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  1. Very interesting points raised in this thread. Something else that I have to be mindful of as I plot a path to the future of my tech, is that of the screens I am using. Right now I am blissfully using 3 x 27" Apple screens, two of which are Thunderbolt daisy chained to the old iMac. A new iMac will necessitate adapters to keep those screens working and of course there might be more bottleneck issues with those, especially if I have other peripheral devices attached to them. I really don't like the way Apple is going these days. New hardware is not only crazy expensive, but it is increasingly designed towards steering us away from local storage and into the cloud. I can see why - more revenue for them in storage rental. Very annoying.
  2. Dallas


    So this morning I handled a Nikon Z6 with a 24-70/4.0 lens for the first time. Very nice camera! The AF was pretty fast and the EVF was nice, but I was expecting it to be a little brighter. Could just have been the way the camera was set up. Extremely expensive in Rands! 😬
  3. Dallas


    Kind of weird that, seeing as SF is located on a fault that could swallow them all into the ground at any time. But then again, humans are a curious species...
  4. [reposted for those who don't get the emails] It's been a while since I wrote to you all and I really must apologise for treating you so poorly! Know however that Fotozones is always on my mind, even when a million other things are demanding my time and attention. Somebody once told me that life gets busier the older you get and I guess for me I am finding this out first hand. I am photographing dozens of houses every week these days, plus I also still get the occasional assignment that pulls me away from a computer for at least a day. So yes indeed, for me times are busy, busy, busy! I believe for the first time ever in my career as a photographer I am actually truly enjoying what I am doing (if you didn't already know this I am kind of a slow study). The trouble with being a professional photographer is that you can easily get burnout and the net result of this is that the thing you were once passionate about becomes a chore in your mind, which in turn leads to lethargy when it comes to enjoying photography for yourself again. I've been in this situation loads of times and honestly it gets me worried because I need to be passionate about things. This is why I have steered Fotozones into the less paced, albeit more rewarding area of being a community specifically for recreational photographers, that is you guys and gals who get out there and enjoy actually playing with the gear we all (mostly) obsess over. I love coming to my computer first thing in the morning and seeing the photos that our members share from all over the world. It reminds me that there are still very good reasons to get off my butt and go and make some photos for myself. Well, speaking of that in just over a month's time I'm going on safari again! I can't tell you all just how excited I am about this one. It's the first safari I have organised entirely on my own and I am champing at the bit to get into the Sabi Sands game reserve to go and enjoy the wonderful nature we have access to here in South Africa (along with old and new friends I have made on Fotozones). I may also be going there with an Olympus E-M1X to try out. I have been in touch with our local agents and they have said they will supply me with a loan unit, so I am going to be able to see for myself (and of course report back to you all) just how far things have come in the Micro Four Thirds world since I got my original E-M1 in 2014. Can't wait! Of course I will be writing more about the safari and reliving my past safaris on Fotozones for you all to enjoy. I've written most of part 4 of the 10 Years Of Safaris series, but need to polish it up and select some new, never published before photos from that epic trip we did in 2013. Stay tuned. Right, Saturday morning beckons, so I must leave again, but before I do, please remember that if you haven't logged into your Fotozones account in the past three years you need to do so before the end of June otherwise you will lose the account. This is the second round of dormant account culling that I will be doing. Hate to lose members, but I need to keep Fotozones focussed and compliant with all these new laws. Til next time, take care!
  5. Dallas


    Sure, I appreciate that if you have been taught to do things a certain way then that kind of imprints itself on your workflow. In my case I have learned how to work efficiently in Lightroom and I make all my local adjustments, including colour, right on the single image preview. Layers are too complicated for me. Whenever I have to go into Ps it almost always results in a litany of obscenities shouted at my screen. There is so much hidden stuff and so many knobs and levers you have to know about that I think it's probably not dissimilar to flying a 747. I always crash and burn. I should try to improve my skills with it, but every time I try I just end up thinking "what's the point in doing it this way when I can do a similar thing in Lr in a fraction of the time and never have to worry about breaking my original image?" Different strokes, I guess. That said, I am giving high consideration to out-sourcing some of my RE editing to people who know what they're doing in Ps.
  6. Dallas


    I wish Lightroom would go solo at Adobe. I'd happily pay $5 a month for it sans the abortion of logic called Photoshop. 😵 [runs and hides]
  7. Dallas

    A Lovely Home

    Thanks so much, Armando. One of the features of the Olympus E-M1 is that it has built in level gauges which I use to make sure that I have the camera properly level on the ballhead when framing up my compositions. Having this feature saves a lot of time in post. On occasion I do have to straighten the verticals in Lightroom manually, so I made a preset to do this. It does work, but not always (don't know why), in which case I would then have to manually straighten. I don't use Photoshop at all for my RE work, which goes totally against the grain if you read any of the many RE boards online. Lens wise I am using the Pan-Leica 8-18mm and it's always at f/8, which with the smaller MFT sensor seems to keep everything in focus.
  8. Dallas


