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  1. This past week I have been working on a variety of projects for Ford South Africa again. Monday's shoot was all about a local guy and his amazingly well restored '73 Ford Capri. This is my favourite shot from all the shoots I have done for Ford in the past year and it wasn't easy to get, I'll tell you that much! Here I'm sitting in the back of a car being driven by our content producer, pointing the camera out the window, using f/18 (yes, on a mirrorless m4/3 camera) with a shutter speed of 1/18 second, trying to get the right framing and all while trying to communicate to the driver of the Capri what speed to go at as well as communicating the same with the producer. After several runs on both sides of a short public road outside the Durban airport I got this one which I am happy to share with you all. I've converted it to B&W because while my iMac is in for repairs I am forced to edit on the dodgy Dell monitor that has been the subject of an article here on FZ (also why I am using an old method of putting my copyright on). I think the conversion looks good. Thoughts?
  2. Apologies for not posting much these days. I am finding myself very busy with commissioned customer websites and various photography jobs, all of which are most welcome, but which obviously take me away from being able to produce content for FZ. Sadly there is also not going to be a group safari this year as we were unable to get in deposits in time from those who did express interest. However, I am still able to arrange private trips and am also looking at doing my own wildlife photography workshop in the near future. Keep an eye out for those details. 

  3. Good show, Alan. Photographing weddings is not for me either. I don't mind the physical aspect of the job - I just can't stand the human subject element.
  4. I had to re-read that. Initially I thought you had said 10-15 minutes of inactivity. I have always been in the habit of turning off my camera when I am not going to use it in the next few minutes, but I hear you - it would be irritating to have the EVF do something weird when you aren't expecting it.
  5. Now I do. Looks good, nice weight to the composition.
  6. Not loading for me.
  7. Try it again now, Graham. I have made you a Life Member.
  8. It's difficult to represent the 3-dimensionality of canyons photographically, mainly because the 2 dimensional medium requires a little manipulation to trick our eyes into seeing the third dimension. Try using scale of objects in the foreground and background to lead the eye in the frame.
  9. The Canon EOS 5 and also the smaller EOS 30 had the eye detect focusing point. I had the EOS 30 (it was a really nice 35mm camera) and the AF detect worked well for me. But it was sitting in a sea of Nikon stuff, so didn't get used as much.
  10. I've often considered removing the functionality. However, I think that if I did that there'd be little to no activity left here, since all the supporters who once loved the place found they couldn't abide by the code of conduct (or its enforcer).
  11. You have no idea. Where I live photographers are so tight it's a wonder there's enough light to go around! 🙄
  12. I hate the word "juxtaposition", especially when used in a photographic context (it's like the only word camera club people seem to know when commenting on work), however, here it is quite fitting. There's the dark, lowly part of the frame, filled with stone, debris and a somber reminder of mortality, contrasted with the bright, leafy upper part of the frame, signifying life and light. Good job, Alan.
  13. I am open to ideas from the membership on what I need to do to improve interaction on the site.
  14. Hugh, the Canon low end lenses also aren't coming with lens hoods these days. It wouldn't surprise me to find that somebody within the camera companies has an interest in producing after market lens hoods. I am considering buying the Canon 10-18mm STM lens for some upcoming real estate work*, which also doesn't come with a hood. The local price from Canon for the lens is around R2900 ($176 - a bargain!) and the hood is R450 ($27). I found a person on a local auction site selling the JJC imported hoods for R110. * according to reports I have read this lens is really good. While I use the Olympus 9-18mm for the interiors I do, it's just not quite wide enough. So, as I have a 200D and this 10-18mm lens costs so little, I see no point in spending globules of money on a m43 ultra wide angle when a cheaper option will suffice. You can tell I'm a professional - all about the bottom line!
  15. Sorry, yes, it's JJC. I think I paid $10 including shipping from China to SA and the Olympus version of that hood was around $40 or something.