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    Pringle, PA
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    photography, ships, Celestial Navigation, writing, amateur radio
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    Nikon D700
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    Leica 35mm Summicron-M
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My Photo Gear

Way too much to list. Nikon D700 is my primary camera but I also use my Leica M9 quite a bit. I have all of the Nikon F bodies with drives as well as various other Nikon bodies.  I also have  Leica R8 and M7 film bodies.  I also have a few small cameras for travel (Leica D-Lux4 and Nikon J1)


Nikon mount lenses extend from 11mm to 1200mm.  I have Leica M from 16mm to 90mm.  For Leica R I have primes ranging from 21mm to 800mm.  I also have various flashes and LED lights.  I have a wide array of close up equipment as I really enjoy macro.


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