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  1. Nice post, Andreas! I will promote it into the articles section a little later.
  2. Oh my, that is wicked!
  3. I think the average age of the participants in this thread, even with my measly 49 years thrown in to bring it down some, qualifies as old!
  4. Blimey. This thread appears to have become a gravitational zone for the "grumpy old photographers society". (just kidding, just kidding...)
  5. I'm glad you're following that suggestion of tutoring darkroom work to the next generation who have the desire to learn. I for one would love to be able to learn something like that from a master like yourself. Something else to consider is tying it in with this new Airbnb Experiences thing (that is if there aren't federal issues with where you live and hosting). They are slowly rolling out these immersive type experiences in major cities around the world and I suppose it will filter down to other outlying areas if it catches on. Basically what they do is provide a platform for people to offer "Experiences" to those who are not into the usual hum-drum touristy things. Example, go surfing along the Californian coast with a local who knows the best breaks, learn how to cook with a Parisian chef, learn how to make stuff, etc, etc. Here's a link.
  6. Alan, the ThinkTank Retro 7 is my go-to bag for (when I was) doing events. I used some dividers from their other bags in it to create the double row of smaller compartments for my mirrorless kits and it works perfectly for that. I can get as many as 8 lenses and 2 bodies into this bag and its not big at all. Quite far from it, actually. This is the review I did a few years ago. Billingham bags are not available here, so the chances of me getting one are pretty slim to non-existent. Ann, yes, I agree. The wheels do add weight, but this isn't being pouted as a travel case. It's more for everyday photography with large gear where moving it efficiently is the objective. An example is where I might go on location locally for a shoot and need to take a bunch of stuff with me, but maybe I end up on the beach, or in the hills. A normal roller doesn't cut it in that situation, so being able to convert your roller into a backpack is a nice thing to have. I have used the Airport series before and those are better suited for travel, especially the Airport Advantage, which takes a lot of big gear and doesn't weigh that much.
  7. $365 each for those cameras seems pretty low. If you were in my neck of the woods I would take the X100S in a heartbeat at that money. Around here they sell for more than double that.
  8. I haven't updated to the most recent version, but did do a Lr update last month. There is a weird bug that blanks out all the panels and menus when I click on Develop if I am in the Library module. I thought I was going nuts. Usually I just hit D but for some reason I clicked it this last time and that sent me into a void! I will try and update over the weekend.
  9. Mike, I'm a lefty, so when I get my review copy I will advise how it feels. Andrew, I see they now have a waist strap on the V2.0 that stabilises the bag and tucks away when not needed. Check out the video on the product page. I think this kind of bag is exactly what I need because while I love my Retro ThinkTank bags, they tend to fall off my shoulder or swing into my way when I am out shooting. This design seems to address that problem so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works for me. It will also be nice to take along on our upcoming safari when I go out on game drives and don't want to take my roller on the vehicle (with the laptop inside).
  10. I got word from our friends at ThinkTank yesterday of some new products they have added to their range. These look really cool! First up is an update to the popular StreetWalker backpack, which now has wheels and a telescopic handle for when you don't want to lug it on your back. That's pretty inventive because there are times when a roller doesn't work, but a backpack does, and vice versa. This looks to be a wonderful solution. Use the link below to order and you will get free shipping (USA only I think?) and a free gift with your order: https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/streetwalker-series?rfsn=140410.92f763 They have also updated the TurnStyle bags to V2.0. These look really interesting and I think I would like to try this out. Its a sling type bag that you can swivel around from your back to your front to gain access to your gear. That means you don't have to put the bag down or take it off your back to get your stuff. You can also use it to semi-stabilise your camera while out shooting. As with the above link, use this one below to get yours and enjoy the freebies. https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/turnstyle?rfsn=140410.92f763
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Alan, unfortunately websites are not really a good source of business these days. Mark Zuckerberg and his social media empire have made it very difficult to rely on search rankings for business. I do still get some business from web searches, but I have discovered that these days a lot of the work goes to those who are active on Instagram and Facebook, especially where images can be tagged and shared with a much wider audience. As much as I despise that little **** he now wields immeasurable power over the hearts and minds of most photography consumers, so I have little choice other than to use his platforms to achieve my own aims. I reluctantly created an Instagram account for this venture (mine was long since deleted) and I will use it to post images of past events and any new ones that come our way. And of course tag them with whatever relevant buzzwords might apply to the intended audience. Sometimes I feel like Pavlov's dog...
  12. Recently readers may recall I announced that I was stepping away from professional photography and getting more into designing websites and doing other digital content creation. Well, one of the bits of digital creation I have been busy with recently is a new website I have created specifically to outsource one of the main areas of my photography business: events. I feel I just got too old to do this with much enthusiasm these days and since there are so many new young professional photographers who are lacking a bit in the business department, I thought this would be a good way to get out of doing the jobs myself, but still make a small amount from any jobs that come my way, in the process also use the opportunity to teach the young guns a bit about how to shoot events. Plus the domain name was available, so I thought, "why not?" www.eventphotographers.co.za Let me know what you think of the site design.
  13. Any funny things to report on Lr?
  14. I like this last shot, Chris. Very pleasing composition.
  15. Perfect result, Alan.