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  1. For the users of Adobe products via the Creative Cloud, there is an update around. I had lost the Mac taskbar icon for CC so contacted Adobe help via an electronic link to get the Icon reinstalled, Mr Singh facilitated a reload of the CC app and believe me it is radically different look so if you need to update your CC note that this new app will be installed. Very different!
  2. Found a app called "image2icon" quite good, and it's free, also it lets you delete the background! This is the result I got!
  3. Would some kind and helpful soul help me by editing out the orang background. My editing skills after several failed attempts have failed miserably! Thanks in advance. My aim is to use it as an icon!
  4. Alex, I don’t see any constellation and only one star!
  5. I've only been up table Mountain once in the 1960s, I recall the scene being spoilt by a dam great water cistern.I still have a certificate somewhere which you bought from the cafe!
  6. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    I hear you Dallas, how will you know if bit of software won’t work? I understand and have experienced that 32bit stuff is outa here, but presumedly you already know that, or do I presume too much? I only regret losing Aperture, anything else I can live easily without!
  7. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    We shall have to agree to disagree!
  8. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    Dallas show me an OS of any sort that is perfect? you ain’t gonna be able to. If you wait for perfection you’ll be waiting a very long time. Any bugs will get fixed in time! By the way I like the new iPhone, iPad syncing arrangements.
  9. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    Dallas, I’m sure that’s not right, but hey we’ll see. I didn’t see any indications of the install being a Beta release! Just checked and I can't see any reference to a Beta installtion, so I don't believe it is a Beta download!
  10. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    Chris as a past user of Aperture, I can report that finally it won’t run under Catalina. So you are quite right to extract your stuff before installing!
  11. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    They are but I assume Apple’s reference is to a geographical feature or area. 😉
  12. Mike G

    OS Catalina

    Anyone brave enough to install Catalina yet? I have and it seems to be OK but of course it's early days yet, but I'm a sucker for a new operating system. 😎
  13. Bless you Vivion, as I said I’ll linger longer.😉
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