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  1. CharlesLoy

    My First Impressions of the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless

    Great review. Myself I will not be leaving DSLR, but koodles to all that do it.
  2. CharlesLoy

    A Tuscan sunrise

    Agree, very nice photo!
  3. CharlesLoy

    Pool game

    Love this, her expression and look of concentration is fantastic, nailed the light too
  4. CharlesLoy

    Old Truck - BW

    Older GMC
  5. CharlesLoy


    Great! Like it
  6. CharlesLoy

    Garden Sparrow

    Looks good, nice image
  7. CharlesLoy

    Lens Adjust

    Nice photo
  8. CharlesLoy

    Dogs and dog mushers

    great essay, lots of energy
  9. CharlesLoy

    Morning Landscape

    Nice view. Still green in New Mexico?
  10. CharlesLoy

    A Day in Hanoi

    Wonderful series. Apparent that you prefer photos of the ladies
  11. CharlesLoy

    The Two Sides of Natali

    agree, skin tone is pink, not flesh. Tats are a personal thing and not for my body. I really dislike the tats some put on the back of their hands,so gross to me.
  12. CharlesLoy


    Upper arm, shoulder does not look right. Nice skin color
  13. CharlesLoy

    Bald Eagle Sequence

  14. CharlesLoy

    BG BW

    Wonderful. Thanks for posting
  15. CharlesLoy

    Lilac Breasted Roller

    Wonderful photo. Really nice

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