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  1. thor55

    Mountain Clouds

    Scary cloudforms!
  2. thor55

    Fons Baerken, a daily photoblog January 2017

    Been away for a long time, but quickly found your thread here, Fons, still great work indeed. As a comment to your last question color or bw, I would prefer color, for in the bw the hairpin is a bit too prominent.
  3. thor55

    Nikon D70(s) DSLR

    My dad passed away in august 2007, and had bought a D70 just in late 2006, to compete with all his spouse who were, and still are, Canon-shooters. I used an Olympic C750 prosumer cam by then, and my family decided, I was to get his D70. And I was in tears to hold this beautiful cam the first time. When I started using it a while later, I fell in love with the ease of use, and great pictures it was capable of. My old man had a 28-200 zoom with it, in stead of the 18-70, for the longer reach on portrait shooting he loved to do at parties. I can only say it surprised me, but was a bit disappointed by the amount of dust it can collect. Further more I had the chance to get a D300s in 2010, so now my wife is using the old D70. It will of course never leave the family...
  4. thor55

    snow in b&w

    The color edition of the BW is even more beautiful :biggrin:
  5. thor55


    Surely keeps me looking... what did Fons mean with this?
  6. thor55

    Samyang AE 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical

    Santa brought me one, last month, and though it is a fast lens, I haven't used it to have a decent comment yet. Played a bit to create this shot of an Vanda Orchid at home with available light only D300s, 1/200s, f/2.0 at 85.0mm
  7. thor55

    Old Lion (Zoo)

    I hope this old one take in a zoo will do...?
  8. thor55

    My new camera at work

    Really great portraits of them lionesses! Would I love to go on that safari, if only .....
  9. thor55

    Now THIS is fall color!

    Amazing colours in these photographs, brilliantly captured!
  10. thor55

    Early Morning Sky

    Ah that typical Nikon blue?? Nice, very nice, Erv!
  11. thor55

    After the Sunset

    Thanks for this link, Marco! It's hard to even find Mercury on the bigger photo, but indeed, great picture! Thanks too for sharing!
  12. thor55


    very well done, this second is indeed a bit better~
  13. thor55

    Kalahari visit

    All great shots! I love the dreamy lion, too!
  14. thor55

    of green and grey

    Though a bit late (It's never too late to reply to great photography) I would like to add that the last 3 have it for me. The "Watercolours" are really great, and the contrast in #5 is breathtaking!

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