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  1. Dallas


    Excellent results, Chris!
  2. It's funny how if you look at the sizes of lenses that were made for 35mm cameras in the last century and compare them with what we get for the same format size today, we have immense bloat. This is what prevents me from wanting to move away from the MFT system where what I have in lenses now is easily transported where I need to go.
  3. This is a new 35mm frame / sensor size rangefinder style camera from Panasonic that shares many of the same features of the S5ii, but costs $1599. Looks interesting. Would I buy one? If I was invested in that format I might, but since I am not I probably wouldn't.
  4. Excellent as always! What is that thing in the last frame? Art installation?
  5. Dallas


    It looks different to how we see Arizona in shows and movies. Similar to the Northern Cape province here but with more green.
  6. Dallas

    The X100 Files

    Exercising daily photographic vision using the most minimal of equipment. The images I upload here are not intended to be technically perfect, or even approaching that, but rather a place to show things I see on a daily basis and whether I can communicate what I see in images. It's more of a compositional exercise than anything else. What I do is take a shot and then ask myself on review how I can improve it compositionally. Unless stated all images are taken with the Fujifilm X100 (original).
  7. Dallas

    NYC subway

    What gear were you using here, Aguinaldo?
  8. So many great shots. 9-12 are particularly lovely.
  9. The tragedy of war. Seems that mankind will never learn to live without it. Good to see you posting though, Alex. 🙂
  10. Nice series. I particularly like the movement in #4.
  11. Really nice to see you are still making these amazing images, Michael. 12000 pixels on one edge will probably break my old computer!
  12. I have just sent out a newsletter in which I stated that all current members of FZ will be upgraded to the grandfathered full access Life Membership status while I am busy setting up the online training school for real estate photography on Fotozones. Basically all you have to do to claim your Life Membership is make a post somewhere on Fotozones. You can make a new post or reply to an existing one and the system should promote you into the Life Membership group. This promotion rule will be in effect right up until I launch the RE Photography zone in the later part of the year. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.
  13. Yep. I think that asking anybody born outside of the film era to comment on the look of 35mm film might find an answer of it looking "fake".
  14. Tampon SP90?
  15. Compositionally pleasing photos, but... lacking the "bite" of realism that we get from modern digital captures. This is why I don't have any nostalgia for 35mm film.
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