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  1. "How can we know the dancer from the dance"? William Butler Yeats Ballet is a dynamic multi-dimensional visual art of poetry in motion... So strange to think cold hard crystalline stone could reflect the fluid virtuosity of a prima ballerina on pointe... Guess a leotard and a ballerina's bun is all it takes... Thanks but I'll wait patiently for the Bolshoi Ballet to return to the Kennedy Center again... enough said...
  2. Nancy your gift for wildlife imagery is stellar... Such an elegant visual statement latent within... Truly enjoyed seeing species I'll likely never have the privilege to behold... btw, were all of these captures with the Nikon 300 f/4, ED, AF-S? I had completely forgotten that this professional quality glass can focus down to 4.7 feet with a maximum reproduction Ratio 1:3.7 And even with it's metal construction at 1,440 g it is certainly hand holdable... With each of your post I grow my knowledge base... Please continue to share your wonderful wildlife artistry... Thanks!
  3. Kind of really like the seashell iteration also... Very nice rendering indeed... Excellent compositional elements... Food for thought... Virtually all commercial watch imagery has the chronometer set to 10:11am But don't take my word for it, browse your favorite high end magazines i.e. VOGUE etc. The reason is blatantly obvious... to form a "V" around the brand's logo... This requirement is cast in stone and has remained an advertising agency prerequisite for decades... As always in commercial work the devil is in the details... Thank you for sharing...
  4. Intriguing series... and yes the heron is superb! albeit "#2 Run baby Run" tugs at one's heart strings... "I really like to watch and photograph those birds that are an everyday sight here where I live. The planet would be a much worse place without them..." Totally agree... Love to enjoy all the wonderful song birds in my locale... My studio fronts on 2000 acres of wooded parkland... and wildlife abounds especially song birds... btw, we all are in debt to Biologist Rachel Louise Carson who's book "Silent Spring" was at the vanguard of the global environmental movement... She was a giant amongst us... who's legacy will forever be synonymous environmental awareness... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and imagery Chris...
  5. Love the painterly effect latent in the vibrant shimmery reflections... Excellent acuity and contrast in that 85mm at f/8... Quartering illumination at 3:30pm lends intriguing aura of bias relief... Beautiful venue on such a splendid afternoon... Thank you for sharing Fons
  6. Superb compositional elements and dramatic decisive moment on the second image... We are talking full flaps with reverse thrust here... While the African fish eagle tips the scales the same as your lens at 7lbs the bald eagle comes in at twice that at 14lbs... Amazing birds beautiful rendered... Again thank you so much for sharing the aerial artistry of this eagle pair's antics Nancy...
  7. Absolutely superb fore & aft wing strokes... counted just over a dozen primary wing feathers on each side... btw, a typical hummingbird has in excess of 900 feathers on its body, which translates into the highest ratio of feathers per body size of all other bird species... which makes for a lot of beautiful iridescent plumage to love... Thank you for sharing...
  8. Majestic rendering of such a stately raptor... Splayed wing tip feathers imply intriguing fluid dynamics of flight... Lovely color harmonies... excellent White Balance... btw, believe you've taken the classic "bird perched on a branch" entirely to the next level... Hope this pair's domestic efforts are fruitful... Thank you for sharing this totally inspirational capture Nancy...
  9. Wonderful that you are focusing on local habitats... As in politics most everything instrumental usually happens at the local level... Please consider championing your fascination of this intriguing venue to the Natural Resources Management of Brevard County... You voice does count! Their's is a noble mission: "To protect the quality of life and promote a sustainable future by managing and conserving the natural resources of Brevard County." btw, having worked several years for the Washington County (Maryland) Planning Commission as an "Environmental Planner" I can indeed appreciate that often the use of "Managing" is a political requirement if the term "Conserving" is used... Property owners are ever fearful of "Eminent Domain" i.e. the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use... Likewise far too many "Tree Huggers" i.e. environmental campaigners (activist) don't understand a.k.a. are naive of the legal right of an individual (or entity) to hold title to land... In the end I truly believe that an appreciation the wonderful heritage of nature's pristine wilderness & wetlands needs to be actively nurtured especially locally... Your wonderful imagery could indeed prove pivotal in the local mix here... Just a thought... Again appreciate your providing a window into an enchanting world which is far beyond my realm... My only suggestion would be to concentrate primarily on BIF in as viewing them aloft holds an endearing magic that is universally embraced... Thank you for sharing Nancy...
  10. "The huge circle of the sun is very powerful." Indeed and has the potential to cause retinal damage if observed through a view finder... Trust that this was taken in "Live View" Your vision is precious commodity... Please invest the time to lean how to protect your retina from harms way... But don't take my word on this... Instead speak with your ophthalmologist about the aforementioned, k? I'm only the messenger here... And yes the compositional elements are superb... kudos on the decisive moment...
  11. Nancy you are indeed a master of your craft... Stellar technique combined with superb visual excellence... Truly inspirational... Such gifted aptitude with manipulating color harmonies and compositional elements... a joy to behold... Looking forward to more of your intriguing tenured efforts... Thank you for sharing...
  12. "...looking to incorporate this into my photo business..." Have several colleagues who use this media in high end real-state marketing/sales... Has merit when there is significant acreage involved thus their drone footage is integrated within a "virtual tour" of the property... Might look into your real-estate market and query said agents to see if monetizing drone coverage is a viable option... btw, my studio is directly on the down wind leg of Dulles International Airport's pattern... So drones aren't in the mix here... In fact lots of flight crew members reside in my condo complex... Location is everything... lol Thank you for sharing...
  13. Fascinating series... Intriguing to learn that juveniles of this species have red/orange eye coloration... Cherish the compositional elements in the BIF image... Unfurled wing plumage is awesome to behold... with primary outer flight feathers beautifully showcased in this ventral i.e. anterior view... Albeit the splendor, grandeur and majesty latent with in the last image is also superb... It is marvelous that the Blue Cypress Conservation Area (61,000-acre refuge of waterfowl habitat) exists as a nesting domain for these magnificent birds... Trust that it remains as such for the foreseeable future... and hopefully well beyond... Thank you for sharing Nancy...
  14. While maybe not a ultimate solution for a makeup artist you might consider using Oil-Absorbing Rice Blotting Tissues to kill sheen in the talent's T-Zone... If you have issues with getting physical with your clients simply demonstrate on your own T-Zone... then have them do likewise... And if you're clueless as to what Oil-Absorbing Rice Blotting Tissues are just make a trip to your local high end makeup counter (here that would be in Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Rice Blotting Paper is cheap and it kills that shine on the nose/forehead effectively Dallas this can/will make a huge difference in taming exposure latitude issues... On commercial corporate videos I'm hired primarily to assure T-Zones are tamed but I typically use an anti-shine primer in conjunction with a mattifying powder... Yep, a shoot through umbrella is my modifier of choice for quick/easy/effective location shoots... Might try varying the distance from the source to the umbrella to attain various lighting effects... Also I will double/triple diffuse the source to allow a softer wrap illumination effect... In portraiture soft is good except for dramatic hard side lighting (typically used on male talent) Hope this makes sense... Thank you for sharing, albeit I was thinking about a lit' dramamine in order to study your lighting configuration... lol
  15. Love the first image (Sagittal view) which beautifully showcases this black-bellied Whistling Duck’s plumage… Wings on the terminus of a downward power stroke afford superb scrutiny of intriguing geometric patterns latent within… Warm/cool color harmonies and shallow DOF isolate and enhance… and you’ve wisely allowed ample negative space for this noble waterfowl to travel into… indeed a perfect composition compliment… Thank you for sharing…
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