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  1. Probably, but definitely not Olympus mirrorless users, that's for sure. Shooting OM-D since 2012 on 3 different bodies and I have only ever seen 1 dust spot that didn't get shook off by the IBIS and ultrasonic blaster thing they use.
  2. It certainly is dusty there, but there again you highlight another reason why digital wins. Imagine you had been on an assignment for Nat Geo and turned in all your film with a dust scratch...
  3. You can post images, you just can't add them as attachments here unless you subscribe for $2,95 per month. Try using hot linking from a 3rd party using the Insert Photos button on the bottom right corner of the posting area.
  4. Very much so, impressive. I have been seeing reports about how good eye detection has become on a variety of cameras, particularly the Sony A7 IV, but I didn't know you could use it in action photography like this.
  5. Yup, this analog stuff is all still available and there are certainly members of society willing to learn how to use and enjoy it. But... as far as professional deployment goes, it no longer fits the bill simply because it is inconvenient to use it in such a manner when digital methods outshine it in that regard. This iPhone 11 will, I believe (as Aguinaldo says), drive further nails in the coffins of lower end digital cameras. The video capability alone makes it a formidable weapon in the arsenal of any freelance filmmaker. Stills, we'll have to wait and see, I guess. I personally would also love to use a medium format film camera, but I understand that the use thereof will only be for my personal edification. I won't be putting it to use for my real estate photography. Maybe if I ever go back to Namibia it will be a welcome tool to use for landscape work.
  6. They may not replace them, but they will certainly affect the market for them as well as their newly inflated costs. Also, remember that there are generations behind ours who don't care all that much for our nostalgia. Vinyl records may be on sale again in music stores, but they are still bloody inconvenient things to handle, play and store. Have you seen what they are charging for new pressings compared to CD's? 3-4x the price of a new CD which I just laugh at. Plus I am still unconvinced of their alleged "superior" sound quality. One has to spend an inordinate amount of money on audio gear just to begin to approach the sound from a CD, or even a decent FLAC file played through a good DAC. Personally I have abandoned all stored media and now subscribe to Apple Music. Couldn't be happier paying around $4 a month for access to most of the music ever recorded. As for going to the cinema... 🙄
  7. Dallas

    Going Up, Going Down

    You know what your preferences are.
  8. Dallas

    Going Up, Going Down

    I wish I could, but real photography is not allowed in the malls. I might ask for permission one day. Could lead to something, who knows? Here's the unedited version.
  9. From our local shopping mall. I have always wanted to photograph this network of escalators as I love the pattern they make from one side of the atrium, but they are usually covered in advertising. Today I went in to see if I could get a new battery for an aged iPhone 5S and saw that the advertising has been removed, so I tried to shoot it with the newer iPhone 7P. I'm constantly amazed at the quality I can get indoors from these smartphone cameras. Editing here is basically a crop and then I played around with some LUT's in Luminar 2018. No noise reduction on my part. Click to view larger.
  10. Mmmm... must have been a "controlled" launch environment.
  11. I just watched a video on the iPhone 11's ultra wide angle camera. It will provide a 120˚ angle of view, which is significantly wider than the 107˚ angle of view I get on my Pan/Leica 8-18mm wide angle lens. There is also a low light or "dark" mode that shoots HDR which brings in good shadow detail and recovered highlights as the camera is capable of shooting multiple frames in a fraction of a second and then blending them in software. For me the implications of this are quite serious because this technology will enable realtors to produce much better imagery than is currently the case. I will touch on this in greater detail in an AOV post a bit later on.
  12. Back to the new Defender. Hammond took a closer look at them in their new YT channel. I have to say, this looks like a lot of tech on wheels (which I like) but the proving ground will be overall reliability of that tech. Price is ludicrous...
  13. It's just a ridiculous gouge, isn't it? Trent's key episode cost just under R12k, which is about AUD1200 today. The car's book value is about R34000. What irked me is that the agents said they could do it, no problem, but even after they got the parts they took over a week to get it all sorted out. Thankfully I have a very good insurance policy so they have covered most of the costs of his mugging. The next thing now is to deal with re-issuing of his ID card and driver's license, which requires a day-long visit to Home Affairs and then probably the better part of another day at the licensing department. Joy unbridled...
  14. Dallas

    I Could Live Here

    Not sure of the market value as this house wasn't for sale - I was shooting for the decorator (and myself). If I was to hazard a guess based on similar properties I have done in other areas, I'd say they probably would look for something in the region of about ZAR 5-10 million which in your money is not all that much at all. The town is called Umdloti, which we Anglophiles pronounce Um-shlo-tee. Very nice place to live but they are having some serious issues with the beaches getting washed away there as the ocean levels have been rising and of course weather patterns are changing. This house would be safe as it is right on top of a super steep hill which had me spinning the Tucson's wheels just to get up it!
  15. Dallas

    I Could Live Here

    3 bedrooms, each with an exposed bathroom in them. Not sure I like this idea, but I suppose everybody has their own tastes. This isn't even the master bedroom. Still couldn't get the lights to turn on...
  16. Dallas

    I Could Live Here

    Thanks Hugh. I could have spent a day here, but only had about an hour, half of which was spent with the client trying to figure out the home automation system they had installed. Everything works from an iPad, even the blinds. Too bad we couldn't get it to turn on the lights. 🙄 Here's the living room.
  17. Dallas

    I Could Live Here

    Photographed an amazing house just north of Durban on Wednesday. Nice place!
  18. It's fine, Mike. If at any time you or any member would like to make an ad hoc contribution via the Donations box it will always be welcome and goes directly into the Fotozones kitty. Software vendors are basically trying to hold the world to ransom these days and small sites like FZ are becoming increasing harder to justify the costs of.
  19. One of the things you're unlikely to get out of a conversation with those Capetonians is that they have the highest number of murders compared to all the other major centres in South Africa. So, no, it's not high on my list of places to live!
  20. Great results, Maurice. Interesting about the IBIS on a tripod. Nikon must have a different implementation of that technology than Olympus, which doesn't mind if you have the camera on a tripod or not. I have never switched it off on my cameras and it seems to work fine.
  21. You are indeed a Subscriber, Mike - thank you for your support! If I recall correctly you preferred me to display the Life Membership as your primary group (currently the Subscriber group is your secondary group). Easy for me to change that around if you'd like.
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