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  1. With those big pussies around Artemis and Lancelot better mind their P&Qs or they may end up as supper for the wild ones!
  2. Photo of the only bit of retro I own. Believe me I am smiling, honest!
  3. Unfortunately my oldest bit of gear dates from January 2016.
  4. Super photos Luc and interesting!
  5. I was thinking that but in slightly cruder language.
  6. Viv, just join the queue of the multitude waiting to kick my ass, bear in mind I have a large circle of widow women friends to shield me from such outrageous behaviour.
  7. Very nice Merlin
  8. Alan, it was in 1970! Viv, VWs suck!
  9. Well done Dallas! Good oh Compared to the previous server FZ is now absolutely whizzing along.
  10. Nice rocks again Merlin, No 6 looks like a man made pile of bricks but of course it isn't!
  11. That brought back a memory of a ships visit to Fremantle where one of our run ashore group got a car from somewhere and parked the wrong way in Perth, inevitably a local copper saw this and gave the driver a right bollocking! but when he found out who we were he let us off. I would have preferred that the VW was elsewhere, but obviously beyond my control. Hopefully I've got my geography correct?
  12. Obviously the local populace has got the word that I take pictures of Mini front ends, so they have taken to parking them so that I can't get my usual front end shots, very unkind I thought! iPhone 7
  13. Rags, my youngest grandson is 20 years old! and never around when I need him to buy me a pork pie.
  14. The fruit pie looks very scrumptious.
  15. But I'm sure they are worth every penny, but I refused in a manly fashion to be tempted by these comestibles.