    Also, in camera JPG isn't a good indicator of what data is actually available to process. Basically those JPG's are a "canned" interpretation of a scene by a computer inside the camera. It's what you can do with a RAW file on your own computer that really gives you an indication of useful sensor DR.
  9. In the case of the bottom one all I can say is thank goodness! I'm not enjoying much of the more recent Mercedes lines, to be honest. The back of the current C class looks horrible.
  10. I realised this shortly after replying to Rodrigo... Damn technology.
  11. There's a hill in Holland after all? (well, I use the term hill" rather liberally in this context).
  12. Great info, thanks Rodrigo! I didn't even know about the USB-C option. It seems like the way to go for me. I'll see if I can get it here, or if not get a mate to bring me one over from the UK in a couple of months when he returns home.
  13. Dallas

    A Lovely Home

    This is from my last shoot of the day today, a very modern home that had been properly staged for me (this makes such a difference!). Taken from a little further back (just noticed the rings on the ottoman - will need to fix that and re-upload). En-suite. Master bedroom.
  14. Dallas

    A Lovely Home

    Thank guys. I have been doing some really nice homes lately. They seem to be sending me to the upper listings now, which is great. I did a private job this afternoon that I will share some pics of a bit later on. I was so busy today I literally haven't had a chance to do anything other than shoot, edit and field messages.
  15. Dallas

    A Lovely Home

    The real estate work continues... Am about to take on a new client soon who also want me to do video (ack!). Here's a few frames from a wonderful home I shot last month. I absolutely fell in love with this place. From the corner looking back at the kitchen, living area and bar. Kitchen area Master bedroom What I liked most about the place was the way the owners have used the open spaces and also furnished them with rustic pieces made from reclaimed wood. This is a style I can really identify with.
  16. Dallas


    Super stuff, Anthony! I really like the third one the best - much intensity!
  17. Dallas

    Lizard Rocks

    I think you're too high up and too zoomed in on the scene for this to be engaging. For any image to be interesting it needs to hold the viewer's attention. Usually that's done with subject matter, color, patterns, lines, etc. In this image I'm not getting enough of any of those, so for me it isn't going to hold my attention. There's a great book on composition by Michael Freeman. Can't recall the title right now, but it's part of a series he did some years back. I learned a lot from it just by looking at the way he diagramed his sample images.
  18. Dallas

    Pileated Woodpecker

    Congrats! It's a great shot.
  19. No problem at all, Aguinaldo. You're a big part of Fotozones' fellowship and I'm happy to support your endeavours. Wish I could go!
  20. Dallas


    How'd you enjoy the Z6? Not on the cards for me (I don't think I will ever go back to Nikon, but never say never), I'm more interested in the Canon R and EOS range of lenses.
  21. I don't know what it is about the marque, but I can't stand Audis. Then they go and make them in this "colour"... When I say "for chops" those in the UK might exchange the word for "knob" or an equally colourful term. Notice that this one has no plates on it. Hence we know what its owner is going to do on the roads.
  22. I'm sitting with about 11TB of external storage at the moment... it's becoming a little bit chaotic because not everything is backed up. I think I need to purge some older shoots that are not important.
  23. Indeed! I don't know what Apple is thinking these days. It's like they are trying to see how much people will pay for their hardware and are just throwing out these ridiculous prices. I'm still not going to get an iPhone X when my phone contract comes up for renewal in August. Simply can't justify the cost. I am thinking about the 5K regular iMac but there are so many variants now it's a chore just researching which one will be better, plus they all only come with 8GB of RAM whereas my current 3.2GHz machine has 16GB and can take up to 32GB. Thanks Chris, unfortunately not enough space in those. I sometimes add about 10GB a day so that isn't going to last me very long. I wonder though if one can load and run macOS from a USB on a permanent basis? Hmmm... Mike, but if the LaCie drive fails you will lose everything, including the TM. You really should just get a separate TM drive. Doesn't have to be the fastest in the world since macOS does the backing up without you even knowing it. Keep the full LaCie 4TB for your regular storage and then get one of those WD portable drives to use as a TM.
  24. Thanks guys. I think I am just going to get the normal WD 4TB Blue, which isn't as fast, but should be faster than a normal portable HDD. I can't justify the expense of the G-Drive and I've read quite a few failure reports on Amazon, which together with Luc's experience doesn't instil me with much confidence. The plan is to use this as my primary storage drive for work, backing up with Time Machine to another 4TB portable drive. Then after each year of work is done I'll back that year's work up onto a smaller portable drive. Important work I will put in the cloud, seeing as I have Flickr Pro that should be sufficient.
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