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  1. Great question. The owner was wandering the car show so I didn't have a chance to ask. My thoughts were along the lines of maintenance. Must go through a lot of polish. Also the glare on a sunny day must be a challenge for other drivers. Here is an 'Art Car' from the same show.
  2. A chrome finish to this roadster.
  3. HAL

    Roadster E

    An Italian Job. I don't know much about them. It just looked nice.
  4. HAL

    Roadster E

    There is a large Porsche community here. They usually put on a couple of shows each summer To me, the earlier 911's from the 70's are "it". Here is an image from one of their shows earlier this year Gotta go🚗 Thanks for the feedback🙂
  5. HAL

    Roadster E

    Thank you. True. The trend in styling today is not much to my liking either.
  6. HAL

    Roadster E

    LOL. A lot of windshield time spent listening to them. Do you like Corvettes? This is a rare one Thanks for looking
  7. Hi, A contestant from a car show I attended last weekend. Thanks for looking
  8. HAL

    Train Station at Auburn

    Nothing came thru? Testing testing Appears to upload ok
  9. HAL

    Train Station at Auburn

    Great!👍 Let me try out a couple. 'This is just a test' Ha🙂
  10. HAL

    Train Station at Auburn

    Um. Yeah. It is. Any files that are larger yet still under 1MB have been rejected.
  11. HAL

    Train Station at Auburn

    Ok. Another try. ?
  12. Hi. New to site and thought I would share a photo of my local train station.
  13. HAL

    DSC08161 (2).JPG

    Hi. I'm HAL. I took image this from one of the local car shows recently.
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