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  1. Anthony that's called masochism.
  2. Will do Chris, the roses will be red ones!
  3. Chris, I can only echo what the others have said superb!
  4. Alex, nicely done, I can't believe how calm the water is!
  5. Alex, I was about to reply to your post but once again your pictures have disappeared! Maybe you might consider a different method of posting!
  6. This years new growth on my 50 year old Rose.
  7. Why on earth did they only make one card slot UHS II compatible, crazy for a camera costing $4500??? What a good job I moved to Fuji and not Sony as I considered doing!
  8. Really excellent Anthony. I'll sort of echo Dallas, Fuji or Nikon?
  9. Nope No1 has gone again!
  10. No problems here!
  11. If my favourite dealer WEX is anything to go by there are lots of Second hand Fuji cameras available at very reasonable prices! No doubt due to a lot folks upgrading to the latest models(me included) For instance an X-T1 for £450!, if I could justify a second camera I would be sorely tempted! New XT-1 is £699!
  12. Very nice Vivion and very pink.
  13. Andrew that is super, piglets are just funny little critters.
  14. Andreas, I can't help with you question, but that has to be the longest topic title ever!
  15. I thought I was getting even more ga ga.