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  1. GB111


    Where is it? It reminds me of watching an old movie, or reading a history book. The person walking in modern clothing is a bit of a disappointment however: would rather that person be wearing older garb. The black and white definitely over the color. There is something about B&W in city shots, editorials, models, etc. Gb
  2. GB111

    Purple & Green

    The color combination really works The detail is amazing also. Composition-wise it is a bit lacking, but I'm not sure there is much you could have done about it. If you moved in to compose just a few flowers it may have been compositionally stronger, but then you would have lost the nice effect of the big picture. GB
  3. GB111

    African kids

    Dallas - this was Tanzania, 2008. I am not sure of the town .. maybe Moshi.
  4. GB111

    African kids

    Taken in 2008... this kids are adults now. C&C welcome.
  5. I like the look the guy in the shack is giving you. He is a good guard - always suspicious.. G
  6. GB111

    Walking thru the desert

    Artistic manipulation has its time and place. I do it sometimes for fun, to create an idea, or to enhance a promising though otherwise flawed picture. See below for a modified shot from the Imperial Sand Dunes in near Yuma, Arizona.
  7. GB111

    Walking thru the desert

    Dallas I actually thought that the cloud made the shot I think I've been out there so many times that anything different looks better.
  8. a time warp? :)
  9. It is an excellent capture, but I wonder how it would look with a little color (was it desaturated, or just a very overcast day that eliminated the color?). Either way, I would play with adding color, as an artistic expt. Note that according to a fellow presenting on compositing, this is often the way compositers do it because it is too hard to adjust the colors of the different images to look the same, so they just desat and add color in from scratch. Gb
  10. GB111


    Dallas, SF does lie on a fault, and so does LA, etc. San Diego also has a fault that runs through the most exp part of the town (La Jolla). Crazy for sure, but perhaps this adds an air of 'live now' philosophy?
  11. GB111


    Thanks guys, I also feel that the ship adds to the shot, rather than hurts it (some may feel the opposite). I didn't realize that there are many such classic vistas on the north end of the bridge, an area they call Salsalito. There are several roads you can take off the main one to mountain tops, each w/ their own unique (though familiar) angle (you see these shots on postcards, etc., so nothing is really unique). The area is extremely windy, and it's hard to believe they don't have windmills, which makes photography a little more challenging. Below is a pic of the homes around the small village of Salsalito, they are all extremely expensive as the SF Bay area is the least affordable in the USA.
  12. GB111


    From a recent visit. Windy, blustery, and scenic. Photogenic area, also. GB
  13. GB111

    San Jose Diner

    Walking the streets of San Jose, California.
  14. I just checked both lens at infinity: same thing. The newer F017 has a higher/farther focal length than the older lens. Strange. I wonder which is 'right?' I will compare to my other zooms that cross 90mm and see.
  15. Chris, Yeah, I know about that version. It was out there for a good 10-20 years. They only released the F017 about maybe 5 years ago. Footnote: in several ways, the older version one I have is better designed. The actual glass is receded, hence protected from the sun and from anything touching it. As a consequence, I don't believe I've ever had to clean the lens! Also, you can have the hood stored on the lens and still use the manual focus, whereas you cannot with the F017 one (that seems like a big time design flaw, as macro photographers do go manual sometimes). Here is a picture of the old one, you can see how the lens is receded (not sure this is the right version, but you get the idea).
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