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  1. Steinar

    Daily Grind, Workflow & Luminosity Masking

    I agree: Photoshop is not intuitive.
  2. Steinar

    1 month with the Nikon D810

    Thank you very much, Schwett, now I am really tempted, even I have enough gear
  3. Steinar

    1 month with the Nikon D810

    schwett, thanks for sharing this review. One question from me: What do you say about the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G (I saw the picture, it is nice) can this lens "manage" all those pixels ? (I have more expensive/better Nikon lenses, but I now go for the lightest possibly combo for some special reasons) Thanks
  4. Steinar

    Sony A7s Now Shipping

    Let's hear more
  5. Steinar

    A Beautiful Noise

  6. Steinar

    A Beautiful Noise

    Interesting. I agree the little girl-picture is amazing. The B & W.s are really good, but a little more noise in one of the color-pictures, than I like (but I certainly understand your approach/problem), and I would like to see it after a small trip in my DFINE, then I think it is really good = thank you ...very much.... for showing us the original files. I have the E-M5, but does not shoot so much with it, because I have 8 other cameras, and the only lens I love to use with it is the 75mm f/1.8 (it is nothing less than amazing), but it is a bit long, so I do not use it as much as I should. AT first I was happy with the Pana 20mm f/1.7, but not anymore, it is OK, but certainly not outstanding as the Oly 75. Now I have seen the new Nocticron (42,5mm = 85mm) from Panasonic Leica, and all the reviews says it is as good as the Oly 75mm, so I am tempted, and then I think I would use this camera more, and what I really like is the simply amazing 5-axis anti-vibration - it is MUCH better, than any VR lens I have or have had from Nikon. Then the issue: Should I buy the E-M1 when I have the E-M5 for it ? (some also says there is a new on its way at Photokina, but it is only rumors) According to tests: Yes it is better, but only minor ? DxO = The E-M5 is better in the iso-performance, just tiny better, and Dxo can be wrong, but that will say the E-M1 is probably not better ?
  7. Steinar

    My Nikon Df Review

    I don't think anybody overlook something, but some are not wanting this design, but love the "usual" Nikon design, as you can find from Nikon Coolpix A to the heavy bodies. Some like the mother, other the daughter
  8. Steinar

    My Nikon Df Review

    I am also in this group, and I agree with you, (exept I like when bodies are lighter) , but as you I would like if the design was as "normal" Nikon cameras. My "problem" is= I am so tempted when I see those velvet smooth photos in such a light body, so I am on the fence, and I am sure I can figure out to use it as my other Nikon cameras..
  9. Steinar

    Two night shots with the Nikon Df

    I would say, that red has always been very good, and much better than others, from Nikon= try to look at imaging resources, when they test "the red fabric". But here it stands out, I agree, and I think this sensor is amazing, there is a certain "touch"/kind of velvet smooth pictures, and the photographer did very well.
  10. Steinar

    Two night shots with the Nikon Df

    I really like those shots.
  11. Steinar

    Living, but not working, with the Df

    Can not find any law against using FX-lenses on DX - sometimes they are even better (better corner performance (cutting the weakness sometimes (not always, I know) and less coma).... yes not so wide, but wide enough, and it is still a lighter packet, than FF cameras, if you want that (yes I know about 1- 1½ stop worse iso performance, and of course the bokeh is different).
  12. Steinar

    Nikon D810: what's the thinking?

    I think it could. Even I have cameras enough I am on the fence for this - the upgrade is something I would enjoy to have. But as you wrote Dallas, and that is an importent point: "God help them if they have any QC issues with this one"
  13. Steinar

    DP3 Merrill and 1:1 Macro

    Thank you for this fine answer.
  14. Steinar

    DP3 Merrill and 1:1 Macro

    Thanks for sharing. I have the DP1M and DP2M and I am waiting for an offer for the DP3M, and if it is OK, I will also buy this. --- What do you recommend ? = I can see you bought both, but if You will start with one, what is the best - the 3 or 5 ? Found this link: http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/products/3479/marumi-52mm-200-5-achromat-macro-filter
  15. Well, the corner sharpness matters to me, because I like to print out huge and I am going for an exhibition with A2 pictures, and I also do not like CA if there is more than .... less And CA do degrade the picture - look here, I think it is interesting: http://slrgear.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/92/cat/12 "In contrast to the results shown on the D200 however, stopping down further on the D700 produces very sharp images at ƒ/5.6 and smaller. These results had us briefly scratching our heads when we recalled that the D700 introduces automatic chromatic aberration removal, and without this edge degradation, image are much sharper. It's quite possible that RAW images produced with this lens would show results for sharpness similar to those seen on the D200. The images produced on the D700 with the 24mm stay sharp all the way to ƒ/16, between 1 and 1.5 blur units across the frame. At ƒ/22, we note performance of just under 2 blur units." ---- But you can get the corners sharp from DP1M bt stopping down to about f. 8 - the fantastic thing with the DP2m (and I think also with the DP3M) that it is sharp in the corners already from f. 2.8

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