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  1. Dallas

    How We View Art

    It is very clever, and yes the shards could be symbolic of prison bars too. I hadn't been born yet when he was imprisoned, but during the 1980's I came to understand all too clearly why he had been sent there. My first experience of the ANC's "methods" was when I was 12 years old. On a gloomy Saturday afternoon during the school holidays, a friend and I were walking to his parent's apartment just outside of town. Because it was raining heavily we decided to take refuge in a sheltered shop entrance. It was after 1pm and in those days everything closed on Saturday afternoons, so there weren't many people about. Outside the shop entrance were some dustbins and concealed in one of those bins lay a time bomb. The rain stopped and we had walked maybe two or three hundred meters up the road when it went off. It was the most surreal experience of my life, because it was almost exactly like you see in the movies. Everything sort of went into slow motion and the fiery debris that had been propelled into the air from the blast was falling down slowly, almost like the rain. That moment has stayed with me my entire life and I thank God that I was spared that day. Mandela certainly emerged from prison as a changed man, but sadly whatever had changed him, didn't change the mindset of his organisation much. What has transpired over the past 20 years of ANC malfeasance is probably an even worse form of terrorism.
  2. Dallas

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    Excellent! Welcome to the serious mirrorless world, Armando. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your images with this system. I'm also sure that you will get lots of lens suggestions from the Fuji users on FZ.
  3. Dallas

    How We View Art

    Last weekend my wife and I took a drive into the Natal midlands to get away from the city for a morning of country air and antiquing (not that we are antique fans). Along the route we chose one encounters the Mandela capture site. This is where he was arrested in the early 1960's, so we popped in to have a look at the well publicised sculpture that has been erected there. Basically one walks along a 500m long pathway, where there are historical markers of his life. At the end of the "long walk" there is this series of metal shards in the ground, which when looked at directly show up an image of his face. Interestingly, when viewed with the naked eye one doesn't see the image as clearly as when looking at a photograph of the same scene. I don't know why that is, but we both remarked on how weird it was when looking at the shots I took on my iPhone later. Short of getting into the forbidden political slant of Mandela's legacy, I found it amusing that this sculpture has as it's backdrop a row of power lines. In the past week South Africa's power grid has been the subject of intense political and public scrutiny as Mandela's organisation (the ANC) attempts to explain why our nation's state-owned (and only) power generation company has fallen into complete and total chaos, with rolling blackouts the order of the day now. Mass corruption on a scale that I don't think has ever been seen anywhere in the world is unfolding before our eyes. General elections coming up in May. Interesting times ahead, for sure!
  4. Dallas

    Antarctic Sunset

  5. Dallas

    Wall Art Wagenwerkplaats

    Impressive artworks captured perfectly!
  6. Great contribution, Walter - thanks for publishing on Fotozones! If any other members would like to contribute an article and join the group of Contributors we have on FZ please check out the guidelines on how to submit.
  7. Dallas

    Power Struggles

    My apologies for not being online much the past few days. We are having some serious power generation problems in the country 🙄 which are being made worse with cyclone Idai which has wreaked havoc to our northerly neighbours (we get some of our power from Mozambique). We're currently experiencing "load shedding" (power cuts) of up to 6 hours a day, which also severely affects my LTE-A internet connection as the towers transmit at lower signals when the power goes out. Life in Africa...
  8. Dallas

    The End of Winter

    We could use some cooler weather here. Great photos, Walton.
  9. Dallas

    Remembering Everest Base Camp

    Excellent composition (as always), but I think this shot calls for colour. The tents seem to get lost in the foreground as there is little contrast between them and the surrounding rocks.
  10. Great cover, Daniel! I was born in January '68 so my F1 awareness might have been a little cloudy then! In South Africa we only got television in 1976 and then IIRC the SABC only used to cover the local GP. I recall witnessing the terrible death of Tom Pryce and the fire marshal at Kyalami in the '77 SA GP, which they seemed to show repeatedly in slow motion. In the 80's they started to show more races on local TV and my Dad was a huge fan of Nigel Mansell back in those days. My interest, as mentioned, only really began in about '94, the year Senna was killed. I saw that there is a series about F1 now on Netflix so I watched the first episode last night (was around last year's season) and it takes you behind the scenes. The cars now look rather silly with those halo things around the cockpit, in my opinion. @Chris Fabbri has also covered a few F1 races in Brazil.
  11. Great article, Daniel! Thanks for publishing here in FZ. I used to be a really big fan of F1 through the 90's and early 00's and then I also photographed the A1GP series when it came to my city in 2006-2008. The other day I watched the documentary Senna, which I found really interesting because it covered the period just before I became interested in F1. I hadn't been a Senna fan, but having seen the film about him I think I would definitely have enjoyed supporting him. I was initially a Schumacher fan when he raced for Bennetton, but the Ferrari years I didn't enjoy him at all and my allegiance was with McLaren, particularly the Finnish drivers Mika Hakkinen and of course Kimi Raikkonen.
  12. Dallas

    Salton Sea

    I like it. Good work.
  13. This was a really good interview, covering some very interesting subjects. Enjoy it and let me know what you thought of it.
  14. Dallas

    Your Oldest Image Online?

    I had a D2H once upon a time. I got it after they became passé and everyone was after the 12MP D2X.
  15. There is no review for this lens yet. Please feel free to post your own review (or images taken with this lens) using the comments section below. The best review received will become the stub record and the author will be credited with the record. Feel free to ask questions about the lens in the comments section, but please keep all comments on topic so as to avoid clutter. We especially invite members to share their images taken with the lens in the comments. To get notifications of new posts to this lens review record please click the "Follow" button on the same line as the title. These records will always be non-commercial and no affiliate links to sellers will be found here.

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