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  1. It must be something to do with Flickr - I don't think it has anything to do with your session here (although our IP address is new, so it could be a networking issue somewhere). 403 error explanation.
  2. Thanks Alan. Yes, I remember that article and I think I would probably be in the same camp of thinking. I suppose with me it would be a romantic thing, more than a sensible one, to do a landscapes project using medium format film. I don't really have the patience for that level of dedication to preparation (film choice, manual exposure, etc). Digital has made me a very lazy photographer! So, my Canon 19mm 3.5 FL lens will be going to a new owner this week in exchange for a new Canon 200D kit. What? I hear you all ask. Well, let's just say that as much as I love using the iPhone 7 Plus as a video tool, when it comes to low light that really small sensor definitely takes a big performance hit. The 200D has been out for a few months and all indications are that it's a very capable video camera that offers just about everything I would need to make the kinds of videos I want to make. One of the problems I had with the iPhone 7 Plus on safari was audio. With that Apple 3.5mm to Lightning port adapter there were a lot of issues with sound dropping out from the footage and also I was picking up some interference from the cellphone antenna because in the heat of the moment one forgets to switch it to airplane mode. The Canon 200D is small enough to not be a nuisance on trips and it's also got everything I would need for 1080p video, so, a baby DSLR from a brand I haven't used in over a decade is about to come back into my world. Who would have thought that would happen?
  3. How do you guys who have MF shooting experience think that (say) 6x7 or 6x6 film compares to modern day small format digital capture? Would I see something spectacularly different if I was shooting medium format reversal film as opposed to a DSLR or mirrorless camera with about 20MP resolution? Is it just really when you get to enlargements that the difference is noticeable?
  4. The new machine is a shared server, not virtual, but it also runs on SSD, so there is a significant boost in speed from that. It also has many more processor cores than the old one. I'm quite thrilled with the improvement in loading speed. Here in SA page loads on FZ are practically instant, which has never happened for me before.
  5. Funny, a lot of people have been telling me to avoid the RB/RZ67 models for similar reasons, although the guy who bought my Olympus OM2n said that they have a tendency to fall apart. Not sure if he maybe had a bad experience? I'll definitely have a look at the Soviet options for MF. Interestingly I briefly owned a Bronica ETRs 645 with some lenses, metered prism, etc. The problem was this was nearly at the beginning of my camera journey and I literally had no idea how to use that thing. I recall sitting in my dark bedroom trying to figure out how to load the roll of 120 film with the paper back and being completely befuddled! I eventually traded that kit for a brand new Nikon F5, which was my pride and joy right up until my moment of digital madness with the Canon D30 caused me to trade in all my Nikon stuff for those plastic Canon things.
  6. Ah, I'd still love to get my paws on those Mamiyas, Alan. Actually, one of the fellows who was interested in my Canon FD kit proposed a swap for his Mamiya C33 TLR, which is apparently 6x6. Interestingly a lot of the cameras I collected in the first decade of the millenium I never used, including the FED-2 shown here. For me the thrill was finding them and acquiring them at bargain prices, then selling them on to similarly afflicted individuals. I did use all of the Nikons I had though. And the Leicas. I have this romantic idea of driving a kitted out Land Rover Defender from home all along the coast of SA and up through Namibia making landscapes with a nice medium format rig. Some day...
  7. I wonder what Nikon's shareholders think about this kind of baseless twaddle? It will be very interesting to see what kind of "professional" mirrorless product they eventually come up with, and what it might cost. Reading through the comments on that article one cannot help but notice the same sort of arrogance from an element of their users that I think has permeated their brand long enough to make it choke-worthy for many new-comers to photography. I have had some interesting conversations with new photographers in the past couple of years and the standout theme I hear from them is that too many Nikon users seem to be emotionally married to their gear, which in turn makes them react in ways that blind them to any kind of alternative. Lord knows I have experienced this first hand as a former Nikon forum owner who "turned rogue" and went with a different system!
  8. Fons, you really do get around! Good to see.
  9. That's barely a week in Hipster years!
  10. Methinks Goto lives with his head up his behind...
  11. I am in 100% agreement! My wife loves them, but I am not a fan. In this country they are over-priced and pretty unreliable. She had a 2004 Polo that was awful to drive and had some major issues with engine sensors packing up at the most inconvenient times. And the cost to service them was horrendous! We now drive cheap Fords and (so far after several years) have had zero issues with either of them - touch wood.
  12. Yesterday I decided to list some old camera gear I have had for years on a Facebook group for sale. I had an Olympus OM2n with a couple of lenses, plus an Olympus Trip 35 and a Canon A-1 with a bunch of lenses, including a Canon 19mm f/3.5 FL. The Olympus gear sold on the same day and I had a bunch of guys clambering for my Canon stuff, but making some pretty lowball offers. I decided to check out what info I could find on the Canon 19mm lens and I kind of did a double take when I discovered that this is one seriously rare lens! There's one for sale on eBay at the moment for close on $1000, and it doesn't have all the bits, which mine does have, including the original case and finder. I nearly sold mine together with the other 4 lenses and the A-1 body for under $150! I also had these Canon A and Canon B adapters, which it turns out lets you mount Canon FD lenses to a Leica screw mount range finder and vice-versa. It dawned on me that I could mount it onto this old FED-2 that I have had for ages. Check it out: The FED-2 has been sitting on a shelf in my living room gathering dust for over a decade. It also seems to have gotten rather grubby looking. I tried to polish it up a bit but so far my efforts have only left me with a cramped hand. What would be an effective way of trying to restore the aluminium body? Anyway, handling all this old stuff again has re-kindled my love for old retro equipment, so I'd love to see what treasures you guys might have lurking in your gear cabinets. Show 'em off here!
  13. Thanks folks. I also simplified the menu a bit.
  14. The server migration went much better than I expected. It is a LOT faster for me compared to the old one. Let me know if you see a difference off Africa? 

  15. Very sensual, I like it.