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  1. There will be lots of stories and conjecture from the internet soothsayers about the future of the brand, but honestly, it's just a brand. Whether it lives on or dies isn't really important.
  2. Dallas

    Light Trails

    First two look like a bumpy road (or somebody came along in a car with very dodgy suspension).
  3. Dallas

    Dawn at Joshua Tree

    I did a job in Nelspruit a few years ago directly after a safari, so I was given this VW Polo rental (ubiquitous around airports). The airport at Nelspruit is small, but still took me about 15 minutes to find the rental after I had parked it in the normal lot when I went to pick up the client. Eventually the client found it by pressing the remote against his head (to boost the signal) and we saw the indicators flashing. Nowhere near where I thought I had parked. 🙄
  4. Dallas

    Dawn at Joshua Tree

    Chris, I do this with rental cars all the time.
  5. Dallas

    2013 Says Hi

    As mentioned in Greg's Joshua Tree post, I was scanning through some of my images from the 2013 safari to Namibia and came across this shot of the Deadvlei that I hadn't processed. Shot with Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic 14-45mm.
  6. Dallas

    Dawn at Joshua Tree

    So funny you should post this. I just yesterday was looking through my old Namibia safari images from 2013 and I also edited one taken in the Deadvlei that I hadn't published anywhere before. I'll share it here after this reply. Nice shot, by the way.
  7. I came across a few reports online about this, many of them saying it was already sold when in reality they are just making announcements about negotiations to sell it. Reporting is at its lowest, isn’t it? Anyway, not sure what this will mean for the brand going forward. There might be some good things that come out of it, but the one fear I have is that they may stop the expensive innovation that Olympus has become known for. That would be a shame. I have no doubt that MFT will continue to grow - it is a fantastic system with many supporters who have seen its capabilities and advantages.
  8. Incredible cloud formations you guys get.
  9. Oh no, Alan. I hope you get well soon. Somebody I know posted a description on Facebook of decaf as being “joyless brown juice”. I am a bit concerned about @Mike G. He hasn’t been seen since the 9th of June and that is a worry. Hope he’s OK.
  10. Incredible how phone cameras have developed in the past 10 years. I still use my iPhone 7P for many things instead of rushing to get my real cameras.
  11. I got my first photography commission for real estate yesterday since the lockdown started on 27 March. What is particularly encouraging is that it is a brand new client and they had no qualms about paying upfront using my new ordering and payment gateway system.
  12. Dallas

    Venice channels

    Amazing as always. You have been to so many places!
  13. Don’t talk about mosquitoes. I get woken up every other morning between 2-5am with one or two buzzing around my ears. And its supposed to be winter here.
  14. Not sure if this contraption would be any use in such strong winds as it would probably blow away itself, but I suppose if you modified it with spikes or used rocks you could weight it down and get less wind on the flowers. I have no idea what they are called, but we had a couple of them on our 2013 safari for the wildflowers.
  15. Thanks for sharing, Walton. Hope you are doing well up there in the far north.
  16. Lovely colour in the water.
  17. I am happy to announce that my bag sponsor ThinkTankPhoto are continuing their 20% off everything promotion until 5 July 2020. This covers everything in their store, from accessories right up to the most expensive items. When you buy from them using the link below you are also directly supporting Fotozones as we get a commission from any purchases you make, even though it doesn't cost you any extra. This is a great way to support this website and feed your bag habit at the same time. Customers ordering within the USA also receive free shipping and a free gift for orders over $50. ThinkTank are a great company who have been supplying me with bags to review since at least as far back as 2013 and I know that their affiliate system works, unlike the systems of some other well known camera gear retailers. Their bags are super awesome too. Use THIS LINK to purchase directly from ThinkTank and support Fotozones.
  18. Dallas

    Saturday Breakfast

    It might be different in your part of the world, but Apple TV+ here doesn't include any movies. They are on there, but you have to rent them, they're not included in any subscription plan offer.
  19. Dallas

    Saturday Breakfast

    Last week I spoke about my Saturday morning ritual breakfast. Today, being Saturday, I thought I would take some iPhone snaps of this masterpiece. It was very yummy! I watched an interesting episode on that show Home on Apple TV+ about an architect living in Malibu and the weird house he created with recycled relics from movie sets. If I am honest, Apple TV+ is a bit of a let down as far as content goes. I don't think I will be taking up the subscription beyond the first free year they gave me.
  20. Dallas


    +1 to what Hugh said. Holland is such a colourful place from what I see in pictures.
  21. We have a product here called Kleen Green which removes sticky stuff quite nicely. The coating on my a/c studio strobes also became very sticky for some strange reason, so I sprayed some of this stuff on a rag and while it was a bit of a chore to wipe the strobe down completely, it definitely did the job and the strobe is no longer sticky to the touch. I haven't done the other two yet...
  22. Dallas

    Docklands Evening

    The oceans here on the East Coast of SA at this time of the year are mostly calm. But yes, they can become very unsettled, especially the further south you go.
  23. What is wrong with you? Seriously. Just grow up. There are things in the world that your pre-programmed mind will never be able to understand. One of these is that in order for businesses like mine to survive this pandemic we have to operate in areas that are constantly accessible, including social media - which is where I have earned every cent I have made since March 27. I truly regret the day I ever agreed to allow you back onto this platform. You are nothing more than a constant source of irritation. I think you need to see somebody, I really do.
  24. I have been internally debating the need to have either 2 separate work stations or 1 unified one. As a confirmed OCD sufferer I cannot have my screens at a different height, so I needed to make an L extension to my desk. It's not the ideal solution but it works for now and lets me keep all three Apple 27" displays in a nice curve. The one on the left is my primary monitor for browsing, the middle one is where email lives and then on the right side I have my old MacBook with it's screen dedicated to social media and instant messaging. I used to have some cool software (Sharemouse) for my computers that let me use one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers, but alas it appears my license has expired. The dev wants $100 for a new one, which is not going to happen. I looked back at my correspondence with him from 2013 and it seems that there were some issues back then that were never resolved. The other option is a much more affordable $29 called Synergy by Symless. I used to have a license for it, but that too seems to have gone the way of the Dodo. Oh well, two inputs it is then. I need to make a vanity panel for under the desk to hide all the ugly cables. It isn't possible to bunch them all unfortunately. I positioned my camera above the middle screen on my tripod and it makes for a decent "talking head" shot for the WordPress training videos I am making (amongst other unboxing videos, which is why I had to clear off my second work station to make space for that task).
  25. Dallas

    Docklands Evening

    I like the first one best. And I'd like that cruiser called Texas for a season or two.
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