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  1. Dallas

    Amazing Sunrise

    I had to get up pretty early for a shoot this morning. Fortunately I was blessed with an amazing sunrise as a reward. BTW, this was handheld, shot at 400 ISO on the Olympus E-M1 with the 12-40/2.8 PRO. Shutter speed was 1/13 second. Dragging myself back across the road to the location of the shoot, I couldn't help getting yet another shot. this one I turned down the ISO to 200 and by this time the shutter speed was up to 1/100. Apologies if you couldn't see the original image. I had uploaded to Flickr and forgotten to adjust the permissions there. Have uploaded here now.
  2. About $600 in local currency, Dave. You'll probably pick them up cheaper used in the US.
  3. We were walking in the Cape Town CBD and went past this place. I haven't seen one in a long, long time. Still working!
  4. We're all friends here now that most of the lunatic fringe has departed! Personally I need to think about getting a PC because most of the time I am supporting clients who use them and when they ask me to help them set up their private domain based emails on Outlook I am grasping at straws. That said, the reason I stick with Apple is purely because of the OS. If I could build a Hackintosh I certainly would. Come to think of it, with the amount of money Apple has gotten out of me this year I could probably have built a serious one. iPad Pro, Apple TV4k, iPhone 7P128 (for the wife), Apple Pencil, Brydge keyboard, Magic Trackpad... Hmmmm...a Hackintosh could be a cool project for the upcoming holiday season....
  5. After watching several hours of reviews of the Sony A7ii and its relevance in 2019 (it is 5 years old already), I am slowly drawing myself back to my senses and thinking about adding other things to my system that would make more sense at all levels. The problem with that camera is 2 fold. Firstly, while the cost new including the 28-70 kit lens and a current Sony 10% cash back deal is attractive, I would have to buy at least 2 additional batteries and an external charger, because for some inane reason Sony only supply a cable to charge the battery inside the camera. So while it's charging you can't be using it. The other issue is that the 28-70 lens isn't going to offer me much in terms of what I can do, so I'd have to put down the money for a Canon 17-40/4.0 and one of the smart adapters too. That kind of puts it into a "not so pretty" financial impact area for me. I might as well then rather spend the money on other things, like a new computer, or a proper NAS backup storage solution. I will at some point migrate to Sony/Canon mirrorless by adding a body and lens that makes sense for my work as well as doesn't leave a gaping hole in the financials. But I think I will still be selling these lenses...
  6. ...then a Sony A7ii will enter my life. I can't help myself. Boredom has set in! I haven't used any of these items this year. Except maybe for the 75/1.8, but since I am no longer going to be doing any event work, that lens is superfluous.
  7. I have been contemplating upgrading my old iMac's HDD to SSD, but opening that thing up is way beyond my pay grade. The cost of a new iMac though makes my eyes water, so the 2012 model will continue to do service for now. Or until I win the lottery.
  8. Yup. It is quite amazing. I have been using the demo very sparingly over the years for large images that i use on my portfolio website. I can pretty much get a 2000px image down to under 1MB and there is no loss of quality at all. For SEO purposes this is vital as site loading speed is becoming one of Google’s main factors for ranking these days.
  9. The only thing I bought photography related on Black Friday was a copy of JPEG Mini, which is probably the best file size reducing software you can get. It usually costs $89 for the Pro Suite, but they are currently still running the 30% off deal, so you will pay only $62. Highly recommended! (P.S. I don't get anything for sharing this deal with you).
  10. 12x1000W? Crikey. Looking at this thing instantly brought to mind an apparatus I came across while visiting The Castle Of Good Hope in Cape Town last week. Perhaps it might help those subjects to hold still too. 😂
  11. Welcome BeoNag! Enjoy the community. :) 

  12. Dallas

    Hout Bay

    Haha! Sounds very similar to Durban. 😎 However, we do have warm ocean water (and shark nets), so it's possible to spend the day in the water without being eaten or experiencing hypothermia.
  13. Dallas

    The Vessel

    Wow, that's beautiful colour.
  14. Agree with Aguinaldo about the shadow detail. Definitely would benefit from a lift.
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