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  1. BillM

    Starling in flight

    I like the presentation because it is different from what I usually see. The uncluttered presentation is quite pleasant. Nicely done Grahame!
  2. BillM

    Another iPhone X image

    I completely agree with you Chris. The iPhone is great for some things, good for well lit subjects and better than no camera at all for pretty much everything else..
  3. BillM

    Another iPhone X image

    Apparently so. Just like old color film 🙂 i think the camera will go higher, but the images will be smeared even more than I see in this image the exposure was 1/4 second which with my shaky hands makes any semblance of acuity in this picture a modern miracle!
  4. BillM


    Nice image Mike! very well done.
  5. BillM

    Another iPhone X image

    Thanks for the comments Dallas, Chris, Vivian and Mike. Here is a “high” ISO shot from the other night to show how the iPhone X handles lower light levels. ISO 200 🙂 Dinner at Sage by Bill Mellen, on Flickr
  6. BillM

    Another iPhone X image

    Thank you Aquinaldo! Dallas, I looked at using raw and figured the process of phone to cloud to Lightroom Desktop was too complicated to bother with. I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from iPhone pictures with minimal processing on the iPad or the phone itself. This was has a slight straightening applied to this image and the rest is out of the camera. On the other hand, I have missed quite a few opportunities by not using a more capable camera because of my clumsiness with making exposure adjustments and getting focus right. My fingers simply do not have the dexterity and precision needed to use the in camera controls to their fullest capability.
  7. BillM

    Mara River Lunch

    Excellent and dramatic capture!
  8. BillM

    Another iPhone X image

    I upgraded my older iPhone to the X this year just for the camera. Lady Maryland in Portsmouth Virginia for the 2018 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race
  9. BillM


    X100F Norfolk Virginia Botanical Garden
  10. Constant updates to software and operating systems are a mess! The only solution to this dilemma that is offered by the vendors seems to be for us to buy an entirely new system every 3 years or so.
  11. BillM

    RSS Page For Safari Browser?

    Ouch! I have been using Feedly Pro for a while. It works across browsers and has a fairly well done IOS app which works very well on the iPad.
  12. BillM

    Sun Ring

    Hi Dallas, I have seen this phenomenon before. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_(optical_phenomenon) called a a sun halo. Caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Can be very beautiful.
  13. BillM

    The skating lesson

    Robert, The best thing about this photograph is the two subjects interacting with one another. I get a feeling that there was a lot of mutual respect and positive mentoring going on. I like the image and find it enjoyable to look at more than once. My main comment is that the image appears underexposed and there is a halo around the teenager from what looks like an adjustment brush. Suggest brightening the image over all a bit and see where that goes, maybe using some micro or overall contrast adjustment on the teenager to separate him from the background. Normally, I am not a big fan of manipulating images, but sometimes it can be worth it. Your mileage may vary :-) 1. You might try some Photoshop magic on the Plexiglas panels and blend the reflections into the background so as to minimize their distraction from the subjects. Not terribly important to me, but maybe desirable. 2. Lastly clone out the stick in the lower right corner
  14. BillM

    Wild Thing

    Nevertheless, you produced a nicely composed image with plasing tones. Proving once again that there is more than one way to make nice pictures
  15. BillM

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    Peace, happiness and Joy to all!

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