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  1. Steinar

    Night illumination of Krasnoyarsk HPP

    Me too :)
  2. Steinar

    Daily Grind, Workflow & Luminosity Masking

    I agree: Photoshop is not intuitive.
  3. Steinar

    1 month with the Nikon D810

    Thank you very much, Schwett, now I am really tempted, even I have enough gear
  4. Steinar

    1 month with the Nikon D810

    schwett, thanks for sharing this review. One question from me: What do you say about the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G (I saw the picture, it is nice) can this lens "manage" all those pixels ? (I have more expensive/better Nikon lenses, but I now go for the lightest possibly combo for some special reasons) Thanks
  5. Steinar

    Sony A7s Now Shipping

    Let's hear more
  6. Steinar

    A Beautiful Noise

  7. Steinar

    A Beautiful Noise

    Interesting. I agree the little girl-picture is amazing. The B & W.s are really good, but a little more noise in one of the color-pictures, than I like (but I certainly understand your approach/problem), and I would like to see it after a small trip in my DFINE, then I think it is really good = thank you ...very much.... for showing us the original files. I have the E-M5, but does not shoot so much with it, because I have 8 other cameras, and the only lens I love to use with it is the 75mm f/1.8 (it is nothing less than amazing), but it is a bit long, so I do not use it as much as I should. AT first I was happy with the Pana 20mm f/1.7, but not anymore, it is OK, but certainly not outstanding as the Oly 75. Now I have seen the new Nocticron (42,5mm = 85mm) from Panasonic Leica, and all the reviews says it is as good as the Oly 75mm, so I am tempted, and then I think I would use this camera more, and what I really like is the simply amazing 5-axis anti-vibration - it is MUCH better, than any VR lens I have or have had from Nikon. Then the issue: Should I buy the E-M1 when I have the E-M5 for it ? (some also says there is a new on its way at Photokina, but it is only rumors) According to tests: Yes it is better, but only minor ? DxO = The E-M5 is better in the iso-performance, just tiny better, and Dxo can be wrong, but that will say the E-M1 is probably not better ?
  8. Steinar

    My Nikon Df Review

    I don't think anybody overlook something, but some are not wanting this design, but love the "usual" Nikon design, as you can find from Nikon Coolpix A to the heavy bodies. Some like the mother, other the daughter
  9. Steinar

    My Nikon Df Review

    I am also in this group, and I agree with you, (exept I like when bodies are lighter) , but as you I would like if the design was as "normal" Nikon cameras. My "problem" is= I am so tempted when I see those velvet smooth photos in such a light body, so I am on the fence, and I am sure I can figure out to use it as my other Nikon cameras..
  10. Steinar

    Two night shots with the Nikon Df

    I would say, that red has always been very good, and much better than others, from Nikon= try to look at imaging resources, when they test "the red fabric". But here it stands out, I agree, and I think this sensor is amazing, there is a certain "touch"/kind of velvet smooth pictures, and the photographer did very well.
  11. Steinar

    Two night shots with the Nikon Df

    I really like those shots.
  12. Steinar

    Living, but not working, with the Df

    Can not find any law against using FX-lenses on DX - sometimes they are even better (better corner performance (cutting the weakness sometimes (not always, I know) and less coma).... yes not so wide, but wide enough, and it is still a lighter packet, than FF cameras, if you want that (yes I know about 1- 1½ stop worse iso performance, and of course the bokeh is different).
  13. Steinar

    Nikon D810: what's the thinking?

    I think it could. Even I have cameras enough I am on the fence for this - the upgrade is something I would enjoy to have. But as you wrote Dallas, and that is an importent point: "God help them if they have any QC issues with this one"
  14. Steinar

    DP3 Merrill and 1:1 Macro

    Thank you for this fine answer.
  15. Steinar

    DP3 Merrill and 1:1 Macro

    Thanks for sharing. I have the DP1M and DP2M and I am waiting for an offer for the DP3M, and if it is OK, I will also buy this. --- What do you recommend ? = I can see you bought both, but if You will start with one, what is the best - the 3 or 5 ? Found this link: http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/products/3479/marumi-52mm-200-5-achromat-macro-filter

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