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  1. It's very sad to see our fellow man go through this kind of thing. Sometimes though I think that the homeless may have found a kind of freedom that we can't really comprehend. No issues with debts and other related pressures, etc. One of my favourite movies ever is The Fisher King, starring the late Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. I saw it for the first time on TV when I was desperately ill with hep-A in 1993. I recorded it and must have re-watched it nearly every day the entire time I was in quarantine at home. I don't know if I would ever want to be homeless though.
  2. I think that they will probably come at some point in the future. The system is still relatively young when compared to 35mm systems so I guess that the main protagonists were looking to build a larger user base before they started in on the speciality primes. That said, Olympus do make that 8mm f/1.8 PRO fisheye lens, which is very nice, but very expensive. When they bring out a tilt-shift I would be interested.
  3. I like it. He seems quite happy for a panhandler.
  4. Geez Mike, there are so many excellent primes from both Olympus and Panasonic in MFT mount, probably to the order of many more than Fuji offers. Granted, perhaps not so much in the extreme wide angle area, but they certainly do have plenty between 12mm and 19mm for moderately wide views. One is very spoiled for choice within that range. It gets even more densely populated in the mid range between 25mm and 100mm. I've lost count of the number of 25mm lenses now. Yes, there are quite a few non-AF lenses from a variety of makers. The wide angles don't really present much of a problem for focus since the format lends itself to greater depth of field, plus you always have focus peaking to assist with it. For instance, the 7.5mm Samyang fisheye only needs me to set focus to infinity and aperture to about 5.6 and everything from about a metre to infinity is in sharp focus.
  5. Well, there are some very good zoom lenses for MFT, so my preference is for those. However, there are also some excellent prime lenses in the wide angle area coming into play now too, specifically from the Chinese brands. I have added a couple of them to the MFT database recently. There is a 7.5mm rectilinear (15mm on 135) and there is also the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 which I have used and found to be outstanding. The only reason I didn't buy one was because the 12-40mm 2.8 PRO I have is so good (and I suppose the price of the prime also lends itself against immediate desirability). The 8-18mm Panasonic/Leica product has been getting very good reviews, so it's my most likely next purchase, assuming the RE work remains on the up.
  6. Yesterday I packed it off to its new owner in another part of SA. The reason? Just not using it and to be honest its files weren't ever going to fit in with my workflow. I tried HDR in Lr with them (same as I do for the Olympus) and they looked wildly different. Not sure why that is but they weren't usable at all. The video was convenient, but the quality from my iPhone is better. For the rare videos I make the phone will be just fine. With the money I am thinking of either getting some portable lighting or saving up for the Panasonic 8-18mm lens. I could probably do that if I sold the Olympus 9-18mm, but that lens is just very convenient and small so it's ideal for travel. And it's IQ isn't anything to be worried about. Decisions, decisions...
  7. Very sharp and almost 3D like, Mike. Good job!
  8. Thanks for sharing, Andreas. At first I thought you were talking about buying a big-ass TV for watching images on, but then I got to the part about a 2kg limit and thought, hang on... I helped my older son buy a 2nd hand Lenovo Yoga last year. I can't recall the model, but it was pretty nice. Well spec'd and all, with a rechargeable pen that slots into the screen. The day after it arrived the screen backlight conked on the bottom right corner. Fortunately the warranty is transferrable and we were able to have the entire screen replaced under the warranty scheme at no cost. My old MacBook Pro 13" is still going strong after I put in 16GB or RAM and swapped out the HDD for an SSD. The only downside is the screen is too low res to be an effective editing machine, so it's primary purpose these days is as a media server for Plex and iTunes. I don't know if I will buy another laptop because as you say, Apple have literally gone mad with their new pricing and also the keyboard business is not good. I hope they get hit hard with that, but knowing the way the (so called) justice system works in this world I expect they will probably just get away with it. Again.
  9. Thanks Walton. It seems that every day there is a new lens for the MFT system! This is now a third one with 7.5mm focal length. I must add it to the database too.
  10. It was a permission overlap on the local moderators group. Sorry, should be ok now.
  11. I like the last one also.
  12. I like 'em both. I don't know about that fisheye lens. Is it MFT?
  13. 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye

    This fisheye lens is one of my favourite, fun lenses for the MFT system. Build quality is excellent, really solid little lens, with a full metal construction. It has a manual aperture ring which can be de-clicked if needed for video purposes. The image quality is excellent too. Set it to infinity and aperture f/5.6-8 and you will have just about everything in focus, so there's no need to fret about the lack of auto-focus. Also, on my OM-D cameras I use it in A mode and somehow the camera figures out the correct exposure without knowing what aperture is set. A great benefit of having a mirrorless camera! I use it in really small bathrooms when I am photographing real estate and using a downloaded lens profile it can be transformed to rectilinear in a single click (it does get stretched on the edges though, so some careful composition might be needed. example of rectilinear correction in Lightroom above If you are doing landscape work it is possible to get an unstretched image by placing the horizon in the middle of the frame (see images below). But generally you can have great fun in just about any situation with this lens. I highly recommend getting one.
  14. Looks like the upload may have failed. Try editing the post and removing it, then re-uploading it. Sorry about that.
  15. I challenge you to decoupage all your guitars!