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  1. I discovered and really appreciated the LR Mobile app on my Android phone and tablet during our last trip to South Africa. I will keep you point in mind about the exposure compensation, not sure if it works the same (bad) way on the Android. For those you use Lightroom and have not ventured into using the mobile app, it is so handy to be able to capture images on your phone and then mix them in with other images taken with a "proper" camera for a presentation.
  2. and this was shot through a double-paned window
  3. I had this female squirrel "posing" for me yesterday out on our deck. Decided I had better try and see what I could come up with using the E-M1 and 40-150 Pro lens.
  4. Last one, f5.0 1:640 sec, not cropped. I usually use the 60mm f2.8 macro for these shots, but today I decided to try and see what the 40-150 PRO would do. I prefer the 60mm macro lens, but thought this was an interesting exercise. These were all shot with the E-M1 "classic"
  5. These were a bit too close to the ground, and also a bit past their prime, but it is impressive what you can do with the focus stacking, f5.0 at 1:60 sec
  6. I had some nice cloudy bright sky after a light rain fall, so I decided I might attempt to get some flower photos using the in camera, focus stacking ability of the latest Olympus cameras. Red always gives me problems, so I decided I would tackle it first. This are all five-shot, hand-held focus stacks with some work in Lightroom, F5.0 at 1:50 sec
  7. I really like the kit on the gravel, second vote for best image in the series, it is the eyes that really make it work. If others were worried about the gravel, you could always use a radial filter and reduce the clarity and sharpness to take the edge off the gravel, but I would leave it just as you have it. Love the Olympus sharpness and colors!
  8. I like the scene, the airplane is a Boeing 717, seats about 100 people. I always like a spot where you can shoot airplanes with something other than just blue sky.
  9. Dallas, this is raw footage from my E-M1 mkII in 4K shot with the 300mm f4.0 hand held. You can see my drifting to hold the camera on target, but the IBIS is astounding. This is the file straight from the camera
  10. Many thanks Mike, that was a gorgeous evening and happy to hear I was able to do it justice.
  11. Impressive video, hard to imagine it was from a smartphone. I wonder how that gimbal would work with my Olympus Air? I also owned an E-M5 mkII, sold it when I bought my E-M1 mkII, and yes it took very credible video.
  12. Unless you are going to take long bursts or shoot minutes of cinema 4K video, I have seen no need for the latest SD cards. I am using the Samsung Pro cards, 85mb/sec and have never overrun the buffer on the E-M1 mkII, and I do shoot bursts in RAW to capture birds in flight.
  13. I would agree with Andrew on the video, as it is jaw dropping to see what you can do with the Olympus IBIS.
  14. This was the arrival three hours earlier in the evening, taken from one of my favorite spots at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. This view overlooks the Minnesota River valley just east of the airport.