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  1. A report on what is currently happening in South Africa under lockdown. FYI, Carte Blanche is a reputable independent investigative journalism entity.
  2. We would have, and did initially support the lockdown, but then it became apparent that it wasn't being done in a logical or sensible way. Instead we had cretinous politicians use the situation to impose an illogical prohibition on the population's freedom to purchase anything online, buy alcohol or cigarettes. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, the "top cop" began threatening the population like we were some sort of errant school kids. In fact the army went into one poor man's house and literally beat him to death for drinking. On his own property. The soldiers who perpetrated this murder have been cleared of any wrongdoing. If any member of the public is caught doing anything that goes against the "regulations" imposed by the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) they are summarily arrested and are forced to pay an admission of guilt fine. The moment anyone does that they receive a criminal record. In one particularly inept case, police in Cape Town arrested a set of parents who's toddler had run onto the sand of a beach they were walking next to during level 4 of the lockdown during exercise time. The police arrested both parents and their toddler. The net result of this type of "police state"" has the majority of saffers with functional brains seething and in many cases ready to revolt against the government. These are crimes against humanity and while the rest of the world deals with this problem in a sensible way, our lauded constitution has been superseded by the insane ramblings of a few Zuma cronies who it seems are intent on forcing us into a one party state. I think they may as well call it Gilead.
  3. Today marks the first day of our level 3 version of lockdown. We are now allowed to exercise all day long, provided we are not in groups. My son and I loaded up the bicycles and headed down to the beachfront. Nobody is allowed in the water, but we are allowed to ride on the promenade. We did about 12km along this mostly flat track. It was very enjoyable. On the way back I stopped back at our old apartment building to take a photo that I wanted to show the street signs of where my old home was. This is with the iPhone 7 Plus.
  4. Luc, my wife started watching Vikings a while ago and she quite liked it, but I never watched it. Also didn't see past episode 3 of Game Of Thrones. To be honest, I am not enamoured by the Netflix original content anymore. It seems to me that they have an agenda to push. Nearly every series appears to have some kind of social bias to it, which they don't mask very well. Maybe I'm just getting old... Before I cancel Netflix I am in a race to finish watching Mad Men before they pull it off the service on the 8th. I still have 2.5 seasons to go. I have been enjoying that AMC series quite a lot. It was really well made and reminds me of what the formal workplace used to be like when I first entered it in 1989. Suits, ties, secretaries, old privilege... We have started season 2 of Killing Eve. The Russian girl is hysterically funny, but most of the rest of the cast is as boring as dry toast. Sandro Oh's character was interesting in the first few episodes, but now not at all (to me anyway).
  5. Dallas


    Thanks Luc. This was at the beginning of my diversion into MFT with the Olympus E-M5, so I didn't have too much hassle. I got caught by one of our guests on that trip (Blu Garrett) taking not the pic above, but quite close by.
  6. Dallas

    jumping spider #5.jpg

    Definitely don't want to be on the receiving end of this fella's bite!
  7. Regarding point 7 of the above linked article. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/can-i-smoke-level-3-proof-of-purchase-receipt-cigarettes-what-is-law-arrest-bheki-cele/ The South African government are a bunch of hopeless and inept criminals who should never have been allowed to contest an election in the first place. There's a special place in hell for this lot.
  8. Sabi Sabi, June 2019.
  9. Dallas


    Sounds like you need to make panos!
  10. I like the first and last ones best. Good compositions.
  11. Dallas

    A new Nikon Z7

    I’d need a few thousand Dollars for that...
  12. Dallas

    A new Nikon Z7

    I just need a decent video camera with a flip out screen. As good as they are for video, iPhones and low light video are not good bedfellows.
  13. Dallas

    A new Nikon Z7

    Enjoy, Mike.
  14. It is gut wrenching, Fanie. I don't think our friends overseas can begin to understand the complexities and sensitivities of the situation here politically and just how damaging this lockdown has been for the ordinary citizen. A lot of the people I know won't make it to July if they can't go back to work tomorrow. I don't know what to say to them either that could possibly give them a cheering up. I am doing my bit to try to help by offering to help them set up online stores at cost price for me, but then if there is no money in the economy for people to spend, what good will it do?
  15. Pretty much how I am going about things too, Mike. This government of ours though, is a living disgrace. These are evil people who are self serving. They have only their own interests at heart. The woman calling the shots from within their party (Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma) is none other than the ex-wife of Jacob Zuma, who still has not been brought to book for a decade of corruption and state capture that has crippled this country. Why is there a ban on tobacco during lock down? Guess what her son’s primary business is: tobacco. And guess who’s brand of smokes is freely available on the black market? Yep. Edward Zuma, her’s and Jacobs son. Now they are using this virus as an opportunity to pull down the only functioning provincial government left in the country. I shouldn’t say this but if anything good can come from this pandemic let it be that all those in our government who deserve to get it, get it. Rotten bastards.
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