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  1. I have the sig 19 and 30 and will try and update here phase detect compatibility when I get my hands on a 6300. Personally I find the switch to Alpha mirrorless from NEX to be a traumatic one. Sony changed their MF zoom function from one to two touches. Totally ruined the experience of using MF lenses on A6000 and A7. As a matter of fact, I find them unusable for adapted nikkor lenses. Be careful with Sony, they change buttons and functions with every series, they are not reliable for professional use because the layout of every camera is different.
  2. Its a 30mm/2.8///45mm-equiv., and it is good. However, its is my understanding that the sigma and third party lenses are not fully phase detect compatible. The zeiss lenses can be updated, but require a firmware update that can only be done by sending it back to Zeiss. More concerning for A6300 users... Sony hasn't produced a lens for APS-c E-mount in over 3 years. Unless you already have the lenses, the outlook for APS-c Sony is bleak, and there will be no third party support going forward.
  3. Nice, I rate these an 8.5 on the "throw up in my mouth a little because I'm jealous and these are cheesy" scale. Completely smitten, good looking, joy. Thanks for sharing. I concur with peoples love of the 180mm AF-D, great lens, although I primarily used mine on DX... handles well with D2x. The simple design of the 180 meant for very high resolution on DX frames, because the rear element is so far away and throws almost perpendicular light at the sensor.
  4. If you are into this sort of thing, the canon selphy 910 offers a lot more. Its dye sub, and 4*6 prints are quite cheap and lovely.
  5. yunfat


    You could try an adapted pentax 110 18mm, it yields a nice frame on APS-c, with smearing at the edges, of course. I took down a flickr explore with mine. delray 2e2.1.144210 by artistwithlight, on Flickr
  6. yunfat

    Metallic prints

    I will chime in here and say that if you go to a 3rd party printer, you get an 8 bit file, no matter what you are using. So, unless you have an 8bit, sRGB workflow, and are a master of sRGB, then be prepared for disappointment. Also, if you are experiencing frustration of any kind, remove RAW, post processing, and terms like ProPhoto from your workflow. These things can take up to a decade to learn. By the time you adopt your output for a 3rd party printer, 3 things will have changed: 1) The color management of the operating system you use 2) The printer himself/herself will have new equipment 3) New postprocessing techniques will arise, either on your end, or the printers So, essentially, unless you have a LFP, and are willing to waste $20k on testing and a full 16bit workflow, you are always going to get a shitty print. I use costco, and have a system set up specifically for their prints, all srgb. I'm down to $8 20*30 inch fujicolor crystal archive, and about $30 for the same size die bond. None of my prints have ever come back from a customer, and I produce quite a few.
  7. yunfat


    No worries, I don't understand a lick of japanese either. Luckily, on my browser, the lens/camera names are all given in english. Don't know how it is for you.
  8. yunfat


    You have an m43 Olympus camera right? This is a link, in one place, to hundreds of pictures of exactly how adapted lenses perform on m43 and APS-c sony, as the lenses come into a tokyo camera shop. Not that its a big deal, but you will not find a greater resource for how shitty lenses perform on crop sensor cameras. As I said, if you are not into adapted lenses, this probably has no significance to you. I happen to think its the best photography site on the internet, and I find its content extremely valuable. Just thought I would share.
  9. yunfat


    If you like this sort of stuff... https://twitter.com/oosawacamera
  10. yunfat

    Sony A7Rii Questions

    A7ii bodies/lenses are way too heavy for the results you get. A7 do have an intervalometer, I have an A7s, so A7ii must have it as well.
  11. Very nice area. Hope you stopped by a few Whidbey island wineries. Thanks for sharing.
  12. The guy is from Miami, he won't notice. @haring. Vivion is right, take your clients and get the hell out of there. If you have the means, private charter or flight to the cyclades... Tinos, or Naxos, imho. Nothing in Athens can compare to the beauty of those places. Get a bungalow by the sea and will have endless shots for your couple. Local food, restaurants, and churches will also provide ample photo opportunities. A gallery... athens and the islands... https://flic.kr/s/aHsjBfjF7Q
  13. Nothing Olympus can do, now or ever, will be game changing. They lost all R&D with their financial crisis, and what they do is ordained by Sony, merely as an afterthought to sell more chips. Just my 2ç.
  14. Japanese companies don't buy chips from Korea. As Akira mentioned, there were a few NEX's with 20mpix sensors, I believe A3000 is also such a model. Nikon, like everyone else, only gets APS-c chips in the 16mpix variety, from Sony. Although I am not sure going forward if they will continue to use Sony. Sadly, the 16mpix FX part from the DX and D4(s) is woefully underpowered when compared to the A7rii, and Nikon doesn't have the resources to compete in R&D with Sony going forward.
  15. Panasonic has given up sensor production, is my understanding, and now uses Sony exclusively.
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