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  1. very difficult blue-purplish color to capture, you've nailed it! Great first two!
  2. Good or bad lens, I like the first shot a lot 😎
  3. thor55

    Fleurs du Matin

    Nice bouquet this is!
  4. Very nice colors in the 1st, not seen very many of those before! We mostly see red or yellows...
  5. LOVE the 1st purple tone!
  6. thor55


    I don't know, looks a bit bleak to me, but then inside a hothouse it can be very dull...
  7. #3 & #5 for me, great shots!
  8. Nice compo, I thought!
  9. thor55

    lilys 2nd shot

    Brilliant color combination!
  10. Absolutely, Vivion, one of my resolutions in 2019 to post more. Thanks for reminding me 😉
  11. Well, first of all, I wish you folks on FZ a Merry Christmas and of course a very happy 2019. Very interesting reads from people who know what they talk about, is what I seek in this 'club'. And I read a lot of that the last 10½ years. Thanks to you all! I learned this last year that I needed to go away from a brand-driven club, where only One Brand is holy, anything else is inferior. Surely I took part in some club-shooting outings, where I met nice people, who were friendly enough to point out what I already knew. (I have had a camera since the early 60's, and learned shooting the hard way) I retired the older DSLR(s) and some heavy glass, for I am closing in on my own retirement too, and it was getting to heavy to lug around for me. So nowadays I take my own FZ with me, the FZ1000 (Panasonic) and it freed me completely! I'm not a pro, but shoot about 5000 pics a year. Most of them end up on a hard-disk, but I learned that my hardcover albums are worth to be seen. Or so the family says. :-) Thanks for having me lurking around!
  12. thor55

    In my Garden

    it's got a very tiny focus-spot here.. 🙂 lovely colors and bokeh
  13. thor55


    Is that an other one, seen through some kinda glass, in the background? Don' t really like that, but the flowers are very nice.
  14. thor55


    Like the first one best, Luc, 😉
  15. great review, very nice piece of equipment, though I don't think I'd change all my 'gear' and start over again. It's out of my league. 😞
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