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  1. jonathan f/2

    Nude on Nude!

    Hmm, I'll look into it. Weird.
  2. jonathan f/2

    Nude on Nude!

    Per her request, she did not want her face seen. Hey, I'm not going to complain, it was a paying gig! Who am I to complain to my client!
  3. jonathan f/2

    Nude on Nude!

    Hmm, it should work?
  4. jonathan f/2

    Nude on Nude!

    What's wrong with having a little environment in your pictures? I frankly get bored just seeing plain backgrounds. Yeah, I'm going to have to try doing more of these shoots. I tell the girls to just leave the money on the counter and be discreet about it! Hahaha! My neighbors think I'm up to shadiness!
  5. jonathan f/2

    Nude on Nude!

    My first venture into nude photography! Shot mostly with the D3, D700, the 17-35 2.8 and 35 f/2 AFD. I did some nude photography for a client who did not want to have her face shown. To be honest, I was kind of thrown off on how to deal with shooting a naked person! It's not as easy as a normal model, especially when the client wants erotic posturing! Any advice on the nuances of handling the nude model would be appreciated! I was tempted to swig a shot just to loosen up! Anyways, here's some samples. :-*
  6. jonathan f/2

    AP Review of D700

    Agreed. The only time I feel I need the pixels is for telephoto shooting, especially when the competition is shooting with a 600mm and 1DSm3. For everything else, the D3 is near perfect.
  7. jonathan f/2

    Hybrid - Theresa II

    Hi Chris, I like this one, it almost has a sculpture look to it. Almost Picasso-ish! Light and shadows are draw the eye. I'd try mixing the terrain up a bit. It might give it some texture contrast if you do a similar shoot! You know, maybe even try doing a sepia tone on the skin might give it that bronze statue look.
  8. jonathan f/2


    I like this photo, It works with the man praying. I think playing up the contrast a bit, would increase the dramatic nature of the photo.
  9. jonathan f/2

    Occupational hazzard

    Probably hurt his hand jugging too many beers! I mean come on, look at that gut! Hahahaha! ;D
  10. I currently use my D2X for flash photography. I'm quite happy with the SB-800, but I'd be willing to invest in the SB-900 if there is significant improvement in its function. If anyone has used this combonI'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
  11. jonathan f/2

    Nikon vs. Canon: a count from yesterday

    All tools, but it's nice to see Nikon make a healthy comeback in sports. It means we can look forward to a healthy production of more cameras and lenses.
  12. jonathan f/2

    Share your D3x rumors/links

    It'll be hard to top the D3's high ISO capabilities. Nikon has a tough act to follow!
  13. jonathan f/2


    Nice shot Rick! And may I say I formally support an Obama presidency. I don't think I could say that at the other forum! ;D
  14. jonathan f/2

    Nikon roadmap speculation

    I agree to a point. The usage of a camera doesn't matter. Amateurs use the D3, pros use the D300. In terms of build quality I still think the D3 series is pro and the D300/D700 is prosumer. Ask yourself which camera you would bring to a battlefield or cover breaking new or some freak tsunami? I'd take the D3 in a heartbeat because of it's durable build quality. Other than that, usage doesn't matter. Regarding the D700, I want one and I have one on order from NPS, but I might just buy some glass instead. Can't decide!
  15. jonathan f/2


    Thanks for the critiques you guys, I agree with everything. This was done last minute though, I did not expect to do a pseudo-lingerie shoot, they just sorta threw it at me! ;D

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