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  1. Beautiful image ..... ?
  2. Yep, Netflix'ing. Capturing precious moments ..... they grow up so fast. Thank you for your comment.
  3. Enjoy your holiday Luc, infinity pool content looks good!
  4. Two of my kids sharing an iPad.
  5. Thank you for posting this interesting article. Reading up to and including the shopping list
  6. @Anthony / @Alan7140 - thank you very much for your comments. Highly appreciated.
  7. Roof structure at Amsterdam Stedlijk Museum.
  8. Thnx ...... you were present I guess.
  9. Indeed as in The Doors song ..... It is about time to go for a Tai Wu adventure again ..... for sure we will end up there later this year together with X7.
  10. Duotone of valve bonnet .....
  11. Yes I was assigned to China and responsible for prefab of both structural steel and piping for projects in Malaysia and Turkey.
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