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  1. GB111

    VW Camping

    Took this at the Salton Sea in California last night. Anything I can do in post to make it better? It just seems a tad plain to me (but I am interested in your take). Gb
  2. GB111

    VW Camping

    Thanks Dallas. The foreground is easily adjusted. I will try it. I know VW is working on a neat electric van thingie that looks a lot like this old one. I think it was just a concept but that they'd like to move fwd, if they can give it enough range and keep the price down to where people can afford it. We will see. I'm not hip on electric cars for the reason shown here: I travel great distances to get to remote places like this and don't have time (or energy) to be hunting around for charging stations, nor time to wait around for the vehicle to charge. One day.
  3. GB111

    The New York Times Called...

    Congrats Dallas. Question for you: how do you control lens distortion with all those straight lines? Seems one needs special lenses (which?) I know you can at least partially correct this in Photoshop, but that usually doesn't work 100 percent and also tends to soften the pic. GB
  4. GB111

    A bit of a fire yesterday

    The dangers of living in a dry populated area. Same issues here in California, lots of humans now living in areas that have traditionally burned, and we don't want them to burn anymore. Sort of like trying to stop the tide from coming in (maybe not that bad, but close). Glad you are alright. Good that you are thinking of escape routes ahead of time. Bad things can happen fast. -GB
  5. GB111

    Spider Crab Man

    Interesting angle there Yes, believe I have seen these beasts in aquariums. The Alaskan King Crab's right up there with them in shock value, just bigger than you'd expect them to be.
  6. GB111

    VW Camping

    Another angle.
  7. GB111

    A stamp

    Not bad. Decent side pattern, fun doggies. I wonder if the 'canceled' mark would be a little less perfect in the real world, but OK. I also wonder if the dogs should have a tad more negative space around them and the sides. Gb
  8. GB111


    ... mountainous southern Californian desert. The landscape, including the rocks, are hard to get tired of looking at. Gb
  9. GB111


  10. GB111


    Yep, decent article. Seems the author applies an old issue (which still applies) to a different situation, really: what do you put in the 'foreground?' He uses a city as an example, but there are so many excellent shots out there of beautiful mountains, etc. that lack a foreground subject. I used to joke with a friend that I need to find a model who will follow me around out there for that.
  11. GB111

    up close

    A subtle but very 3d look here. I like it and think it would look good printed large. The leaves almost look like paper. The bulb (if that is the right terminology) is indeed placed very well. Gb
  12. GB111


    I see what you mean Chris - perhaps they only work as a supplement vs. main subject. Will keep this in mind for next time I am there, which is prob in two weeks.. Gb
  13. GB111


    Thanks Dallas. It's about the foreground rocks, but I think it is a little tight there. All about the rocks, which are somewhat plain, and there is interesting stuff behind it that one can't see (but it is great if you're a rock lover ). I am afraid that if I crop any more that it will be really boring... ahh. Thanks for taking a look!
  14. GB111

    Winter comes

    The first thing that struck me was the fine detail, I think due to over sharpening (?) I agree with Dallas that there doesn't seem to be any particular subject. However, the tree stumps do provide something.. They make me wonder who cut down the trees, and why? An air of mystery. Sort of a cold, dreary northern European day. Glad I was not running a marathon that day. Gb
  15. GB111

    Bat's Head sunset

    This one really works Vieri. Sunsets are probably the most photographed event on the planet, so it's hard to get a really spectacular one. This shot makes me feel like I am there. I like the low angle which shows the height of the cliffs. The clouds are swirly and add a bit of mystery. Very good capture.
  16. GB111

    Author Unknown

    Just to make clear, this is not my shot. I was skydiving in Germany many years back, while in the military, and handed my camera to the Ch-47 Chinook flight engineer to take a few shots while they dropped a load of skydivers while I was training on the ground. I don't think he know much about photography, but I think he had an eye for composition. The shutter prob could have been a little faster - I don't remember if I set up the controls for him or just set it to P.. probably - but not bad. I was pleasantly surprised when I later developed the slides.........
  17. GB111

    Author Unknown

    Dallas - Yeah, everyone has their thing It is a lot of fun though, and although it's inherently dangerous it's different when you're wearing two (main and reserve) certified parachutes and have gone through the training. I did a 30-40 camera jumps with a helmet mounted camera. Here is one.
  18. GB111

    More "Dancing"

    The shots are OK, mostly documentary vs artistic due to the cluttered background, etc., but you work with the environment you have. I find the first shot with the lollipop the most interesting. Funny how she didn't seem to know she was being photographed. Gb
  19. GB111

    Three portraits with the 85mm f/1.4D

    Wow, what an interesting looking kid. He looks happy, so great captures. I am drawn mostly to the black and white one, and I also like the flat angle you shot it at. The lighting is a tad harsh but that is excusable, the mood and moment is what's important. GB
  20. GB111

    Surfing in Munich

    Nice. I was stationed in Germany in the 80s and can't recall anything like this there The water was coooold, too, so I assume you shot these during the summer(?) Very decent captures.
  21. GB111

    Window Woman

    I love the concept. Her pose isn't great or anything, so this can be a test shot for a reshoot w/ a model doing something more interesting back there. G
  22. GB111


    Yes, this is a great photo for several reasons. Exposure, DOF, the moment. You can see the emotion in his eyes, which look human. Does not seem like a dangerous bull terrier. Can you adjust the DOF with the iPhone?
  23. GB111

    Spooky Trees

    Definitely spooky. The top one is my favorite. I think the blue adds to the shot. the bottom one is also very clear and makes me feel like I am there. Whatever camera-lens combo you are using, it works. The pix are very sharp! Gb
  24. GB111

    Wildlife Photography Feast

    She has a don't mess with me demeanor. I hope you can find her again GB
  25. GB111

    Autumn Colours

    This image makes an impression. I am not sure why that is, but it is open and lets you see far into the distance, hence telling a story. A coldish day in a somewhat barren land. The colors are muted, which I like. Seems wet/damp. Areas for improvement would be to use a deeper DOF and/or adjust hyperfocal distance to get all in focus, including the foreground that is blurring out (bottom of photo). I am also wondering what that whitish object is in the bottom center, it seems like a lawn sprinkler head (but can't be ) The tilt of the water doesn't bother me as it seems to add an element of mystery. GB

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