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  1. faris

    B'fast in the river...

    Thanks Bill, Dallas and of course vivionm.
  2. faris

    B'fast in the river...

    Dallas, Vivionm...thanks guys for stopping by. Much appreciated. Dallas, to my way of thinking and the images I tend to make; technical issues are tend to be secondary. The subject matter always takes precedence. If I was a wedding photographer I would pay much more attention to contrast, color and such. or if Photography paid me my living. Free from such constraints, I worry much less about these otherwise important issues.
  3. faris

    Dance with me!

    Hi Dallas. I can see it.
  4. faris

    The Balkans.

    Alan, Dallas..thanks guys.
  5. faris

    The Balkans.

    Mike, that is Mostar. best.
  6. faris

    The Balkans.

    Mostar, South Bosnia/Herzegovina. A spectacularly beautiful, historical city.
  7. faris

    The Balkans.

    Mike, Hugh, Dallas...thanks for stopping by. Hugh, it is indeed a sobering experience. But people have moved on. They just want to get on with their lives.
  8. faris

    The Balkans.

    Hugh, Alan..thanks guys. Very much appreciated. There are a lot of cemeteries around this region.
  9. faris

    The Balkans.

    Merlin, Hugh, Dallas, and Armando...thank you guys so very much for looking in.
  10. faris

    The Balkans.

    Hi Dallas. Hope you are doing well. This region went through a genocide during the late 90s and early 2000s. Some countries have recovered better than the others. Bosnia/Herzegovina, unfortunately, is still struggling with the war’s after effects. Beautiful people, wonderful and hospitable country....
  11. faris

    The Balkans.

    Hi folks. I hope each one of you Is doing well. Long time since I posted on this forum. We we traveled across the Balkan region recently. Here are some images that we made. Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina.
  12. faris


    " To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. " Nelson Mandela Somewhere in South Africa

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