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  1. Adnan Khan

    The Beast

    Sure is, love it! (the Landy I mean) ... nice shot as well. I have Toyota FJ40 but not as good n rugged as this "beast" is.
  2. Adnan Khan

    Nailed it!.jpg

  3. Adnan Khan


    Very nice
  4. This was shot in 2010 with a Panasonic FZ-35 bridge zoom. There were 8 ducklings the rest became cat's dinner and these 2 were saved and are now grandparents I was too lazy to find a larger size.
  5. Adnan Khan

    Greeting faces

    Good to know it brought some memories cheers! 🙂
  6. Adnan Khan


  7. Adnan Khan

    Greeting faces

  8. There are many types of wild buffalo,in Africa those are CAPE BUFFALO and have huge horns, from India to Philippines there are only water buffaloes but mixed with River Buffalo which are mostly related to Pakistan and are purely domesticated milk breed (produce 4-5 times more milk than a wild breed) .The males are used for cultivation or dragging carts. This one is pure wild breed of water buffalo and it's the biggest one of that area (India,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) as in some areas they are bit shorter sizes as well. Cheers!
  9. Adnan Khan

    rose family

    Fabulous focus,love the shallow DoF. Very nice photo!
  10. Shot at Yala safari park with Nikon D7000 + 70-300 VR

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