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  1. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Bjørn : Just want to know if all your comments about the D800 and lens behavior with it that you made before repairing your D800 are still valid. I'm asking you because they were made with a faulty camera and there are no new comments made with the new one. Thanks a lot Luis ( from Argentina )
  3. Firmware 1.006 from Nikon Imaging. http://nikonimglib.c...ata/#os-windows http://nikonimglib.c...a/#os-macintosh
  4. Tanks a lot for your comments Andrew, Armando_m and Bez. Luis
  5. During a popular celebration. Luis
  6. Thanks a lot to all of you. It's a great lens. I prefer it to my 70-200mm VR II at this focal length ( for static subjects ) because of the minor minimum focus distance. This issue is critical for me in many situations. Luis
  7. Hope you like it.. Nikon D3s, F11, 1/125 , Natural Light Luis