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  1. Indeed Chris. Life has many facets. Some pleasant and a far many very unfortunate and sad. Thank you for the comment.
  2. Ann, I am a history buff. Thank you for enlightening me about Patterson. The lovely images, and the lovelier piece of writing had me reading and seeing this post a few times. Take care.
  3. Vivionm, a wonderful series of a small but beautiful country. I have excellent memories of my visit there. Kind regards.
  4. Lovely island. Thanks you for sharing your holiday with us. Best.
  5. Interesting narration, Chris. One has to live in a place to understand the place's soul, its people. What might appear to a fact paces traveller as just an industrial town, might have a ' soul ' far better than the most touted touristy sites. stay well.
  6. Thanks Dallas.
  7. Chris, Ann...thanks for looking in. The essence of travel, imho, is interaction with the local people. Go as a tourist, leave as a friend. Let them remember you for something good.
  8. Chris, Ann and other friends, appreciate you guys looking in and your encouragement. Thank you all. The poorest areas of HCM City are surrounded by luxury hotels and international brands. A stone's throw from this place is a world unto itself. Narrow, dark, dingy alleys with sewerage spewing over. Both sides of these alleys are tiny ' rooms ' which are both the trading place and sleeping place for the owners. Property developers would like to tear these places down and build the concrete hotel and commercial buildings. But the residents would rather die here than sell. This is ironically the most valued real estate in HCM City!! A woman living and waiting for death in this world...so that her descendants could inherit the property...
  9. Got to be amongst the people or get invited into their homes...
  10. Excellent subjects, well photographed and presented.
  11. Super images complimented by the write up.