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  1. iPhotograph

    Nikon AH-4 SLR Leather Hand Grip

    I used a Herringbone handstrap for quite some time until I recently switched to a R-Strap clone: The only problem with the strap is the switching between the camera with L-plate (without BG) and battery grip: You have to unfold the complete strap...
  2. iPhotograph

    Strap for D3s

    To resurrect an old thread:I recently was looking for something similar. A new Black Rapid Clone (Carry Speed) offers a solution for the tripod socket problem. Unfortunately, the shipping charges to Germany would have doubled the price for me... But I found still another solution that fit my requirements even better: A german hobby photographer created his own clone and improved it constantly. By now he offers it to interested fellow photographers who email him (google "HuGu Strap"). Unfortunately he has no website. The upside is: He is very nice and open to special requirements: He offers ArcaSwiss plates with an integrated ring, some manfrotto/giotto plate adapters etc. and even a double strap harness when you want to carry two cameras (similar to the carry speed CS double) and even different strap colors. I just got my strap and it's great. Looks like the attached photo (only mine has yellow stripes )
  3. iPhotograph

    The Big Summer Tripod Field Test

    Works only if the tripods stay in one piece after the drop (see 15:30 in the video I posted).
  4. iPhotograph

    The Big Summer Tripod Field Test

    You might get some ideas from this video... E.g. throwing it after a camera thief (see 08:30)
  5. iPhotograph

    Tripod to get down

    Here's a Gitzo Systematic tripod (GT3540LS):
  6. iPhotograph


    Is it possible that the choice of the new motor was influenced by potential differences in maximum precision? Maybe the gear transmission ratio on the separate motors can be higher than on a ring type? As far as I read (I don't own any of the new lenses), the new lenses focus slowly but accurately. Could it be that this motor design was required to get good enough focus accuracy for these fast lenses on high MP cameras?
  7. I recently dropped my camera backpack with my camera equipment. Luckily, my D700 seems to be fine, but I had my old 400/3.5 AIs with a (modified) TC17EII mounted. Obviously the connection between TC and lens was the weakest part: TC 17EII: Totally bent plate 400/3.5 : Seems like there is only one bent/broken mount part I didn't ask Nikonrepair yet for a quote (the next certified Nikon repair shop is 200 km away in Berlin). Any comments, tipps, experiences to share? E.g. are the lens mounts lens specific or can the mount of another be used. (I assume that for the old 400/3.5 it might be tricky to get a replacement part)
  8. I wanted an 'environmental macro' where you not only can see the main subject, but also its surroundings. So I used my fisheye for an 'almost macro' shot... A bee's world (on the linked flickr page is also a bigger version available - via the 'all sizes' link)
  9. Thanks! Maybe I have one or two more shots from the architecture, but I have a whole bunch of shots from the cars, too... Well, then bookmark this thread, I have a few more shots of the cars inside that should please you ;D ) I once had a E220 CDI (diesel) of the same year (when I worked for a subsidiary of Daimler and got a rebate ... ). 7. The beginning: The Benz motor car from 1886 ... 8. ... and the Daimler Riding car from 1885 9. And now a leap foward in time: Some cars from the '50s, including the famous 300 SL Gullwing: BTW: The pictures are linked to their flickr page where you can find some bigger versions, too...
  10. iPhotograph

    The sunrise/sunset thread...Please add yours!!

    When I see the palm shots in the first post, I get into a holiday mood (esp. as it is cold and raining outside...) Some of my shots: 1. Taken in northern Germany, a few hundred meters from my home. D2Hs, 400/3.5 AIS 2. An older shot from where I lived before (Stuttgart). D70, 50/1.4 AF-D 3. A much older shot from 1995 (Nikon FE-2, I don't remember the lens)
  11. Some shots from the Mercedes-Benz museum, focus on the architecture, not the presented cars ... 1 Way to the entrance 2 Outside 3 Sculpture (3 pillars) in front of the building (HDR) 4 Inside - the main hall 5 Looking up (HDR) 6 Start of the tour: "I believe in the horse. The automobile is only a passing phenomenon." -- Germany's Emporer Wilhelm II in 1905.
  12. 70-200 VR + TC17EII + Canon 500D closeup lens on D200
  13. 70-200 VR + TC17EII on D200, hand held
  14. A bee's world (or: getting close with a fisheye)
  15. iPhotograph

    Chairman's Challenge 'Wide_Eyed"- submission closed

    Art museum in Stuttgart, Germany:

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