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  1. Mine is simple: I don't need anymore gear (but it is sooo hard to resist), so my hope is that I will be able to travel a bit and find new subjects to photograph. I'd love to hear what you're hoping to do in photography next year.
  2. It's sometimes been referred to as the "most photographed bird in Africa".
  3. The coldest I can recall experiencing was while on guard duty in Pretoria one night. Our army base was on a hill and it got quite windy up there. The Highveld is known to get fairly cold and when I was in service there we'd often get sub-zero temps. On this particular night the mercury dropped to about -3˚C (or thereabouts), but with the wind chill that we were standing guard in it could easily have been -10˚C. After my second 2 hour beat for the night I remember getting into the bed in the guarding station and just not being able to comprehend how cold I was. It was like the marrow in my bones had frozen. It's funny though, when I was overweight through most of my 30's and half of my 40's I hated the warmer weather, but now its the other way around (although to be honest the humidity we get here in the summer is not pleasant at all). I'm with Mike: anything between 16-23˚C is fine with me!
  4. I'll take you up on that!
  5. Not much life around at dawn on the beach, I'm afraid. However, as I mentioned in my article, the water movement gave me something. Sorry you don't like it.
  6. Vivion, so you think the images are boring. Why? Let's examine your motivation for making such a comment. How would YOU improve them? What would you have done differently to make them less boring?
  7. So are your tedious responses to most of my posts. Grow up a little?
  8. Yes, but that's boring. The great thing about filters and slow shutter speeds is that we can take a boring scene and make it look interesting. Being natural isn't really the objective. Well, at least not for me when it comes to this type of shot.
  9. Great piece, Alan! Thanks for publishing on FZ.
  10. Hey! We finally got to 100 Subscribers on YouTube! Thank you to those of you who helped get us there. I hope to be making a new video once a week, either vlog or something related to being a photographer, so please stick around! 

  11. Good to see kids learning and doing crafts.
  12. Having lived here for my entire life (50 years next month) I can attest that we have had this problem since as far as I can remember, with varying degrees of severity, but they were usually few and far between, with several years between them. This is happening much more regularly now with several incidents occurring per year and each time it happens the damages get worse.
  13. I had to get out of the house for a little while this morning. The weather has been very wet this entire month, which is seasonal but the temperatures are definitely not the norm for this time of year (19C high today). In years gone by we’d already be complaining about the humidity and discomfort levels, but things are not quite there yet. Anyway, while I was down there I noticed that there have been some very high seas and subsequent damage to the promenade. It’s been an ongoing issue my entire life, but I think that the ocean has taken off the gloves and no matter what measures our engineers take, it is determined to rise beyond its constraints. iPhone 7Plus processed in Lr Mobile. Apologies for the tilted horizon...
  14. If they speak slowly and enunciate clearly, I can understand a lot of what the Dutch say as the language is the forebear of Afrikaans (the first language of my father's family). However, having been in the company of many Dutch people, the sounds they use are very different to Afrikaans, which makes it difficult to interpret when spoken normally. I guess in English you might compare it to trying to understand somebody with a very thick Scouse or Scots accent. You'd think they are using different words, but when you read them they are understandable.
  15. Wherever you find humans you will find conflict. It's been that way from the beginning of time. Doesn't look like changing any time soon.