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  1. Although I still own and enjoy the original E-M1, I've found that I very rarely use the E-M1. The camera/lens combo I tend to reach for when I head out these days is the PEN-F/17 1.8 or PEN-F and the Panasonic 8-18mm. While I probably won't buy the new Nikon mirrorless, it does pique my interest as it broadens the mirrorless landscape and gives more competition to the existing manufacturers in the mirrorless world (and also to those who are looking to join). I saw the leaked photos on the rumours site and I actually quite liked the top LCD panel. I think what we all choose to shoot with these days is a deeply personal choice, and honestly, we are all quite spoilt for choices.
  2. willl

    Off the Grid

    Great photo Alan! I like all the different details you've included.
  3. willl

    Fuji GFX

    This is exciting. David Hobby mentioned on twitter that his first impressions on this device were (he's at Photokina and will be doing a talk/presentation for Fuji): Whisper quiet 3x4-foot displayed prints look insane Very light/hand-holdable Short flange; adaptable to MANY lenses And also mentions: Fuji's price goal is under $10,000US with lens 1/125 sync speed
  4. willl

    Am I missing something?

    Honestly, I've not really picked up the camera much lately. So don't have much/anything to contribute. Also, it seems every other time I visit here I need to re-login despite telling the site to remember me (this happens on both my iPad and Chrome on Mac). It was an issue pre and post upgrade of the forum software. So not being logged in means less comments on top of other things.
  5. willl

    Apple Music: I dunno about this...

    Was gifted a 12 months Apple Music subscription via the mobile telco when I signed up for a 12 month phone plan. I tried it, but much prefer Spotify over it. I mostly listen to curated playlists on Spotify and find it easy to use on multiple devices. I can start a song on one device, pause and then continue on from another one.
  6. willl

    Gordon Dam, Tasmania.

    What a stunning and yet depressing photo!
  7. willl

    The Day Of Reconciliation

    Cheers to the both of you! I'm glad it was sorted before the end of year
  8. The new silent shutter mode is welcome. However, I'd say the silent CH with 11fps is a little scary. You just press the shutter, and as if by magic you now have 11 frames sitting in your SD card with no indication (if you have image preview turned off) that anything was taken. Don't really have much time to play around at the moment, but I'll have a read of the revised EM-1 manual tonight.
  9. My EM-1 is currently having the new 4.0 firmware applied to it. I'll test it out this afternoon.
  10. Nope, same lens but in black. But yeah, that was my mistake. The weight I listed is the "package weight" (0.85lb) as listed on B&H.
  11. I own both the Sigma 60mm DN in addition to the Olympus 60mm macro (which I brought much later), and honestly after my previous experience (link to previous thread on fz from 2 years ago) with it, I rarely use it. When I need a 60mm, I always end up putting the Olympus over the Sigma into my camera bag. Partly because it covers both a focal length none of my other lenses cover, but also because it's a macro lens. The AF performance with the Sigma 60mm on my later m4/3 bodies (E-PL5 and OMD EM-1) are much better than what I experienced on my earlier E-PM1. I think if you can afford the Olympus 60mm, get that instead as it offers much more. Eg: Focuses closer than the Sigma. 19cm vs 50cm (as a macro lens it also does 1:1) Lighter than the Sigma. 185g vs 385g. Weather sealed Focus limiters for faster AF Yes, it costs about 2.5x more, but I think it's worth it. The price of the Sigma is pretty tempting and is what led me to my initial purchase. Also, pretty sure my first Sigma 60mm was amongst the first few batches of the m4/3 mount to arrive in Australia, so I'm sure the quality issues have been ironed out since that time. The reason that leads me to believe that mine was amongst the first is because there was only one online store that stocked both the m4/3 and Nex mount versions, whereas everywhere else stocked just the Nex mount. When I'm heading out for a photo walk, the first lens in the bag is almost always the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 and then it's either the Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 fisheye or the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro (and often both). Summary: If I had my time again, I would never have brought the Sigma 60mm and would have only brought the Olympus 60mm macro.
  12. willl


    That's awesome Alan! Saw one at Healesville Sanctuary in the Koala enclosure a few weeks ago while playing tour guide to some Canadian relos.
  13. willl

    Mr & Mrs Fairy Wren

    For those who want more info on the Superb Fairy-wren, there's a page with info on them here: http://birdlife.org.au/bird-profile/superb-fairy-wren Here's an interesting fact from that page:
  14. willl

    Mr & Mrs Fairy Wren

    Great photos! They are one of my favourite birds. They are quick and jittery so I can imagine they didn't stay still for very long.
  15. willl

    The Kimberleys III

    Fantastic photos and stories Mongo!

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