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  1. Mike

    Chairmans Challenge - The Industrial Image

    An old blast furnace at the now closed Bethlehem Steel Plant Mike
  2. I really like the feel of this shot. I think a slightly different crop with the chairs lower and to the left would be more appealing. Following the line of the chairs from big to little along with the perspective leads my eye right out of the frame. Mike
  3. Mike


    Charlie, That's really cool! and I appreciate your explanation of what was happening too.
  4. Graeme, The first shot has everything that you want in a sports shot.. the ball .....facial expression ...and conflict! The second shot is nice but really needs a face,
  5. Mike

    Champ Car

    I think the color of my pants would change in that corner!
  6. Mike


    is put-put ....golf?
  7. Mike

    The noise machine goes ballet!

    Tom, my daughter and I go to see the nutcracker every year. The color and exposure of your shot is very good. I thought you were talking about the machine gun noise! ;D
  8. Mike

    Mail pouch barn

    I agree with Roosje, maybe a B&W or selective color to help make your wonderful barn stand out.
  9. Mike

    comfort zone may 18 2006

    Rodney, I like the look of these but the setting is just a little to clean. Mike
  10. Mike

    Becky in B/W

    Love her eyes, they just draw you in! Mike
  11. Mike

    Something from halloween

    Thanks, I think that I will have to make a few of those! Mike
  12. Mike

    Something from halloween

    Hey, that's cool. How much ev comp do you dial in while using it?
  13. Mike

    Something from halloween

    Interesting table decorations, I like the saturated colors in the first shot. Was the cardboard diffuser like a snoot? Mike
  14. Mike

    Backlight macro orchid

    Very Cool!

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