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  1. I suspect that complex menus are a feature of every brand of modern camera! I can't speak for any of the Olympus models but my Fujifilm X-T2 menu is very complex due in no part because the camera is so programmable with a ton of options! It just takes a while to get used to them, but not necessarily to be an expert menu basher!
  2. I do cos I went to the Olympus sight and looked it up - 21mm!
  3. Vivion, you really must take more water with it.
  4. Just a quick query from you Olympus fanboys what is the eye relief on the E-M1 Mk ll viewfinder? PS nothing wrong with being a fanboy, I should know as I am now a Fuji fanboy.
  5. I have interested to read of Alan and Merlin experiences in their upbringing in processing B/W photos, my experience was quite different, B/W was virtually the only route open to me! I wasn't able to do the processing myself, so had to rely on commercial processing, and that was god awful, consequently that has coloured my view of B/W! Colour processing was equally dire, and very expensive, the change to colour reversal film things took an upturn. But slides were inconvenient, especially when waiting for the damn things to come back in the post, and when trying to show them without faffing around with a projector and screen et al! Along comes digital, great I can now process my own(for better or worse) but my view of B/W is still languishing back in the 1960s/1970s and the wispy washy turgid grey things I was lumbered with, so I tend to be hyper critical of most B/W images I see! Lately I'm beginning appreciate more monochrome stuff, slowly though. But I still see way too many that are awful! and remind me of the wishy washy very pale grey things of my past, in my eyes "fifty shades of grey" should be left to the sex trade and not the wonderful world of photography! I think I've left it a bit late to be a lover of B/W, but I'm willing to be educated. I always look, but I have to bite my tongue these days because I do not wish to offend anyone overly! Strange how the past is different for each person!
  6. Fred, you,re quite safe we only lynch non mirrorless users on Fridays!
  7. It appears we have a little D70/D70s fan club going on here.
  8. Luc + 1
  9. This discussion of sensor sizes made me reminisce back to 2006 when we went to Venice to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary, and with me was my first serious digital camera a D70s + an 18-70 kit lens, and quite frankly that started my chase for more mega-pixels! And quite frankly I was never satisfied with my results of in my case a D200, D300, D700, D800 and a D810. Nothing reached the quality I saw in that modest little 6 mega-pixel camera! Then I started to see the results of the Fuji X-T1 from such as Alan, Vivion and some others whose names escape me, which had the effect of opened up the mirrorless world for me and a year later all the Nikon gear has gone and I'm totally Fuji now! and at last I've got back the pleasure that that modest little D70s gave! D70s + 18-70 kit lens @ 1/250 f8 ISO 200 from 2006 PS. Forgot Anthony who first showed me an X-T1, sorry old chap!
  10. That is very true, are they afraid of the answer?
  11. Greg, what a super series!
  12. Dallas every day you learn something new.
  13. Dallas, whatever their shape they are called "Roundels"
  14. Vivion, that sounds like shutter lag to me if anything!