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  1. I believe the combo of computer, screen and stand is the best part of £10,000, which I find incredible. As you say it would be nice to see a real world test of speed! I’m sure Steve Jobs would not have agreed to this outrageous pricing
  2. Mike G

    Purple & Green

    Hugh, the winter frosts will do it in down to ground level, but it will regrow when the weather warms up! And being a geranium it is quite easy to take cuttings for propagation purposes.
  3. Mike G

    Purple & Green

    This Geranium returns every year after the winter has gone! Lumix G9. + PL Vario-Elmaret 8-18mm @ 18mm 1/320 f4 ISO200
  4. Dallas that’s cause it is cramped, but they are usually quite deep!
  5. Strangers on a train - If memory serves me well a Hitchcock film?
  6. Mike G


    Your Lightroom Queen newsletter Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Hi Michael! It's time for your Lightroom newsletter! Adobe's been hitting the headlines for the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons. There's no doubt that Adobe frequently shoots itself in the foot, but it's also quite fashionable to hate Adobe right now, so let's just bypass all the drama and stick to the facts. In this edition... The Photography Plan prices have NOT changed Adobe is not threatening to sue its customers Lightroom updates - including a new slider! New names - again Recent blog posts The Photography Plan prices have NOT changed There were some reports that Adobe was doubling the price of its Photoshop & Lightroom plan, from $9.99 a month to $19.99. Did you receive an email direct from Adobe, saying they were doubling your price? Or did they take twice as much out of your bank account? No, because it wasn't true. It was just a bunch of websites spreading misinformation and making people panic. Adobe was testing whether new customers would sign up for the $19.99 1TB plan if the $9.99 20GB plan wasn't easily available. It's a form of market testing and practically every company does it because they're incapable of mind reading. Supermarkets rearrange their shelves regularly for the same reason. People have been saying "see, we told you they'd lock you in then raise the price" for 6 years now and it still hasn't happened, other than currency variations. Will the prices for existing customers go up a bit someday? Probably, because everything else costs more than it did in 2013 when they originally set that price. The coffee I'm drinking right now costs way more than it did 6 years ago. $9.99 was a bargain even back then, so it's remarkable that Adobe hasn't changed the price - but it hasn't happened yet. Adobe is not threatening to sue its customers Adobe's lawyers sent out a scary sounding email to some customers last week warning them to upgrade their "unauthorized" software or risk legal problems, and that's also been broadcast by various websites. Adobe undoubtedly needs a lesson in writing friendly emails, but it's not as scary as they made it sound. You may have gathered from the press that Adobe is involved in a legal dispute with another company. There is a slim chance that people continuing to use the old "unauthorized" software could be legally pursued by that third-party, so in order to protect themselves and their customers, Adobe is recommending that subscribers upgrade to the latest versions. For a start, this issue does not affect perpetual/standalone licenses. Adobe has recently tidied up its website, but Lightroom 6.14 is still available for download from https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/creative-cloud-previous-version-apps-download.html#2015apps and if you can't find your disc/download for older versions, they're still available from customer services. Most subscribers are not affected either. If you're a subscriber and you're using Lightroom Classic or the new cloud-based Lightroom, you don't need to do anything. If you're a subscriber and you're still using Lightroom CC 2015, just uninstall it and install Lightroom Classic. You get all the new features that way too! If you're on a really old operating system that can't run Lightroom Classic, then it's time to consider upgrading your operating system, because you're paying for new features that you can't use! But in the meantime, if you want to stay 100% safe, uninstall Lightroom CC 2015 and reinstall it from the CC app. It's listed as 6.0 under Manage > Other Versions. Lightroom updates - including a new slider! Now onto the good news! All of the Lightroom apps have just been updated and you will LOVE the new Texture slider! Moved in a positive direction, it enhances medium size details in a photo, giving a three-dimensional appearance without affecting the overall contrast or increasing noise. It’s particularly good for landscapes, nature photography, and B&W photography. In the opposite direction, it smoothes skin while retaining the skin’s texture, giving a much more natural result than negative Clarity or Sharpening. It's my new favorite slider! Lightroom Classic also has a new Flat Field Correction tool, it retains the original filename, and import from a memory card should now be faster. You can read a summary of the Lightroom Classic improvements here. One notable new bug has been reported, which causes problems when exporting to a network drive/NAS. It's being investigated here. The Lightroom cloud-based ecosystem now has a cloud trash, Defringe tool, bulk editing on Android, and new invitation-only web galleries. You can read a summary of the changes to the Lightroom cloud service here. I've already updated both Adobe Lightroom - Edit Like a Pro and Adobe Lightroom Classic - The Missing FAQ with all of the information about these new features. If you have a current Premium Membership, you can download the latest version of your book from the Members Area right now. (And if not, here's the shop - go buy your copy!) New Names - Again! You may notice the CC’s have gone missing from the names of all of the Creative Cloud apps. This is not a Lightroom-specific change. Since all of the apps are now part of the Creative Cloud, the extra letters are redundant. This means the current apps are now simply called Lightroom (the family of apps that stores your photos in the cloud) and Lightroom Classic (the traditional folder-based desktop app). Lightroom 1-6obviously retain their old names. We're adding the icons to our blog posts and books, to make it easy to identify which version of Lightroom we're all talking about. Recent Blog Posts Did you miss these blog posts? Moving Lightroom to a New Computer – New FREE eBook Why doesn’t my Lightroom version support my new camera? How do I find and move or rename my catalog? How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is? The Photography Plan IS still available at $9.99 What’s New in Lightroom (Cloud Service) May 2019 release? What’s New in Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019)? Talk again soon! Victoria & Paul VISIT THE WEBSITE LIKE ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ON TWITTER Copyright © 2019 The Lightroom Queen, All rights reserved. You're receiving this email because you either purchased one of my books or you signed up using the form on my www.lightroomqueen.com website. Our mailing address is: The Lightroom Queen 125 Firgrove Road Southampton, Hampshire SO15 3ET United Kingdom Add us to your address book update email address & preferences | unsubscribe | view email in browser
  7. Just bought a 2TB G Drive mobile USB C drive for £99. Not super fast by any means but adequate for my needs. Time will tell!
  8. Mike G

    A Lovely Home

    Me too!
  9. Mike G

    Handsome rooster!

    Well I don’t know he’s a big boy and he has a fine set of claws and a beak🤫
  10. Mike G

    Handsome rooster!

    Hugh, you are determined to see the demise of this striking bird!
  11. Mike G

    Handsome rooster!

    Hugh, I believe he was a pet not a lunch, he also had quite a loud voice if I remember correctly. Also his feathers were really soft!
  12. Mike G

    Handsome rooster!

    This handsome chap was seen in a Mainz, don’t know what breed he is?He was strutting his stuff on a market stall selling eggs. He was nearly 3ft tall.2013, D800 + 24-120mm.
  13. Funnily enough I bought the La Cie drive because my Apple Time Capsule failed! My photos are backed up to a Samsung portable drive, which is not normally connected. Luckily for me I’m not using my iMac for business purposes!
  14. Like Andrew, I’ve used a 4TB La Cie Porsche design drive for about two years, split into two partitions as a Time Machine and a general hard drive! And no problems.
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