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  1. Dallas

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    Oh dear, I can't see this thing working for me in my situation. I do have a bluetooth handsfree car radio that allows me to answer and make calls, plus skip songs, etc, but sometimes I need to access apps on the phone and I can't be mucking about with pass codes while driving. I'm actually giving consideration to not upgrading and returning to prepaid. Hmmm...
  2. Dallas

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    One of the problems I have with the face recognition is the proximity one has to have with the device to unlock it. I have a magnetic windshield mount for my phone which is just about beyond arms length in my "new" car. So if I need to unlock the phone while I am driving do I have to lean right up close to it for it to see my face? Also, how does one unlock it? Do you have to press a button simultaneously?
  3. Dallas

    Big Bash

    Really good, Chris. I like the second one a lot.
  4. Dallas

    Johnny and friends

    The shadows are a bit too dark, but I like it.
  5. In a few months time my cellphone contract is up for renewal and I am contemplating which iPhone model would be better to upgrade to. Currently I am using the 7 Plus 128GB and honestly, it has been the best phone I ever had. It does everything I need it to do and it hasn't given me a days problem (touching wood as I type). I use it mostly to navigate to my various RE jobs and also for general news reading and instant messaging. Not forgetting to make phone calls with. Oh, and I like the dual cameras a lot. When they announced the iPhone X I wasn't sold on the concept at all. I don't like the idea of face ID to unlock the phone and the notch in the screen will probably deeply upset my sense of aesthetics. I handled a few different models in the iStore today and after looking at the price difference between the 8 Plus and the Xs, I have to say that I just don't see any value in spending so much more on a phone that only really offers a better screen and camera. The 8Plus is about half the monthly cost of the Xs here in SA. The Xs Max is stupidly expensive to buy outright - literally about 40% of what I paid for my 2007 Hyundai Tucson last month. Storage wise the 128GB has been more than enough for me. I am using about 50GB of storage at the moment and I don't think there is any risk of me running out of space, unless I decide to start recording a lot of 4K video. It's therefore very annoying to see that the Xs only offers 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options. Why no 128GB? Do you have an iPhone X? What's your take on it and do you think it's worth the significantly bigger price tag than the 8 Plus? I know there are three new models coming later in the year, so I might hold off on upgrading for a few months, but then again, living on the bleeding edge isn't my thing.
  6. I have decided to reintroduce a general gear classifieds boards for members who would like to sell items to other members of the community. Rules As was the case previously, this board is used at your own risk and neither Fotozones nor any of its owners, contributors and moderators are responsible for any transaction or possible loss that may be experienced by users of this platform. Posts may only be made by members who have purchased a subscription to the site (or who have a Life membership from the Nikongear days). Please make sure that you include your location, a price and preferred means of payment, as well as currency. You may not use this board for any commercial sales. Items must be in your possession and you may not advertise on behalf of anybody else. Happy trading!
  7. Dallas


    I enjoyed that (and I agree with his assessment).
  8. Dallas

    Under The Dome

    Thanks Chris. Designing houses and floor plans was a favourite pastime when I was still in my teens and partly into my 20's. A poor (and I'm still convinced erroneous) exam mark in my last term of high school grade 9 Technical Drawing saw me drop the subject in favour of History. Had I continued with TD I think I might well have followed the path of designer or perhaps even architecture. Good design is something I appreciate immensely.
  9. Dallas

    Who knew they had a dress code?

    "Christian Science" is a bit off.
  10. Dallas

    Under The Dome

    Just above the Natural History Museum in our city hall is the Durban Art Gallery where there is usually an exhibition or two underway. Today there was an odd collection of family photos from Durban's coloured and Indian community taken during the apartheid era. For those of you in the US the term "coloured" in SA refers to mixed race persons, not Africans. From an architectural perspective I like the dome above the hole in the floor (which is partially occupied by the head of an enormous T-Rex model).
  11. Dallas

    Spider Crab Man

    I had a new stereo fitted to Walter this morning and used the opportunity to walk into the centre of town to visit the Natural History Museum in our City Hall. My Mom used to bring me here when I was a little boy and it hasn't changed much at all. In fact, this exhibit of the Japanese Spider Crab is probably older than I am, which is saying quite a bit! Unfortunately the mammal section of the museum was closed for renovations so only got to see the birds and reptiles section. These crabs are huge! This is me holding a smartphone about 1m front of the cabinet it has been in for the past countless number of years. So it gives you an idea of the size of this thing. Ewww...
  12. Dallas

    Back to nest

    Very nice!
  13. Dallas

    I'm Going With Flickr Pro

    Ever since Smugmug bought them last year I have been receiving a string of emails advising me that I need to upgrade to Flickr Pro or else I will risk losing a large chunk of my photos stored there because from next month free accounts will be limited to only 1000 photos. I was wondering how large a chunk they are talking about in my case so I logged into my account for the first time in ages and I saw that I have some 1350 photos stored there. Most of these are in albums which correspond to my blog on my photography site. In years gone by when I would do an assignment that I found interesting I would write about it and also include this album of photos via a WordPress Plugin called Flickr Justified Gallery. It works very well and saves me a lot on my bandwidth and storage of images for my photography website. As anybody who knows anything about SEO will tell you, without a blog on your site in which you create content related to the kind of work you do, don't expect to get much business from merely having a website. I can definitely attest to this as in over 10 years of being a full time pro I have never advertised my services anywhere and I am always getting work from my website. I come up on page one for all three of the specialist areas I work in in my geographic area. So it's important for me to keep those old albums up there and while Flickr has been 100% free during the time that Yahoo! ran it, I do see the value that Smugmug are presently offering with their Pro accounts. It costs $6.99 per month to host an unlimited number of images on your Flickr Pro account and according to the literature there's no restriction on the size of any individual image. If you go shopping around anywhere for hosting or cloud storage for backing up your images you are going to be paying a minimum of $10 a month for at least 1TB of disk space. I haven't found anything cheaper than this, which, if it is sustainable, is a helluva deal. Who knows what might happen in a few years time, but in my case looking at the rate at which I am adding images to my local drives, having an open ended back up for images I want to make sure I don't lose at such a low monthly rate seems like a no-brainer. I've signed up. Here's my PRO stream. Now I just have to start putting better organisation into place for my other non-professional work.
  14. Dallas


    Compositionally I'm struggling a bit to make up my mind on this one. Is it about the rocks in the foreground or about the background? I think if you crop off from the top left corner and come in about 10% on each edge that background will have less pull for my attention and I'll be more inclined to investigate the shapes of the rocks. Thanks for posting!
  15. Where are all the photos from the Christmas and New Year outings? I must apologise for my absence - I am running around dealing with car repairs and odd jobs, a few web projects and the usual stuff. Haven't had a chance to do any personal photography in ages, but hoping to get out and do something very soon. One of my E-M1 bodies has died on me during a shoot. I think the shutter is stuck, so that has to go to Portugal for repairs, but according to a colleague who had the same thing happen it wasn't too much of a wait to get it back (2-3 weeks). Fortunately I had a back-up on hand when it happened. I had a friend from London bring in a 67mm LEE Seven5 adapter ring for my 8-18mm lens, so now I really must get back on the beach bright and early to bring in some additional landscape work. The plan is to start printing and selling wall decor, especially now that I am working in the right market to find buyers for the work. Will keep you all posted on how that goes.

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