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  1. BigSkyKen

    Cathedral Ranges

    Looks like some wonderful country to explore! I really like how the first image presents the geography.
  2. BigSkyKen

    Old Towne

    Cool stuff! I am guessing that dates back to colonial times?
  3. BigSkyKen

    The Light

    Very nice and inviting scene!
  4. I love these, Armando! A number of years ago I read about using the rear curtain flash to create this kind of image, but couldn't picture it in my mind. This is inspirational, and now I am going to have to try a situation to try this!
  5. Thanks guys! I think my favorite is the first, just wish he was reaching to grab a rabbit or other prey, instead of a limb to land on. I'd say pretty much the same, but bigger I will post that crop for you to judge...
  6. BigSkyKen


    Beautiful bird, well captured! Would have liked some background for context - was it just a blown out sky, or busy-ness that you edited out?
  7. Captures of a juvenile Bald Eagle I shot this morning.
  8. BigSkyKen

    That feels good!

    You caught the mood well!
  9. Really neat comp, Armando! Looks like she had the "power" in both hands, but as Chris suggests, it appears it was in her hair also. Is that correct? What did you use for the "powder" - it seems too coarse for something like baby powder. And did you have one flash behind her and camera left to backlight the scene?
  10. Thanks gents. Greg, this is about as open and uncluttered as the canyon gets - most is much narrower and littered with huge boulders. Perhaps a narrower field of view/crop would offer what you are looking for, but I really wanted to open it up wide.
  11. I really like the uniqueness of the second image, but I am with Chris on the first....
  12. BigSkyKen

    The Lion Daddy

    Nice family scenes captured!
  13. Crazy Woman Creek, flowing through the canyon of the same name. In Johnson County, Wyoming. Canon 1DX & Tamron SP 35mm f/1.8 ISO 100 f/14 0.4 sec
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