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  1. One more image/crop. Panasonic FZ200.
  2. longzoom

    Amazing 105/2.5 ...

    It is very possible, my bad - sooo many years back... THX! Dimitri
  3. longzoom

    Amazing 105/2.5 ...

    Mongo is correct! But when I converted it to AI, the ring was only to 22, so, Mongo was lucky! THX! Dimitri
  4. longzoom

    Amazing 105/2.5 ...

    The very first Gauss design of the "P" with smaller back element was better to distances, but 105mm became usable portraiture focus, so Nikon had switched to Sonnar formula later, because its max sharpness field is closer. So started from "PC" we have bigger back element with symmetrical Sonnar formula, so the "fat" one I like most! Dimitri
  5. longzoom

    Amazing 105/2.5 ...

    The very first "P" ones were different, I believe. The back element was smaller, and while "P" was a bit sharper to distances, "PC" fully coated lenses with different optical formula were better to portraiture. The very last AIS lenses are colder, while my favorite "fat" AI was better for me, with its wider color gamut, I somehow think. Old lenses, it is subjective, nostalgic, you know... Dimitri
  6. Night image and crop. Dimitri
  7. I tried to shoot sport - just for curiosity. Some motion blur for very fast auctions, but very heavy crops look is not that bad! So some images/crops. Night image at f4.0, ISO 800. Crop shows almost no coma, very low distortions, of any kind. Dimitri.
  8. Magnificent images of animals - on Flickr! Lynxes, wolfs, cats, birds... Some of them (images) are really unique! One thing only remains unclear for me - the lens, the tripod legs and your raincoat - everything is covered by khaki camouflage - were you sure it was the lens only? By its size and weight it was not, hah! Well done, amazing job! Dimitri
  9. Truth to be said - I've never even dreamt about, coze in reality I would've never ever proceed that dream to come true for the simple reason: I wouldn't even lift such the monster! And what about a tripod? And price? But you are right - can't imagine the beauty of image taken with such the lens! Thank you, Bjorn! Dimitri
  10. Thank you, Gentlemen! Yeah, "Osprey" over Brooklyn - Sea Gate, Boardwalk line - was very sudden and surprise event! Have turned it to BW - looks much more dramatically. Birds image and crop - to show how good is AF of this little wonder, but one need to spend efforts to learn the system. And yes, I agree, it would even be more than simple travel toy-camera, when you know all of its pluses and minuses! THX! Dimitri
  11. Couple more images. Last one is 2:1 macro, my wristwatch, at 600mm+2-elements APO ASPH screw-on. No cropping here. Please forgive me some microblur here - handheld. Dimitri.
  12. Sorry for changing color to portrait/crop, by posting, so, is not my fault. Dimitri
  13. I did find, this little camera is really good enough for travel/vacation. So some images, some with crops. On your judgment! Dimitri.
  14. longzoom

    New 135mm f2 AFS (?)

    Gentlemen, any VR system has an "OFF" switch. Let me have it, please! Thank you! Dimitri

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