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    Washington State, USA
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    Auto portraits, Landscapes, Architectural features, General photography
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    Sony SLT-A57
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My Photo Gear

Mostly Sony/Minolta. A lot of cheap glass. LOL

Digital SLR/T 

A100, A55v, A57. Mostly just the A57 now.

Film-Minolta X-700, Nikon FG, Canon Rebel Eos G, Yashica J-7 and an FX-3. Back in the day the first three would have been a nice line-up. 

 The Yashica FX-3, a 50 and a 135mm was my only kit from '79 until I went digital. The rest have been either recent additions or legacy cameras and I haven't had the time to return to the realm of 35mm.


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