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  1. dumont67

    T&P Bar

    Love that shot!
  2. 1) 26 years 2) Yes 3) N/A 4) So-so, not great / Dubai, United Arab Emirates Open up NEF content to other companies - I'm dreading having to use Capture NX-D!! A wider PC lens
  3. dumont67

    Charminar market

    Thanks Faris! You're in Riyadh I believe?
  4. dumont67

    World Press Contest Winner a Fake?

    Halleluja indeed! I think next year's WPP should include stricter rules, such as no hipstamatic, no instagrams, no black & white adjustments, no Leica M-Monochrome or similar. No post cropping, but more importantly no pre-cropping. Only fisheye lenses should be used from now on in order to capture half the "truth". Photographer interested in the whole "truth" should use a 360 degree system!
  5. dumont67

    Charminar market

    Thanks for all the comments!! Ann, that's such a coincidence, and Charminar of all places! I was there for only a couple of hours but there was so much to photograph... India is such a sensory overload. I think the real magic happens at night in Charminar, with traffic lights, thick dust and pollution - although I was told it's worth seeing early morning... next time! Nick
  6. dumont67

    Charminar market

    These were shots last year in Hyderabad India.
  7. dumont67

    Compressing TIFF files

    Thanks for the suggestions! Am currently trying 7Zip compression through a software called Keka. Have managed to reduce the file sizes by an extra 20%, but at the cost of speed of course. Nick
  8. dumont67

    Compressing TIFF files

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a compression software / method for TIFF files. I'm sending large files to my retoucher and am trying to reduce the upload/download time, especially when shooting away from home where access to high speed internet isn't always easy. I currently zip my files on a mac, this will halve the size of the original file (approximately). Any suggestions would be great. Thx! Nick
  9. dumont67

    New Zeiss 15 mm f/ 2,8 ZF2 lens announced

    Would love to see a super wide TS lens for my architectural & interior shots. The Canon TS-E 17/4.0 would be great but doesn't fit the Nikon. Anyway, might find use for the 95mm B+W circular pola filter again Nick
  10. dumont67

    Your favourite film Nikon

    Amongst the Nikon film bodies, my favorite was the F3. Had a strange hot shoe & didn't have the fastest flash synch, but what a great camera! For medium format, the Hasselblad 500C/M, and for large format I loved to use the Linhof Master Technika.
  11. dumont67

    POTW #275 by Rick Waldroup

    Fantastic shot!
  12. dumont67

    Nikon D4

    Where's the AE-L/AF-L button? Can one still press that little joystick down to lock the AE/AF? No incorporated GPS? You gotta be kidding! No incorporated wifi?
  13. dumont67

    Capture NX 2.3 performance review and benchmarks

    Have upgraded to 2.3 on my Macbook and Macbook Pro. Installing the software was ok, although I needed two previous serial numbers. But neither of them work in 64bit mode. I get a "Cannot load file" message when trying to open images. Cannot batch them either - same message. They seem to work fine in 32bit mode which will do for now. Oh, and I don't have the Color Efex 3 plugin. Crap!
  14. dumont67

    Nikon New Product Announcements

    The AW100 sounds like a fun camera. I bought the Fuji X100 for my holidays and hate it. Will sell it and get the AW100 instead. Looking forward to Bjørn's "in-depth" test :biggrin:
  15. dumont67

    The Demise of a Project

    Rick, Why don't you just continue shooting your "cute summer project" and see what you end up with? Don't show the shots to anybody until the project is finished. Nice shots by the way. Why not take advantage of those "lovely" summer evenings and shoot the whole project at dusk? Nick

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