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  1. Are you sure it's the film? Try colour filters to see if you can bring out a little more contrast from the scene -- mid, deep yellow and orange.
  2. You'll find a manual here: Enjoy your 'new' camera.
  3. Can't comment on the 35-105, but the 28-105 is nice -- obviously not up to direct comparison with the f/2.8 lenses but one wouldn't expect that. It makes a nice workaround/ travel lens and has a useful macro mode. Works well on its own or with a 20 and 50.
  4. Warehouse Express is on Nikon's list of UK dealers -- normally a good sign. Nikon On-line retailers (UK) I've not used them but know people that have with no problems.
  5. You might find something on: I'd certainly be interested to hear how you get on -- I'm tempted by a 4x5 like a Chamonix but this is driven more by interest in the process.
  6. I know this isn't quite what you were looking for, but how about considering one of the 'super'-zoom compacts. Sure, the quality isn't the same as the cameras listed so far (certainly no D3) but ones such as the Panasonic TZ3 with its 28-280 zoom equivalent make nice carry-rounds. They've come down in price and might be worth a try. Seem to remember Fuji announcing the next camera in the Fd30/31 line, the 100? -- not had chance to try them but that range seems to have a very good reputation (including low light). If you're going for anything bigger, I'd be looking at the D40 or D60.