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  1. Hmm, I'll look into it. Weird.
  2. Per her request, she did not want her face seen. Hey, I'm not going to complain, it was a paying gig! Who am I to complain to my client!
  3. Hmm, it should work?
  4. What's wrong with having a little environment in your pictures? I frankly get bored just seeing plain backgrounds. Yeah, I'm going to have to try doing more of these shoots. I tell the girls to just leave the money on the counter and be discreet about it! Hahaha! My neighbors think I'm up to shadiness!
  5. My first venture into nude photography! Shot mostly with the D3, D700, the 17-35 2.8 and 35 f/2 AFD. I did some nude photography for a client who did not want to have her face shown. To be honest, I was kind of thrown off on how to deal with shooting a naked person! It's not as easy as a normal model, especially when the client wants erotic posturing! Any advice on the nuances of handling the nude model would be appreciated! I was tempted to swig a shot just to loosen up! Anyways, here's some samples. :-*
  6. Agreed. The only time I feel I need the pixels is for telephoto shooting, especially when the competition is shooting with a 600mm and 1DSm3. For everything else, the D3 is near perfect.
  7. Hi Chris, I like this one, it almost has a sculpture look to it. Almost Picasso-ish! Light and shadows are draw the eye. I'd try mixing the terrain up a bit. It might give it some texture contrast if you do a similar shoot! You know, maybe even try doing a sepia tone on the skin might give it that bronze statue look.
  8. I like this photo, It works with the man praying. I think playing up the contrast a bit, would increase the dramatic nature of the photo.
  9. Probably hurt his hand jugging too many beers! I mean come on, look at that gut! Hahahaha! ;D
  10. I currently use my D2X for flash photography. I'm quite happy with the SB-800, but I'd be willing to invest in the SB-900 if there is significant improvement in its function. If anyone has used this combonI'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
  11. All tools, but it's nice to see Nikon make a healthy comeback in sports. It means we can look forward to a healthy production of more cameras and lenses.
  12. It'll be hard to top the D3's high ISO capabilities. Nikon has a tough act to follow!
  13. Nice shot Rick! And may I say I formally support an Obama presidency. I don't think I could say that at the other forum! ;D
  14. I agree to a point. The usage of a camera doesn't matter. Amateurs use the D3, pros use the D300. In terms of build quality I still think the D3 series is pro and the D300/D700 is prosumer. Ask yourself which camera you would bring to a battlefield or cover breaking new or some freak tsunami? I'd take the D3 in a heartbeat because of it's durable build quality. Other than that, usage doesn't matter. Regarding the D700, I want one and I have one on order from NPS, but I might just buy some glass instead. Can't decide!
  15. Thanks for the critiques you guys, I agree with everything. This was done last minute though, I did not expect to do a pseudo-lingerie shoot, they just sorta threw it at me! ;D