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  1. Thanks Dallas, Hugh. Yes, we did visit the observatory in Samarkand. Remarkable. I spent more time in Samarkand than originally planned. What a treat for the eyes. The history..before your eyes! It was not only the craftsmanship and intricacies of the design, but the choice of hues and colors. Master craftsmanship on show.
  2. Hi folks. Been a while since I posted. We were lucky to have visited various places during this time. Our most recent journey was in Central Asia. Along the Silk Road. Ayesha had the Fuji X-H1 while I was carrying my trusted Nikon Df and a pair of simple lenses..the 50/85 f1.8Gs. Most of the images are with my Nikon. The Fuji unfortunately took a great fall onto concrete. And just packed up. Quite a few of these images have been posted in some other forums. Apologies, if you have already seem them. I shall include some new ones here. A general map of the countries we traveled through.... As can been readily seen from the map, these lovely countries lie within a rough neighborhood; with 3 possessing nuclear weapons; a fourth..well you know; and the fifth where a war has been going on years, without end. The visited countries themselves have various border issues and the crossings can be problematic. But, invariably, we found each one of them to be the most hospitable, friendly, helpful, safe places we have ever visited. Bar none. And our tally of countries has crossed a 100. Remnants of the Soviet occupation is evident, to various degrees, in all countries. However, they are moving at fast pace to move past the communist effects. While Ayesha went in search of incomparable architecture, I was in search of names, long lost to history, of the golden age of Islamic science and arts. Thank you for coming along on this brief journey with us.
  3. faris

    Bhutan..a few images.

    from a hill overlooking the capital city of Thimphu. Located at between 2000 to 2600 mts. that in itself would cause some altitude issues for some.
  4. faris

    Bhutan..a few images.

    Chris, Akira..thanks for stopping by. Very similar to Nepal and so different. The government has wisely restricted the number of tourists that visit there based on monthly quotas ( or some such formula ). One gets to sense the place in a more unhurried fashion. And the environment is indeed more pristine due to lack of wholesale tourism.
  5. faris


    Chris, lovely images. Reminds me when the wife went climbing up there!! best.
  6. faris

    Bhutan..a few images.

    Hugh, Dallas. Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for the comments. Been very busy. Wife and I. Travel! Dropped in here on the way! Take care.
  7. faris

    B'fast in the river...

    Thanks Bill, Dallas and of course vivionm.
  8. faris

    B'fast in the river...

    Dallas, Vivionm...thanks guys for stopping by. Much appreciated. Dallas, to my way of thinking and the images I tend to make; technical issues are tend to be secondary. The subject matter always takes precedence. If I was a wedding photographer I would pay much more attention to contrast, color and such. or if Photography paid me my living. Free from such constraints, I worry much less about these otherwise important issues.
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