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  1. dond

    Two new Pro lens listed at B&H

    Actually they have both been on the BH website for over 60 days or so. I signed up for automatic emails when they are available, and have been getting automated reminders that I had indeed signed up for reminders every 20 days.
  2. dond

    Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8

    In Olympus -speak, it means "Lens function" and what it does is programmable in the cameras' menu. This may be the first oly lens I have seen that has it, although I believe the EM5 has the programming option for it - maybe they were engaging in a bit of foreshadowing?
  3. dond

    Say hello!

    Dallas, This is exciting, I didn't dive in until I actually acquired some MFT equipment just this year, and now that I'm here I am looking forward to sharing my MFT experiences and images. It's all pretty new, but the common thread so far is wow! The images I'm getting are much better than I expected and the portability factor has renewed my interest in street photography, which had been getting stale after 5 years of carrying my Nikon FX and fast zooms around on my business travels to Asia and Europe - too heavy and obtrusive. Best of luck with this new endeavor and subject, I'll post as much as I can! -dond
  4. dond

    Exposure compensation

    I wear progressive lenses all the time - no issues seeing the entire frame incl. info on the EVF of the OMD - I was concerned esp. after using the HP finders on my F3, D2h and D3 for so many years. Not an issue at all. The diopter adjustment is effective too......
  5. dond

    Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6

    Really surprising little lens. I got this as practically a freebie on a factory demo OMD last month. Took it to Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey for a long weekend long side a biz trip - I really liked the rendering and the extreme portability. Totally caught me by surprise!! Will try to post 1 or 2 images if I can figure out how to do it - its been a while since I uploaded to Nikongear.com and I'm not used to the UI here.
  6. dond

    Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm f/2 ED

    Picked this up to use on my OMD. I had been using a 17-35 2.8 on my DX Nikons since 2003 and FX since 2008, and wanted a reasonably fast small W/A to use as a proxy for that zoom in MFT. If I look at my keepers, almost 60-70% of them were shot with that 17-35 so I guess I am naturally a W/A person - mostly street scenes, etc. I have only had the 12 2.0 for a few weeks, will take it to Asia on business later this spring and see how it performs as a street lens in Kuala Lumpur over a weekend layover - I'll post some samples if they are interesting. Images sharp and have not seen any CA problems, slight barrel, but hey, I've been shooting Nikon W/A's on film and digital for over 20 years so that isn't an issue. Love the size and the all-metal build - sweet and smooth.
  7. dond

    ? update for 200mm f/4 macro

    Macro=MF 100% of the time, my "old" AF version is all I need. I guess if you used it for hand held landscapes, etc an AF-S with VRII would be welcome additions for some but certainly not all of us.
  8. dond

    'Finishing' Images

    The exhibit is there until end of June 2012, for those close or visiting the Boston area. Well worth the effort. http://www.pem.org/exhibitions/140-the_minds_eye_50_years_of_photography_by_jerry_uelsmann
  9. dond

    'Finishing' Images

    "Jerry Uelsmann, Ansel Adams, Brett Weston and most of the f64 school would be surprised to find out they weren't real photographers. " - the_traveler. Yeah, just saw the Uelsmann exhibit at the Peabody Essex in Salem,MA last weekend. Very comprehensively curated. I hadn't seen so much of his work in one place before. Made me realize that all of the time I spent in the darkroom so many years ago now was an undiciplined waste of time.
  10. dond

    Nikon F2

    To Dave R.: Just get a rubber eyepiece cover - I forget the part # but it is a rubber coated metal ring instead of the black painted version that comes stock with the camera. I have the same spectacles issue, but the rubber coated ring allows me to press the eyepiece right against my plastic Zeiss "eyeball covers".
  11. dond

    On the Death of a Coolscan 8000 ED...

    Fred, One last comment - the inductor probably has some markings on it which will indicate to any electronics-savvy individual what the value is for it and armed with an internet connection should be able to find an exact replacement, so the schematic is probably not even necessary. If you want to get it fixed, if for no other reason than the sell it - I'm sure you can for a very small sum - would be a shame to have to send it off to the recyclers if it still works. Regards, Don
  12. dond

    On the Death of a Coolscan 8000 ED...

    Looks like the broken component is a surface mounted inductor, and the "feet" appear to be broken off so it needs to be replaced, not just soldered back on. I agree, should be easy to replace using hand soldering techniques, as long as the rest of the boards' components were not damaged by the change in the circuit. Given the proximity to the FW port -it is probably an inductor used in a low pass filter circuit for the FW link - so perhaps the rest of the board was not damaged - hard to say w/o a schematic. Can't the Nikon svc. folks provide a schematic that a local electronics repair shop could then use to verify and replace the inductor?
  13. dond

    MacBook Pro i5 or i7 - which one to choose?

    I would have to agree with you on that point.......
  14. dond

    MacBook Pro i5 or i7 - which one to choose?

    Fred, If I was working with moving vs. still images or using CS4/5 ALOT, I would agree, and I would suggest a macpro instead. For most of us who do not, the difference in performance is not as great say as installing a SSD into a core2duo mbp, benchmarks aside. Agree 100% about the upcoming new architectures, they represent a more significant improvement and I will eventually upgrade when the logic board on my 3.5 yr. old mbp gives up the ghost for the second time..............Until then, $2.5k USD is best used elsewhere in the realm of photography or travel. Don
  15. From a workflow pov, the two media (film vs. digital) are about as far apart as watercolours on paper vs. film. The final image (assuming print output) is the only thing in common.

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