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  1. Nope Merlin that ain’t gonna happen! I’m still waiting for someone to tell me the point of B/W! But it you are right that the tenacity of the trees is quite incredible!
  2. Those Junipers are quite amazing!
  3. Hugh & Alan, Sadly Australia is not on the itinerary just at the moment as I haven’t had my pension increase yet! I’ve been to Brisbane and Perth but not Tasmania or Melbourne so far. So if a balding portly gentleman knocks on your door🚪 it might be me. Now there’s a threat if ever there was.
  4. Alex, I reckon that is a male Greater Spotted Woodpecker, not that rare in the U.K. The red patch on the back of the head tells you that he is male, females don’t have the red patch!
  5. Thanks Alex, I was a little anxious about posting in your topic. But us X-H1 chappies have to stick together, don’t we.
  6. Hugh, NO NO it has to be brass & enamel
  7. A similar idea I had last year!
  8. Alan, IBIS is an addition to OIS not instead of! Even for my small hands the new style grip feels better. And yes an increase in focusing speed, nought wrong that. Also it retains the X-T2 image quality + a tad more, my subjective non expert view of course!
  9. Come on you lot get over this “squishy green blob” fetish you’re all harbouring. By by the way does anyone know of a sticky backed squishy orange blob thing?
  10. Now several weeks into the X-H1: The Good! This new body seems to fit my quite small male hands superbly. The new rounded buttons are much easier to use compared to the X-T2 flat buttons. Faster AF even using the FX 35mm 1.4, other lenses also benefit from the improved algorithm. The improved card hatch and connector hatch are an improvement. I perceive a small improvement in image quality. The output equals or betters the X-T2 Also I see the LCD as being sharp as a tack. The EVF is great the detail is super. The menus are familiar but encompass the new facilities. The whole experience of the camera seems slicker and quicker. An almost silent shutter noise is very good. The X-H1 in my eyes is an evolution of the X-T2, which in my mind is better than a revolution. The body feels a lot more robust, time will tell if the finish is as equally robust? Of course all your lenses and most bits fit. IBIS because it does not intrude. iPhone X Not so good. The extra 5 ozs of weight. Battery life. Apparent feature of the normal mode LCD & EVF where the refresh rate slows down.(I think this is a bug and not a feature) Boot up a tad slower. According to my list the pros outweigh the cons by a fair margin. Another reassuring feature is that Fuji will tweak and improve the camera in the same way that they have done to their other photo products!
  11. They wouldn’t let me vote until I gave them my email address, next thing I know I get an email from Get satisfaction saying I’ve enrolled and I can’t unsubscribe without setting up a profile! Which I’m not doing! On the get satisfaction home page there is not a sniff of an Adobe logo anywhere, just a link to an Adobe support community! So that is why I’m suspicious!, because it’s too difficult to unsubscribe - why I wonder. Feedback.photoshop.com is the site in question, if it is an official Adobe site why are there no Adobe logos not even on their link to a real Adobe support community! Just Get Satisfaction wanting money, after searching for a non-existing unsubscribe button! That is why I’m very very suspicious of them, obviously I don’t know where you got the link from? They are NOT being honest in my opinion! Very shady. Although the original link was much longer the second link is the same place!
  12. Merlin, I can see that!
  13. Super colour on the trees and of course a bit of sunlight helps.
  14. I can assure you that it is not an Adobe photoshop community at all it’s a commercial website called Get Satisfaction! And it was via the link you provided and it is not an Adobe site but one purporting to be an Adobe community, Get Satifaction is an American commercial site that has nothing to do with Adobe! There is even a link to the real Adobe Support Portal.
  15. Not happy with the link you posted as I ‘m now getting emails from something called Getsatisfaction.com, why did you not mention that this website will be almost impossible to get rid of and point out that this site would be needed? Not happy Dallas!!!