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    West London, UK
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    All genres of photography, with a particular interest in street. Also I like to chat!
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    Nikon Z6
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  1. Mike G

    Peeling Paint

    Mike a re-edit.
  2. Mike G

    Daves latest

    Dave as usual demanding his breakfast! Nikon Z6 + Z 35mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO140
  3. Mike G

    Peeling Paint

    As the title says peeling paint. Nikon Z6 + Z35mm @ 1/125 f 5.6 ISO100
  4. Mike G


    Anthony, I’m sure your version tastes much nicer. The layer cake looks to die for yummy. 😀
  5. Mike G


    Sorry Anthony a Catherine Wheel is completely different, and is literally in the shape of a wheel!
  6. Sent to me by my friend Christine. Who swears it isn’t her! I wouldn’t dare comment! 🤗
  7. Mike G

    Prunus Blossom

    Every year this tree bursts forth with super display of blossom! Both @ 1/500 f5.6 ISO100
  8. Mike G

    The Kirk Chair

    Maurice, If memory serves me well it is the lever in his left hand! I also remember the ships hooter is extremely loud as he demonstrated when some canoeists got ideas above their station an tried to cross his bow!
  9. Mike G

    The Kirk Chair

    The navigation controls of the MS. Olympia Nikon D810 + Nikkor 18-35mm @ 1/200 f5 ISO1100.
  10. Mike G


    Plus some more bulb flowers, which I’ve forgotten the name of! Z6 + Z50mm @ 1/640 f5.6 ISO100
  11. Mike G


    Some Narcissi flowers on a sunny morning! Z6 + Z50mm @ 1/400 f5.6 ISO100
  12. NSFW How not to catch Coronavirus!
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