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  1. I like it. A bit of burning in over the range would make them stand out a bit more.
  2. Dallas

    Torres del Paine

    Wow! Another amazing set. Very inspiring images, Aguinaldo.
  3. Great adventure there! Thanks for sharing, Aguinaldo. Always a pleasure to look at your photographs.
  4. Comprehensive review, thanks Andrew.
  5. I've been having a problem recording video for certain lifestyle aspects of my real estate production business when using my Lumix G9 cameras. The auto focus on those cameras is not great for tracking subjects when you are moving towards the subject. Constant drifting in and out of focus which renders the footage barely usable. I recently was gifted a mint condition Olympus E-M1 by a member of FZ who has become a good friend (and client) and I decided to use this camera specifically for those quick little videos. Wow, what a great camera the OG E-M1 is. It doesn't miss a beat when focusing on my videos and the stills are still pretty amazing. Newer isn't always better. Keep on shooting those older cameras. 🙂
  6. These are absolutely stunning, Aguinaldo! South America has risen to the top of my list of places I need to visit. Maybe one day in the not too distant future there will be a Fotozones safari to the continent.
  7. Our software has just been updated. From my side all appears to have gone off well, but please report anything strange. If your version of the site looks off, you may need to log out, clear cookies and cache and then log in again. 🙂
  8. Dallas


    Hi Anthony, nice to see your photos again. These are great.
  9. I really like the look you get from your Pentax system. Great colour and sharpness.
  10. Great conversation going on here, gentlemen! Daniel, yes, there have been some advances in technology that I find indispensible, particularly IBIS. I also lean into the metering advances heavily these days too. But I hear what Alan and Chris are saying about how technology has made some modern cameras overly complex, to the point where using them becomes more of a frustration than a pleasure. My G9 Panasonic bodies are a good example. It has taken me a long time to come to grips with them and I still find mysef scratching my head at some of the ways they have implemented technology in those cameras. In the first minutes of ownership I accidentally tapped on the Japanese or Chinese menu and it literally took me hours to try and reset the camera back to the point where I could choose English as the main language. If that wasn't bad enough, a friend of my sons was handling the camera and somehow managed to put it into "night mode" where everything on the rear screen turns red. Good grief, did that one cause me massive angst! Fortunately I eventually figured out that he had flipped a switch on the front of the camera that had been set to enable this mode (I had no recollection of doing this when setting the custom buttons and dials). Anyway, great topic, guys!
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