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  1. I was listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 the other day and there was a segment about how these cruise ships have been dumping their waste in the oceans and seas around the UK. A whistle blower reported one of them (Princess) and they had to pay a fine of about £30m or thereabouts. Apparently this has been ongoing for a very long time.
  2. I am often amazed at how close together dwellings are in these old places. I don't know if I could live with such close neighbours (and I'm not in exactly the most sprawling part of my city - only about 6m between the outer walls of my house and those of my neighbours).
  3. We should start a fund to send him to sit inside the various social media HQ's and play for them. Those places need to empty out in a hurry so that the normal world can get back to being the normal world again.
  4. Haha! Definitely a brethren then.
  5. I like this. As Robert says, many things to observe (and read into) here.
  6. I wonder if he plays like me? We share the same audience!
  7. I agree, Larry. I have often wondered why the traditional makers have lagged behind in this approach. Nobody new to photography today is interested in the science of exposure, they just want the results.
  8. I used to have some stuff from Topaz that came with one of those 5 day deals, but I don't recall making much use of it. I think it was a masking tool?
  9. I like. Good stuff, Luc.
  10. These Japanese camera companies appear to be very short on marketing savvy. I mean, if Sony was to produce a mirrorless camera that used all the Nikon lenses without restriction...
  11. I have often wondered why the likes of Sony and other smaller players in the camera body market, like Sigma, don't produce cameras with Nikon F mounts, or Canon EF mounts to make use of the vast legacy of lenses available for those mounts? Fujifilm used to made F mount cameras, so why can't the others?
  12. What did you do with your camera today?

    1. Alan7140


      A few copy photographs for image restoration.


      Exciting, huh? :D

    2. DDFZ


      That's more than I did. But tomorrow I will be working on photographing chess sets and beach bags. Compelling! :) 

  13. That is a very nicely balanced image, Kyle. I would probably lighten the foreground just a smidge.
  14. In 17 years of photography, including a few years shooting sports, I have yet to find a need for anything faster than 6 FPS. The "spray & pray" method of photography doesn't appeal to me at all.
  15. Soap Film 2

    Editor's note: A beautiful abstract photographed by Robert seen here. It's not often that abstracts impress me, but this one is quite special.

    © Robert Sadoff