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  1. Dallas

    Not Old Rope

    An interesting study of shape and colour.
  2. Dallas

    Rio de Janeiro 40C

    Great classic composition. 40C is hot! even by Rio standards I guess.
  3. Big black Friday special from ThinkTank. These are pretty cool rollers. I have the standard Airport Advantage which is great for safari gear. Not sure if the Plus sized one meets carry on for the regional planes used to get to various reserves, but still a great deal. Use this link below to purchase (or click the advert) and you'll also get free shipping and a gift along with the case. https://www.thinktankphoto.com/pages/workshop?rfsn=1595157.851b420d0
  4. Thanks Maurice! I will certainly check out those links.
  5. Dallas

    Palace Soestdijk

    A very pleasing composition in lovely light. Amazing to think that anybody ever needs such a huge place to call home. Im many ways I think that most royals end up becoming prisoners of their own titles. They certainly don't have the same kind of freedom that the common man enjoys, in spite of their apparent affluence.
  6. Dallas

    Dog photos white ones

    The second one is quite nice.
  7. Dallas

    Frames From My Week

    Thanks Luc. The "Kreepy Krawley" is a standard fixture in all South African homes with a swimming pool. Sometimes clients do remove them, but I prefer it if they don't because what invariably happens is they drip water all around the side of the pool which ends up being a lot more unsightly than the APC in the pool itself. All these images were made with my new 8-18mm Leica. That last house with the plastic furniture is actually unoccupied permanently and the owner rents it out on a daily basis on (I think) Airbnb. It sleeps 12 people in bedrooms for R6000 per night. Put in perspective that's about $430 today. Quite a bargain if you've got Dollars amongst friends to burn for a holiday in Durban.
  8. Dallas

    Frames From My Week

    Thanks for all the comments - much appreciated feedback. @Anthony yes, white balance is always tricky with interiors, especially if there is a lot of greenery outside. I normally use the eye dropper tool on a patch of ceiling that should be white to get a Kelvin value. I then apply that same value across most of the other images of the same room manually, but I also take into account the colour casts coming in from other walls. One thing to remember when doing interiors at this level (RE & Airbnb) is that perfection isn't necessary because we're not going to print and we have no control over the colour of the device the end user is likely to be consuming the image on. Obviously you want to try and get it looking as good as you can, but don't get hung up on slight variations in colour. The only way around that is to use flash and then paint in parts of the image using layers in Photoshop masks. It becomes very time consuming and if you're not careful you end up with a very sterile looking image. I disagree with many RE photographers on this sort of thing. Mostly they don't want to see reflections on things like wooden floors or tiles, so they flash the crap out of them and the end result looks like a computer graphics rendered image with no nuance or life to it. In a word, unnatural. I've used a lot of different HDR programs for property photography over the years and they all tend to offer a different look. Up until Lightroom brought out its own way of blending images I was quite happy with the Enfuse plugin which I bought many years ago. Incredibly that same plugin still works on the latest Lr and I haven't updated it in literally years! However, it is very slow compared to Lr and when you're shooting sometimes up to 5 properties a day every minute saved on editing becomes important. So Lr HDR blending has become my go-to method if I need to get through a lot of images in a day. However, having played around with Aurora 2019 since before it was released (I got an advance copy) I am now able to export the 3 bracketed frames I use to it from Lr and bring them back again in not too much more time than I would do it in Lr. The results are significantly better for RE work than Lr on its own. That said, I still prefer to work with images in Lr than in Aurora. It is going to take something truly ground shakingly excellent to get me away from the simplicity of Lr workflow.
  9. Dallas

    9-18mm f/4-5.6 M.Zuiko

    While I have now purchased the Leica 8-18mm lens which has almost the same angles of view, I won't sell this little Olympus simply because it is so small and light, plus it offers great image quality.
  10. Dallas

    Crocus pulchellus

    It's a nice square composition. I would like to see the exposure and white balance lifted a bit more as the central parts look a tad too cold if they are to be white.
  11. Dallas

    It's taken years....

    Excellent, Chris! The first one really pops. I think that Fuji is suiting you very nicely.
  12. Dallas

    Frames From My Week

    Yup. I only shoot HDR for real estate and recently I have begun using Aurora 2019 as a plugin to Lightroom. It's a lot slower to use than the normal Lr HDR process I have been using but the results are definitely a lot better. I will be writing a review of Aurora once I have had a little longer to properly investigate all its uses. It's a pretty complex program (similar to Photoshop but running on a more logical interface).
  13. That's very nice, Aguinaldo! The shape of the beached wave looks like a tongue landing on the shore.
  14. Dallas

    Frames From My Week

    Yeah, me too. I added it to my RE portfolio. I got a lovely email from the owner complimenting me on the photos, which is always nice.
  15. Dallas

    Frames From My Week

    Another week of real estate photography, this week with some really special homes. Here are some of my favourite frames. This house was my favourite. Set in a secure estate, the flow between indoors and outdoors was really nicely thought out. Rim flow pool with a view off into the valley also a nice touch. Not quite my taste in decor, this home had amazing sea views and also some nice architectural features. Today's shoot was in a house in the northern part of the city. Stunning place, really, with a private pool set directly against the house, plus loads of bedrooms and many other features. The best was the double layered deck that leads you to the most incredible sea and city views. Pity about the crappy deck furniture...

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