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  1. Dallas

    A long wait

    I find the evening shots a lot more interesting to look at.
  2. There’s always room for more pudding!
  3. Dallas

    B&W Central Park

    I recognise that rock in #6 from The Fisher King. Great images, as usual.
  4. As per a few messages above: apparently cPanel rolled out an automatic update across the servers of my host and in the process broke the mySQL start processes. My apologies for that.
  5. Dallas

    A long wait

    Hmmm... compositionally it isn't working for me, Chris. I am seeing too much black at the bottom of the frame and the close hanging branch on the left is intruding too much into the frame for my liking.
  6. Sorry, I can't accommodate that request.
  7. I want to build monthly income for Fotozones so as to avoid potential cash flow issues down the road. This monthly cloud hosted solution seems to be the ideal vehicle for that as it also includes the $110 license fees that I am faced with every 6 months (due next month again). I'd prefer to pay monthly for services than to run long term accounts, especially with FZ users. The way the subscription system works here is very simple. Once you sign up every month you will be debited $2,95 by PayPal. If our licenses are up to date once payment is received the system automatically reconciles that payment with your access level. If you decide you don't want to pay anymore you can cancel it from within PayPal and the system here will revert your membership back to normal. This protects everybody involved.
  8. OK folks, so this past week or two have been very challenging on a technical level for my host. In the midst of DDoS attacks and other server problems, we also lost access to the website this morning due to an overnight automatic software update to cPanel/mySQL that apparently caused a variety of technical issues with accessing the database. Of more concern to me is that the site shouldn't be slow to load regardless of where you are in the world. I want everybody to have a good experience on FZ. The only way I can improve this speed issue is to move the website hosting back to the USA, however this is not something I can just do without support from the community here. The whole reason why I moved the site to South African hosting in the first place was because of the wildly fluctuating ZAR/USD exchange rate. As I pay for this mostly out of my own pocket, the costs are real to me and if I am to keep them in check I need the monthly overhead to be manageable. I have been looking into moving Fotozones onto the managed Cloud hosting offered by InvisionCommunity (who provide the software). As the site currently stands I think we will be able to get away with the entry level package ($45 a month) provided I move all the attachment storage to Amazon. At present I have 5 FZ members who have committed to helping me bring you the site by subscribing for $2,95. Once PayPal takes their chunk of that, assuming I take the $45 option from Invision I would still have to pay around $32,50 plus the Amazon fees to keep FZ fast and well equipped and supported (I have no idea how much these Amazon fees will be because understanding their pricing model is like learning how to land a human on Mars). So, if there is enough support on the ground at FZ to get me to within 50% of the monthly costs from Invision, I am happy to absorb the balance. This will take about another 5 or so subscribers, hopefully more. One thing I don't want to do is offer subscriptions that are long term. I want to keep the fees low and monthly, so I think that $2,95 is a fair price to pay for a site membership that allows you to make full use of the upload facilities here. If there are any other suggestions I am more than happy to listen to them.
  9. Dallas

    Lions - Night

    Personally I wouldn't even do it once, but yeah, those cats are not stupid.
  10. I came close to buying one of those off a friend last year. For my son, of course. 😎
  11. Your talents as a photographer are extensive, Aguinaldo. Thank you for sharing these. 🙂
  12. Dallas

    Lions - Night

    Not the same film I was talking about but the same outcome:
  13. Dallas

    Lions - Night

    Dave, it varies but I think that for parks with elephants they need a minimum of a 458 calibre. I will ask one of my ranger buddies and get back to you. Regarding the attacks by cats, if you are on the vehicle this is very unlikely as they don't see the vehicle as a threat. There's a bit of a misconception about animals seeing the vehicle with people on it as a single animal bigger than them, but it's not true. They definitely have the ability to distinguish people from vehicles. That said, most animals are innately afraid of humans (for good reason) and unless they are feeling threatened or they fancy their chances of taking you out, they would rather not have a confrontation and will either try to scare you off or beat a hasty retreat themselves. This is why rangers will tell you to never run because if you do the animals instinct will automatically kick in and they will take you out. If you stand your ground, however, they will lose their confidence and won't know quite how to react. This varies from animal to animal, but generally you're never going to outrun them so better to take your chances and fend off any attacks. I vividly remember seeing a documentary on lions when I was a little boy where this guy was in the bush tracking a lion pride. He was short of food and the lions had made a kill so he hatched a plan to steal part of the kill from them. So he runs towards them, screaming like a Banshee and waving his arms like crazy. The lions scattered like mad because they had no idea what this thing was that they were being attacked by. He got out his bush knife, cut off a piece from the animal and then disappeared. The lions eventually returned to their kill but it just goes to show that while they have the title "King Of The Jungle" it's just a title.
  14. Wait, I forgot about Marabou storks. We saw loads of those in Botswana. Big ugly buggers.
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