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  1. Dallas

    Shootin' In the Rain

    When the rain comes the Safarians head for the lodge! Would be great to use for surf photography though.
  2. Dallas

    Shootin' In the Rain

    A new product from ThinkTank especially designed for those of you with a propensity to go out shooting in the rain has just been announced. Check this out; From the press release: Santa Rosa, Calif. – With Think Tank Photo’s new Emergency Rain Covers, photographers need no longer be caught off guard by bad weather. The Emergency Rain Covers are a simple, compact solution for protecting photo gear from sudden downpours or dusty conditions. These seam-sealed rain covers can be quickly and easily deployed when outdoor conditions change. The covers are designed to fit both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras and are available in two sizes to accommodate a range of full-frame lenses. The Emergency Rain Cover – Small protects a 16–35mm f/2.8, a 14–24mm f/2.8, a 24–105mm f/4, or a 24–70mm f/2.8 lens. The Emergency Rain Cover – Medium protects a 24–70mm f/2.8 or a 70–200mm f/2.8 lens. “When compressed, the Emergency Rain Cover fits into a small pouch, so it’s easy to bring along even if rain is a distant concern,” said Think Tank’s President and Lead Designer Doug Murdoch. “It takes up so little room in your bag, yet could save your gear when a sudden downpour or dust storm hits. Every photographer who shoots outdoors should keep one tucked one away in their camera bag.” Features include: Seam-sealed for extreme protection in downpour or dusty conditions Compresses into an included compact carrying pouch Oversize window to view your LCD and controls Ability to access your camera through one cinchable sleeve Mountable to tripod or monopod Dual viewing configurations for varying conditions Hot-shoe mount keeps cover secured to camera during use Non-slip, adjustable strap attaches directly to the lens hood DWR coating for an extra layer of protection Get One (or 2) As always, Fotozones supports the work of companies like ThinkTank. If you use the following link to order your Emergency Rain Cover, Fotozones gets a small commission which doesn't affect your price. On the contrary, when you order from the link below you will get free gift if your total order is more than $50. You won't get the free gift if you order directly. Use this link to order
  3. One of the things that somehow fell by the wayside in recent years was the POTW. It had been around pretty much from the start of the original NG site and I believe it was a good community activity. In fact it got so popular that I had to form a committee to run it! These days the site is a lot less busy and so I think it would be quite a good idea for me to select my favourite shot of the week. Currently I promote all the good photos and posts to the front page of the site, but for the new POTW I will create a fresh new gallery and I'll also send out this image in a weekly email to all members who have opted in to receiving admin emails from FZ. I'll start doing this on Friday, so keep posting, and keep your eye on the home page to see which image gets chosen for the honour each week. It will have a special place on the top right column, above the ads.
  4. Dallas

    Happy Family

    That's quite a cool shot, Luc. Your family?
  5. Dallas

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    You would be right at home here. Even in "winter".
  6. Dallas

    Luxembourg City

    I love the lines and sky on that second one, Luc. Job well done!
  7. Dallas

    Spooky Trees

    They're all very vivid and detailed, Chris, although they're so huge I have to scroll my 27" monitor a few pages to see them! I do think the first shot is the better of the first 2.
  8. Dallas

    Nikon Z6 or Canon EOS R?

    Interesting, Anthony. The XQD is a reason why I wouldn't buy the Nikon. SD cards work perfectly well for me and cost much less. And I can use them in all my cameras.
  9. Dallas

    Nikon Z6 or Canon EOS R?

    But if there were no other options, which one would you go for? I think that in spite of the lack of IBIS I would probably get the Canon. There's a better lens selection and generally I think their camera is better thought out. The dual pixel AF system is really very good, especially on face detection.
  10. Dallas

    I'm not bad, just broke and hungry

    What puzzles me is how blind society at large is to the rapid unfolding of this situation on an apparently global scale. A couple of days ago there was an article on BBC's website (it's the only news website I use these days for international news) describing the differences between today's generation of young adults, the infamous millennials, and those of us who are older. There are some staggering statistics to be seen in that piece. It all points to the imminent collapse of capitalism in my opinion. Our world cannot sustain this path of growth at all costs. It just can't, because the faster the train goes the more people get left behind at the station. Something has to change. We now have Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of over $160 billion dollars launching a so-called benevolence fund of $2bn while people working in his warehouses can't even pay for the heating in their houses during winter (true story told to me from a close friend who worked in one in the UK last year). How can one person ever spend $1bn in their lifetime let alone $160bn? How can any social system on this earth allow such a disparity to not only exist, but become "aspirational"?
  11. If you were buying a mirrorless camera now and you weren't invested in either system, which of these mirrorless 35mm cameras would you buy and why? Honestly, I think they both have very good feature sets, but the one thing that would tilt it towards Nikon for me is the presence of IBIS. The Canon doesn't have it, but it does have a lot of other very well thought out features. And I think it looks better. It is certainly a toss up, that's for sure. And now I also hear rumours of a 35mm 4/3rds format camera coming out from Panasonic soon. Where will it end?
  12. Dallas

    I'm not bad, just broke and hungry

    We have this at every traffic light in my city now. Whites, blacks, Asians... Poverty doesn't discriminate here anymore. This guy seems to be wearing clean clothes at least.
  13. Dallas

    Bearded Vulture in flight

    Wow, that is just awesome! Thanks for showing us.
  14. Dallas

    This mornings Dove

    You may want to look at the Olympus Dot Sight for BIF. It can be used on any camera with a hot shoe, I understand.
  15. Dallas

    I Still Hate Photoshop

    Well you see, there's the thing with Lr. There is no save function required because it "saves" every change you make as you do it. Think of Lr as having a little scribe sitting quietly in the corner writing down everything you're doing as you do it to your raw file. If you make a mistake you use the CMD+Z to undo repeatedly until you're back where your error occurred, all the while your raw file remains untouched so there's no chance of messing it up and nothing you do is ever lost. When you reach the point of your edit at which you wish to create an output file you simply select the export function and within that dialog box you define your format, size, compression, destination, watermark, etc. It couldn't be any simpler. In Photoshop that process is so complicated by multiple menus and magic sauce that you can only operate the program efficiently if you have prior training in it. That training is based on an old architecture of logic which, in my personal opinion, doesn't have any place in the world of computing anymore. It should be deprecated by all software developers. I'm not saying that Ps doesn't have a place in photography - that would be foolish. All I'm saying is that it is hobbled by a workflow logic of the past and as such I prefer to use the simpler, much more logical (to me at least) Lightroom. I can't recall how many times I had this argument with (she will shall not be named) where doing the same task in Lr cut down the number of mouse clicks or KSC's by more than half. It did however highlight to me that there is an old school and a new school in image editing and I don't think too many people from the old school like to see things being made simpler. I hope you don't take that the wrong way. I can't recall how quickly Nigel Danson make that selection of the green range in his video but I think it was about 3 clicks and a slider movement. I hadn't seen that done in Lr before using the gradient tool with masking, so it was nice to learn.

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