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  1. Dallas

    Challenge: Old

    Not at the moment. Let's get some momentum going - I'm thinking maybe once it reaches a certain number of entries I will close it, but for now it's open.
  2. Imagine for just a moment what the world today would look like if the camera had never been invented. Let that sink in before you answer.

  3. Dallas

    Challenge: Old

    I'm challenging you Fotozoners with working cameras to go out and make a photograph of something older than you, but that you photographed after the date of this post. For now I am keeping this as an open challenge, but I may at some point close it and choose a winner. Prize? Maybe, maybe not.
  4. Kudos to you on your determination, Alan. I would have probably been sent for therapy by now if I had even attempted such a project.
  5. If you all haven't seen the widget on the sidebar, I have designed a new private safari to Phinda Private Game Reserve which is a total of 9 nights and can be booked for any time of the year (and can be flexible too). This trip I have managed to put together for under US$5000. It's currently priced at ZAR69000 which at today's forex rate is about $4760. The Rand seems to be fairly stable these days at about 14:1. This safari has been designed around the new(ish) British Airways London to Durban direct flight that operates three days a week. It leaves London at around 4pm and arrives in Durban just after 5am. The return flight leaves at 7.30am SA time and gets into London about 12 hours later (day flight). Because the incoming flight is coming from London it provides an excellent opportunity for non-UK residents to combine a trip to the English city with a safari adventure. I have also added three nights in Durban so as to make the safari a bit more diverse. Durban offers visitors many interesting things to do and because of its location and good year round weather having a couple of days to explore the region either before or after your Phinda adventure is an added bonus. It is also possible to drop one of the Durban nights in favour of an extra night at Phinda if you'd prefer. Phinda is very similar to our usual safari home of Sabi Sabi, but some of our guests who we sent there on extensions have said that they preferred it because the landscapes are much more diverse (mountains, forest, plains, etc), plus there is a very good chance that you will get to see the elusive cheetah as well as black rhino. I have chosen the Phinda Forest Lodge for this 6 night safari as it is very reasonably priced compared to Sabi Sands private lodges, but doesn't compromise on the guest experience. You will stay in suites that are situated within one of the oldest surviving sand forests in Africa, with floor to ceiling glass windows providing you with a unique immersion into the forest life. Full details of the safari are here, but if you have any questions, please feel free to pop me a PM or email.
  6. Welcome to Fotozones, Peter! 

  7. No issues my side. It’s probably a routing issue on DNS, Maurice. If you have a second ISP perhaps try looking with them? I have to have 2 different LTE service providers where I am located because this sort of thing happens often. At the moment there are a couple of undersea cables between Africa and Europe that are broken, so backhaul is being redirected elsewhere (not that this should affect your ability to see Alex’s images).
  8. Welcome to Fotozones, Tabitha! Good to have you along. :) 

  9. Superb! The church will rise again if the spirit of its people are not always so distracted with the irrelevancies and demands of the world.
  10. Interestingly when the NYT approached me to do that commission they expressly said upfront that copyright would be shared between us, so kudos to them for being upfront with that.
  11. I believe that the key paragraph in this legislation is (e), which basically sys that the rights assigned in the other paragraphs fall away subject to agreement by both commissioner and undertaker. This is the missing part for me in my dealing with this estate agent and one that I need to rectify somehow so that there is no misunderstanding in the future. I think I know how to do this. If I create two different products for the same service, one where copyright remains with me and another where copyright is transferred, there can be no quibble about it down the line.
  12. Dallas


    A sticker on the glass?
  13. The ones we used to have in South Africa were the most hideously ugly steel grey boxes. At some point in the 80's they began making them into orange pod-like things that were a bit easier on the eye but they offered much less privacy.
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