
  11. I haven't dared to tell him yet.
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Information has come in that the ram is called "Dave"
  13. All that water in the lakes had to come from somewhere!
  14. Merlin, no wonder your other half is sporting sunglasses as those pinks really sock it to the eyeballs