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  1. Holla, holla! I'm a German, so you know who will become Champion :wink: Ciao Stephan
  2. Thank you Jorge, looks like this year the F1 is even more exciting than last year, what ya think? Ciao Stephan
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! At least the admins are watching this forum :wink: Stephan
  4. Hello fellow Nikon users, my name is Stephan Ruhrmann, I'm an expatriate in Nigeria since 6 years and making pictures since about 30 years. 26 out of these 30 with Nikon gear. I would consider myself as an serious amateur, earned some money with it in the past (sport, pj), but my profession is IT. Actually I'm limited in the usage of my gear, Nigeria is definitly not a place to carry a 200/2.0 or 300/2.8 or even bigger glas around :sad:! I'm a member of Nikonians and some other forums also, but to be honest, more on the passive side. I have to work definitely on this, cause I got a lot of advice, tips and inspiration out of this forums. Right now I'm focused more on family pictures (18mth old girl), landscapes and architecture. Luckily I can afford all gear I want for my hobby and my wife is full of understanding and support :smile: Hope to have a great time with all you folks in this forum! Looking forward to it! Stephan