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  1. Dallas


    Well, you can have as many edits as you like. Personally I prefer the second one.
  2. Oh, the horror! Actually, I am now recalling being forced to try a fig once on my grandfather's property many, many years ago. Didn't end with a smiley face.
  3. What are those in the first image? I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that before.
  4. That sounds nice. I long for the return to normality here. Our spirits are hurting and we really could use some lifting.
  5. What sort of festivities do they have going on there, Luc?
  6. Thanks Luc! I will most certainly be needing a lot of help as I go about figuring this camera out.
  7. Dallas

    Flat Lay Experiments

    Very cool, Walter. I should be getting my laminate top for the shooting "scaffolding" on Friday. There's a crowd locally who sell pre-printed flat lay backgrounds. I don't know that I would ever go the fake route, but hey, we'll see if this aspect gains any traction.
  8. I don't get any emails but I watched 2 reviews on YouTube before getting out of bed this morning. Looks like a good lens. I will add it to the database soon.
  9. Well, it was delayed by a couple of days because apparently the courier companies over here are all suffering from some form of geographic amnesia since we went into lockdown (they sent it to Cape town instead of Durban), but it's here now and I have been fiddling for a little while since charging up the battery. I can say straight off the bat that this is going to take a lot of getting used to. This is a seriously complex camera and its setup is completely different to anything I have ever used before, including the previous Panasonic MFT cameras I have owned (GF1 and GM1). As soon as I turned it on I managed to set the wrong language by mis-tapping on either Japanese or Chinese. the next 30 minutes or so were spent trying to find a way of getting it back to English. Not a great start! I think what I am going to do is start a dedicated "G9 Discovery Journal" where I will provide as much information about setting it up as I can document. Expect that to begin in the next day or so.
  10. Dallas

    Flat Lay Experiments

    Oh Maurice, you're in for such a treat musically when I welcome you to Durban next year. I will have a playlist made up especially for you.
  11. I'd be quite OK continuing to use the old E-M1 bodies I have, but my concern right now is that their batteries are all on the way out and getting replacements here isn't straight forward. The price of the G9 new was a huge incentive to order it. I'm getting it for about half the price of an Olympus E-M1.3.
  12. It was actually the video that Chris & Jordan made for Dpreview comparing the G9 against the Olympus E-M1.3 that sold me on it.
  13. My thoughts exactly, Daniel. I dallied with the idea of the Sony A7 series for a long time and then thought, why? There’s nothing I do in photography right now that requires a format change. I have excellent lenses for MFT and the Lumix G9 just makes a lot of sense. A move to a 35mm format would mean going back to huge lenses and more of the weight that I was trying to get away from. The value proposition is also massive here. The G9 is about half of the price of the Olympus E-M1.3 locally and it stacks up really well against it (according to Dpreview anyway).
  14. Ordered. Should get it early next week. The deal I got was just too good to pass up, so while I may have to go without a few superfluous things (like food) for the next few months, I will have what is probably the best value buy in MFT at the moment. This marks quite a momentous occasion in my photography life as it's the first time since 2008 that I have bought a brand new camera (that one being the Nikon D700). All other cameras that have passed through my hands since 2008 have either been obtained as trades, gifts or second hand items. Really looking forward to exploring this one!
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