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  1. Finally they wake up. But I wonder why they have to use 35mm as their base? They won't win new fans on the video side with that. We shall watch development with interest.
  2. Here is the link to that article, Akira.
  3. Domestic cats or feral?
  4. Please don't start another argument about Lr vs Ps, Ann.
  5. @Akira in that shooting situation you have a couple of options with m43; there are some very fast lenses available for the system and there are also metering methods you can try, such as shadow and highlight spot metering to help. I am not afraid to go to ISO 12800 on the EM-1.1 and somewhere in the article archives here there is some examples where I did this a few years ago. I'm on my iPad now so linking to it is a bit tricky. Look for "A beautiful noise" which is from about 3 years ago.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, Akira. Yes, this audio business is all new to me. I think the issue is probably because there are no sound absorbing materials apart from a few curtains in the room. If the videos I make in the future catch on I will invest in better audio gear, for sure.
  7. And then the taxman would molest me further, but thanks for the offer, Andrew.
  8. I believe the new Olympus E-M1 mk II does this, but you apparently save the settings to the Olympus Updater app, not to a card. Would be nice of them to roll this feature back to older models in a firmware update.
  9. That's pretty cool. How did you shoot / process it?
  10. I am waiting for the couriers to collect the Pen-F I have had on loan. I liked it, but there are some things about it that don't float my boat. I probably wouldn't buy one for my self unless it came at a really good price (which in these woods is not the case, unfortunately).
  11. In the third instalment of the series for you Olympus shooters I am looking at how to use the Mysets, which are notoriously confusing if you have never shot with an Olympus before. I shot this on my other E-M1.1 as I have had to return the Pen-F. I did use the Rode Video Micro for this one so the sound should be better. However, while the camera says I shot it in 1080i and I uploaded it in the same resolution, Youtube is only presenting it as 720p. Interesting. Next week everything changes w.r.t. video. I should be getting a brand new iPhone 7 Plus which will be used to create more video content, especially of what's going to happen on our UB5 Safari.
  12. Ah yes, I forgot that you had gone rogue on us and sold some of your Oly gear. That's a great price for that lens. I would have snapped it up too.
  13. Hmmm... I never made the leap from D700 to D800 so my knowledge of the latter is sketchy, but I wonder if just removing the AA filter and leaving the sensor exposed turns it into the same as the D800e, or is there some other black magic difference between the two models? If I was in your situation I would definitely go for the Life Pixel option, especially if the camera is going to be used for another 5 years or more.
  14. Looks like good IQ (as expected), Andrew. Now I gotta ask, if you have the Oly 40-150/2.8 PRO what's the thinking behind getting this one too? Will you sell one off in favour of the other or just keep them both? I imagine that the Panny is smaller and lighter than the Oly?
  15. Fully agree with Ann's suggestions. Anything that affects the camera's native functionality is going to make it very difficult to resell. What does the model sell for second hand in the US? Also, how often are you shooting at f22 where the scratches would become an issue?